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posted on: February 22, 2010

The photo shoot yesterday was both super fun and super boring. The whole concept of a photo shoot is exciting to me, but when I really think back to what I accomplished in 8 hours, it sure feels like I did a ton of sitting around. My boss had the right idea and brought a magazine, but then I felt like if I was getting paid to be there I should always be at least pretending to do something?

Anyways, the artistic concept of the shoot was 60's inspired which is perfect since I've been watching Mad Men like crazayyy. The location was a gorgeous home in West Van worth millions I'm sure! Jeez even just the view has got to be worth a million doll hairs!

Yesterday is not even comparable to any other photo shoot I've ever helped style. Obviously working with a professional stylist like Tracey is a whole different story. She knew exactly what my boss wanted with a touch of her own styling genius. The photographer Candace and her assistant Andrea were so lovely. The model Amy was better than any model I've ever seen at a shoot. She took direction from Candace really well and added the right amount of initiative when needed. As you can tell from the photos, Johnny of hair and makeup was great. The best part, was that all of them work so well as a team and that really shows in their work.
I can't wait to see the finished photos from Candace & Andrea, they are going to be stunning. Email me at to inquire about any of the clothing!

Regina Spektor-Hero


  1. The shot of her on the bike by the pool is beautiful. I'm jealous of you and your wicked job.


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