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posted on: January 9, 2010

The last few days have been a whirlwind of emotions. When I woke up Friday morning I had a very weird feeling about the day for unexplainable reasons. It seemed from the exterior to be any other Friday night. After Adam sent me flowers I insisted I take him out to The Keg for dinner to celebrate his promotion. I also knew that The Keg was one of the only places that would fit into the cleanse diet (think vegetarian in a steakhouse!) So I raced to the gym and then raced home to get ready. I had seen Jess had called but didn't have time to call her back because I had to pick Adam up right away. We then go to the restaurant where we make some comment about all the people on their phones and how silly our generation is bla bla bla. So when I felt my phone go off I didn't check who was calling, not wanting to appear to be a hypocrite.

As soon as we got back to Adam's I checked the bbm from Jessica: "I tried to call you, I'm engaged!" I literally froze and just showed the phone to Adam who freaked out and told me to call her. Of course the entire proposal was adorable and she was at The Italian Kitchen with her whole family celebrating. We scheduled an emergency meet up the next afternoon at Starbucks...

I am bursting with happiness for them, my face is practically glowing! I have never seen Jessica this happy (which is a huge statement, trust me...she's always bubbly!) It just feels so weird....my best friend is engaged. I feel so grown up in a completely terrifying way! Anyways I'll have to start saving money for their destination wedding which is guaranteed to be amazing because Jessica's mom is a wedding planner.

Congratulations again "Jelly"...love you long time!


  1. I am obsessed with that ring. Good job Kelly!

    Seriously, I was jumping up and down when I was talking to her on the phone. You can just FEEL her happiness. SO AMAZING!!! YAAAAY!!!

  2. Her ring is so friggen beautiful holy wow. That is so exciting though! She must have just been ecstatic!!


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