I would like to thank the Academy

posted on: March 8, 2010

1) I was absolutely obsessed with Carey Mulligan's whole look, but most importantly her blonde pixie cut and earrings were to die for! She pulls it off like no other, and seriously where can I buy the cheap version of her earrings?
2) Elizabeth Banks came way out of left field for me, but I loved her dress. She was one of the best dressed presenters by far, just stunning!

3) Also not normally a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but she looked so classic and made a really great acceptance speech for Best Actress. She also reminds me a little of Danielle Ciavarro.
4) Diane Kruger looked so beautiful in Chanel last night. Such a classically beautiful dress in Spring's hot neutral colours and ruffles!
5) Anna Kendrick played it a little bit safe, but I'm sure it was her first major Oscar appearance (or was she already recognized for her amazing performance in Twilight? HAHA) I still thought she made the right decision in the blush gown by Elie Saab.
Just had to also comment on the fact that J-Lo and Amanda Seyfried played twins at last night's Oscars. I have a feeling J-Lo will be firing her stylist this morning if she hasn't already done so. Can anyone explain to me why Jennifer Lopez is even invited to such an event? More importantly can anyone name me the last time she had a hit song or movie out?

I now need to immediately watch An Education and Up In The Air.
That is all :)


  1. 1) I want to watch Up in the Air but Anna Kendrick annoyed me SO much in twilight that I am boycotting her other movies for now.

    2) I am going to apply to be J-Lo's stylist. Do you think she likes the Gap?

  2. don't get too excited about up in and air, I was mildy disappointed. And I am obsessed x 100000 with carey mulligans pixie hair!!! i waaant it!

  3. Great recap! Loved Diane Kruger's dress soo much!

  4. I like your fashion picks. Everytime I see short hair I want to cut mine. I loved Demi Moore's dress too.
    What was Sarah Jessica Parker thinking? I didn't think Chanel could look bad. And Danielle had better try fushia lipstick.

  5. i love elizabeth banks' dress. it's like a flowy, fluttery dream.



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