if you talk too much my head will explode

posted on: April 13, 2008

So...how about today I start a blog?

I am mostly here because of the Miss.Smelly herself. Oh, how left out I am when you blog at work. I mean *ahem* when you blog at home on your own, unpaid time.

I would just like to say that I didn't go shopping and blow all my money on clothes this week. Instead, I bought a new car for a small fortune (a fortune much larger than the one in my savings account!) But I heart it and it's so cute and I feel so cute driving it! I also don't feel like it's going to break down any second like the ol teal mobile a.k.a "death car". Next will be figuring out how to make the car more personal to me since it was previously owned. It sort of smells like smoke/vw/stale air. I bought one of those stupid dolphin air fresheners, so it will just have to do for the time being. While at the mall on my hunt for unique car accessories, I may or may not have stopped into the sunglass store to buy some designer shades. I'm sorry, but my $12 sunnies are just not going to cut it in my adorable new ride! I fell in love with a pair of classic Chanels that I almost bought right then and there. But they were far too expensive and I'm pretty sure I could get them for cheaper if I bargain at stores on Robson. Perhaps one of my friends has connections or something?! The thing is that Mexico is so soon and I kind of wanted new sunglasses for the trip. I keep thinking of how good they looked...*sigh

Yay Meh-i-co!!! I started laundry today, which I am unlikely to finish for another couple days. I just despise laundry for some unknown reason. This way, if I start laundry now I might actually be done by the time I have to pack. I mapped out all the outfits I'm going to wear every day of the trip. I told Adam that I'm going to change outfits a minimum of 3 times a day. I was sort of exaggerating, but it was fun to have him try to talk me into only wearing 2 outfits a day. The best part is that I will finally be exposed to some freakin sunshine. This weekend was a bit of a preview though with the warmish weather. Adam and I went to the park near his place for a few hours yesterday and today and got a bit of colour. Unfortunately, that colour is red but I'm hoping it will turn into a golden glow in a day or two.

I'm actually excited for work tomorrow, which hasn't happened for a while. I finally won't have to get a ride or bus for 30 mins to take a 20 min skytrain and then walk for 15/20 mins just to get to the office. I may even give high heels a comeback tomorrow! I feel like shopping in the warehouse too and I have a gc, so I might as well use it up! It's a good thing that life is sans Ursela and I can relax a little, it has been such a stressful week.

Cheers to she whom I lost and all that is new in the zoo :)

People In Planes-If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Expolde)


  1. YAY OMG I AM SO EXCITED. I love when people I know start blogs, it makes me crazy happy. Now I get to read about your life even though I get to hear about it every day its fun to read too! I hope you will keep up with this blogging thing. Its fun and is a great way to get things off your chest and talk about stuff in a space you normally couldn't. YAY ALICIA!

  2. awe alicia! you have been sucked into the stream of blogging also haha. It can be enjoyable sometimes. It passes time thats for sure. We still have to do a wino night one day! I have no idea when because this month is crazy and next month is looking crazy also, but we should all get together at some point in our busy schedules :P haha Have fun wasting time at work! :)

  3. Yes, finally you join me in the world of blogging! Since my bloggin history is coming up on a decade, glad to see you have started one. Lets share a malibu and OJ anytime my little otter

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