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posted on: May 20, 2008

My 5 "Desert Island" CDs:

1.Ryan Adams-Love is Hell Part 1
Will I ever get sick of this c.d.??? It's questionable. Something about this disc makes me love it more every single time I hear it. He has since combined part 1 and 2 onto one c.d. but I'd purchased it back in the day when they were separate and I prefer the first part. 'I See Monsters' is the only song worth listening to from part 2.

2.Feist-The Reminder

I don't even care if it's a total cliche to love this c.d., but I just do. It's catchy, smart, and can tug at the heart strings. The song I keep on repeat is 'Past in Present' and when I'm taking photos at work, this is always my go-to c.d. It mellows me out but keeps me singing along.

3.Death From Above, 1979-You're a Woman, I'm a Machine

Everything about this c.d. is pure genius. It's angry, it's sexual, and it's fun, and therefore, I love it. Too bad there will never be a second disc from them :(

4.City and Colour-Sometimes

I keep switching this spot between City and Colour and David Gray 'White Ladder' but after seeing Dallas Green last night it definitely goes to Mr.Green. I love any good song about heart break and there's PLENTY of that to go around on this disc. Not to mention that this guy came to Vancouver 3 times on a tour from this c.d. alone, so you know it must be good!!

5.We Are Scientists-With Love and Squalor

Adam actually introduced me to this c.d. and I just love it. Perhaps I like it so much because it reminds me of cruising in my old car with the top down on a sunny day, but either way I am not even close to sick of this c.d. which means it's pretty damn awesome!

My 5 "Can't Stop Listening To" CDs:


LOVE-LOVE-LOVE it!!! 'The Party', 'DVNO', and 'D.A.N.C.E.' are such good songs that I can't believe I only recently stumbled upon them while looking for new gym songs. Download them asap, you won't regret it!

2.Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Baby 81

This c.d. never lets me down. No matter what mood I'm in, I can put this disc on and it's the perfect mix to listen to. 'Lien on Your Dreams', 'Weapon of Choice', and 666 Conducer' are my faves so far on this disc.

3.Vampire Weekend-Vampire Weekend

This c.d. is so great and I'm so happy that I get to see them live at Pemberton. Although Vanessa can't stop making fun of their name, I actually like how they're all intelligent boys from Cambridge etc. It makes for some smart and catchy tunes.

4.Coconut Records-Nighttiming

I don't think my life would be the same if Jen hadn't told me about this c.d. Jason Schwartzman is a great actor but an even better artist and definitely the coolest in my books!

5.The Hives-Veni Vidi Vicious

I think I'm still so hooked on this disc because their concert was so kick ass. I keep blasting 'Hate to Say I Told You So' and the always classic 'Main Offender'. This disc is also great for a drive on a sunny day!

My 5 Favorite Songs: (which happen to ALL be male artists...)

1. Ray Lamontagne-Be Here Now

Though Ray has some other songs that almost made the cut (like 'Barfly') this is just too special to even be compared to the others. The first time I heard this tune, I immediately got goosebumps from his smoothly haunting voice. This song was on my "If I ever made a movie soundtrack.." list and so, I was deeply saddened when it was played in the recent movie '27 Dresses'. Bastards..

2. Damien Rice-Me, My Yoke, and I

Damien is another man with an incredibly haunting voice. This song is so powerful and when I'm in any sort of angry or frustrated mood, it compliments my feelings very well. Damien is another fellow who is an outrageous performer and puts on a mean concert. Though I like 'O' better than '9' where this song came from, I am just too attached to this tune to try and pick an older song from 'O'.

3. David Gray-Babylon

The whole 'White Ladder' c.d. brings me back to the summer/fall of 06 and this song in particular really spoke to me. "Friday night and I'm going nowhere, all the lights are changing green to red.."

4. Matthew Good-Blue Skies Over Bad Lands

This song has gotten me through such a tough time that it was necessary to add to the list. Matt has tons of other great songs, especially from 'Avalanche' but this song caters to an ultra depressed mood.

5. Ryan Adams-The Shadowlands

Another song from my "If I ever made a movie soundtrack.." list. The way it starts off so deeply sad and ends in an upbeat instrumental makes it a rare song that you can both cry and smile to. "God, please bring the rain..."

My 5 "Artists of All Time" Picks:


Are you honestly surprised? The man makes such diverse music that at times I can't even keep track. Sometimes he's a little rock and roll, a lot of the time he's country, and whenever it's needed he's passionately depressing. Exactly what I look for in a man...who's music I love :P


Not a shocking choice either considering this band's popularity. Once again, with every c.d. they release I become more and more impressed. I'm eagerly awaiting Viva La Vida and quite enjoy what I've heard so far.


Another classic choice, perhaps my list is pretty predictable. I'm going to have to research more of their old c.d.'s but 'The Bends' remains on my top 10 c.d.'s of all time list for sure. 'In Rainbows' was also magical and I'm of course really pumped to see them in August with Danielle, Chad, and Adam!


Not so much at this moment but Jack is always consistently great. I can play a song or two of Jack's on the piano and my best friends and I were so obsessed with him in 12th grade that he will always be one of the best. 'Brushfire Fairytales' and 'On and On' will be in my music collection for the rest of my life.


Now this is just getting hard. To narrow down all the c.d.s was hard enough, now I'm trying to pick only ONE more artist as a favorite. I had to play it safe and go timeless with U2. I'm positive they will continue to create fantastic music until they die, and even then I could see them pulling a Tupac and releasing an after-death disc that blows our minds!

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