Main Street Vancouver

posted on: March 6, 2009

Sorry I've been mia...this research project on Main Street was consuming my life for the last week. It sucked not really seeing friends or the boyfriend, but I'm so glad we put in all the time and effort because our presentation turned out really well.

This was us "researching" on Main at Liberty Cafe on the corner of Main and 21st. Their lattes are delish!!!!!

Cherry came and gave us all free's just whipped cream and apple on top but obv so yum!

This house on Main creeps me out every single time. Why...WHY the doll heads in the window??

Some of the best shopping in Vancouver is on Main Street if you're ever coming to visit. They'll never tell you about it in the tour guides, they'll only mention Robson and Metrotown. It's a like a little shopping treasure :)


The video we made was SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS! I almost had a nervous breakdown when I went through 170 clips of video and turned it into a 10.5 minute movie and then couldn't transfer the file off my roommate's computer. Serious meltdown. I harassed the I.T. guy at work who thankfully helped me like it was no big deal. I'm too embarrassed to show the whole video (even though I did a damn good editing job!) so I thought I'd just share some bloopers. Everyone loves bloopers!




  1. I think you post the whole movie! I really wanna see it. Your brochere is amazing! Good job

  2. oh NOW you fuckin tell me.

    i guess there'll be plenty of opportunities after i move there.

    shopping, it's a guilty pleasure, don't go telling a bunch of people.

  3. hahaha I didn't expect you to say that Mike!
    When are you moving here?

  4. call immigration next week to set everything up. hopefully everything will be done quick enough so i can move right after i graduate in may. don't want shaz on a separate plane and all.

  5. Cute Bloopers!

    I love your presentation too. Now I wanna go check everything out. It`ll have to wait til summer though. Too cold lol

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