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posted on: February 20, 2010

Live blogging to you from Adam's couch on a Saturday night...hello :)

I would like to take this moment to announce to you that I officially have a cold. It seems to be the result of too much partying and not enough sleep. Such is the life of a 23 year old social butterfly (and I would like to also blame the Olympics...because I can)

The boys ordered UFC on PayPerView, so I'm taking this time to catch up on photo uploading and blog creeping. I think I stopped paying attention at the fight when that guy's head was bleeding so much into his eyes that he had to stop fighting. Yeah, exactly.

I'm slightly bitter that I have to work tomorrow because it's on a Sunday AND because I have to be in West Van by 8:30 am. No Lazy Sunday pour moi! The only cool thing is that I'll get to work with stylist Tracy Pincott all day and hopefully learn a thing or two. That, or I'll end up spending 8 hours steaming clothes and having orders barked at me. Could go either way...

My outfit yesterday was a lot of layers and a lot of grey and a lot of grey layers. Working in an office, it's impossible to remain at a comfortable temperature all day. Any time that I don't layer, I end up too hot or too cold, but usually I'm just cold. Especially because my vampire co worker closes the blinds because she sparkles in the sunshine :P

This morning I remembered that I'm still in school. It was not a fun realization. Pretty sure I have an assignment due at midnight tomorrow...not impressed!
Massive Attack-Psyche


  1. You look very comfy! and cute.

    Welcome to the world of working on sundays. Sucks huh!? ;)

    I will try to remember to email you my free nights today. We need at least 3 free hours of chatting time though. I miss yooooou.

  2. you look so comfortable and adorable!


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