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posted on: March 2, 2010

Reality set in yesterday when I got my accounting midterm back. I don't understand how I am this stupid when it comes to calculating numbers? My Asian genes have seriously failed me. I got an A on my Computer Business Systems midterm (love computers, it was a breeze) and an A on my Small Business Essentials midterm (I am a true entrepreneur). But the embarrassing amount of red pen on my accounting midterm was a slap in the face. I clearly don't understand it and I am obviously too stubborn to try and learn it. I promise you I'm actually smart, I just don't wish to be a boring accountant (no offence to all my accountant friends!) can't I just hire someone to do that for my business one day?

Looks like I'll have to get a tutor...bollocks. To add to the list of sucky, I am beyond broke right now. Bills have caught up to me and now there's so many things coming up that I'll need money for and I don't have it. I never wanted to use my line of credit, but if I want to take a trip this year I don't think I have a choice. That's okay, I'm a student who isn't in any debt...hopefully I have financials semi under control! Just not looking forward to owing the government thousands of dollars again this April, that was the worst!

I finally saw Avatar on Thursday like two months after its been out in theatres. Make fun of that all you want, but the theatre was half full! Adam and I knew we had to see it before the Oscars and on a big screen for the full 3-D experience. I was really dreading this movie because from what I'd seen it just wasn't my cup of tea, but wow I was proven wrong! The whole movie was beyond what I'd imagined and I would actually want to see it again just to look for other small details I missed the first time around. "I see you" ...aww!

I also randomly watched 'Once' the other night because one of my roommates owns it and I'd heard it was pretty good. Sadly I hadn't watched it all these years because I didn't like the cover of the movie. Glen Hansard is amazing...brilliant...two thumbs up! Literally...I laughed, I cried, and I adopted an accent! The whole movie was so fantastic I immediately purchased the award winning soundtrack and have been listening to it on repeat over and over again. Though Falling Slowly is an old single, I had only ever heard The Frame's version, never Glen and Marketa in love! And the music store scene...how amazing was that? I had to rewind it and watch it twice!

My whole outfit was inspired by the always classic nautical theme in anticipation of spring weather. Spring feels so close, I can already hear birds chirping in the morning and the temperature is uncharacteristically high. I can't wait to not have to wear tights with skirts and dress...woohoo for bare legs! I'm sure the boys would agree.

Red Bow Bobby pins from Forever 21 $1.50
Navy Blue and White Striped T-Shirt from Forever 21 $7.80
Grey Over sized Boyfriend Blazer from Plum FREE
Mavi Serena Denim Leggings $50
Lace Up Brown Ankle Boots from Value Village $3.50
Total Cost of this outfit: $62.80

Who says you can't shop on a budget?

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova-Falling Slowly


  1. YEA, it helps when you get a blazer for FREE. turd.

  2. I've been seeing everyone rollin their pants up like you have here. I suppose it's time for me to roll up my jeggins hah. Cuuute!


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