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posted on: March 1, 2009


The Bird and the Bee - The Bird and the Bee
This c.d. is currently on repeat. Okay that's a lie I don't actually use a stereo, but if I did that would be true. If you're a fan of a strong female sound (think Feist meets Jem) then you should definitely try them out! F-cking Boyfriend and Again and Again are sooo catchy!! You may have heard this group in the Sex and the City movie when they did a cover of How Deep Is Your Love.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Dream
Reminds me of being in a good mood on a summer day, which is one of the best feelings ever! This c.d. starts out very strong with Burning and just gets progressively better, if that even seems possible. It's a feel good disc with great lyrics and captivating beats.

And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - Century Of Self
Their band name is a lot harsher than their sound actually is because trust me I do not listen to any heavy metal hard core rock out stuff (apologies to my Pantera loving friend Morgan!) Their newest album really shows their ability to create an addictive rock sound with clever lyrics and innovative ideas. I can't wait to see these guys in concert this month!!

Born Ruffians - Red, Yellow, and Blue
I completely took a chance on these guys and was pleasantly surprised. They sound like Wolf Parade meets Vampire Weekend with their own twist. It's quite poppy for an alternative group but is again a great sound for those warm summer days! Check out Hummingbird and Badonkadonkey (even just because the name of the song is funny)

M83 - Saturdays=Youth
The thing that amazes me about this album is that they actually capture the sound of the 80's that was our youth (especially in Kim & Jessie). This c.d. is great to put on in the background for a relaxed mood. They were also in the top 10 best c.d.'s of 08 according to Pitchfork Media. Today Adam (who introduced me to them) got us tickets to their concert in May which I know will be an amazing show!

Sun Kil Moon - April
If you're a fan of Neil Young or any similar talented lyricist then you will adore Mark Kozelek!! He simply has a way of soothing the soul. Not a new c.d. by any means, but if you don't already listen to him you MUST check him out! This man is so talented that he has a whole c.d. (Tiny Cities) that is Modest Mouse covers in a mellow tone. Also worth a listen!!


  1. cool. i'll check these out. thanks for the info.

  2. glad I can help out with new music carrie :) The music scene has been pretty slow with new stuff lately!


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