10 spring date ideas

posted on: April 22, 2010

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I’m feeling super in love today because it’s sunny and it’s our 3 Year Anniversary this Saturday (ahh please don’t run away Adam :P) So when Tieka did a post about Spring Date Ideas I was impressed and greatly inspired. How on earth, had I never thought to do a post about date ideas??? Everyone needs date ideas. Those in relationships need date ideas to spice up their dates and break out from routines. Those who are single need a rolodex of date ideas in case the opportunity arises. Ugh, the worst when the guy gets you to pick the second date’s activities and you can’t seem to think of ANYTHING fun. Also, those of you who could care less about relationships could use these ideas with friends. It doesn’t have to be romantic...just no making out!

Here are 10 of my favourite Spring Date Ideas...

1. Drive-In Movie

To tie in my love for everything vintage these days, I was thinking it would be adorable if you both dressed up from a different era and went to a drive in movie. You could even go to a diner before hand for dinner and milkshakes! It’s ideal if you can somehow get your hands on a pickup truck because snuggling with blankets under the stars is so romantical!
For Vancouverites, our only drive in theatre is in Langley at 260th & Fraser Highway. Admission is $12.

2. Pull an All-Nighter

I did this once with my friend’s youth group (yes, I said it) and it was super fun. You can pre-plan a bunch of activities at places that are open all night like bowling, arcades, etc. It would also be fun to go get food in the middle of the night and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something like Denny’s. For those of you who are local you could try The Naam in Kits! I’ve rarely done it because I’m never up early enough, but you could also plan it out so that your date ends in the perfect spot to watch the sun rise.

3. Hike & Picnic

This is so classic, yet I don’t think I’ve ever done this on a date. If you live in the Lower Mainland you have a ton of scenic hikes to choose from for anyone from amateurs to experienced hikers. I found a list of trails here.
Packing a picnic lunch is so cute and this date is so awesome because it incorporates exercise and being active!

4. A Photo Walk Together

This date is very simple and has the potential to be completely free. To begin, both people pick a location that they feel would be great for photo taking. You can have any criteria, depending on whether you like nature shots, fashion photography, city shots, etc. You then travel to each location and take photos together. It may sound boring, but it’s actually really fun to be creative and try to spot creative photo opportunities.

5. The Zoo/Aquarium

I don’t know why humans are still so fascinated with seeing animals and fish moving around in cages, but we are. So a trip to your local zoo or aquarium is actually a really fun date. For those of you here, the Greater Vancouver Zoo is $20 and the Vancouver Aquarium is $22. If you’re broke like I am, I’d suggest packing your lunch!

6. Be a Tourist in Your Town

Perhaps you’ve lived in the same town your whole life, or maybe you are just getting to know the area you currently live in. Either way, it’s always a fun idea to go do something super touristy in your own town. For Vancouverites, something like Capilano Suspension Bridge or UBC Botanical Gardens works.

7. Have a Laugh

I am a firm believer that laughter keeps relationships alive, so take a moment to share something funny together. Comedy Clubs are a great way to do this. One of my favourite places for a good chuckle is the Improv Theatre on Granville Island, which you could incorporate with a nice dinner beforehand. You could also go see a funny play, or a funny movie depending on what is playing at the time.

8. Camp Out

Remember when you were a kid and camping was the most exciting event EVER? Why not have a camp out for two?! You could pack everything up and head out to a nearby campground or you could even set up the tent in your own backyard! It’s obviously ideal if you can have a fire because roasting s’mores and hot dogs (for those of you who eat meat) is a blast! If you’re not as poor as I am, you could do a date like this in luxury by going on a weekend trip to a cabin or B&B. The islands on the Sunshine Coast are a beautiful spot for those trips.

9. Cook an Entire Meal Together

Most of us love food and many of us don’t take the time to cook an entire meal for dinner. My idea is to choose some recipes and make a whole meal together. Appetizer, Main Course (meat, potatoes, veggies) and dessert. This will take a ton of time, but the results will be deliciously gratifying. If you’re a couple that lives together and always make meals together you could put a twist on this and try a new recipe, take a cooking class together, or perhaps make your own alcoholic drinks for the night!

10. Step Outside Of the Box

Many people stick to routines and rarely take a moment to step outside of the box. Doing an activity that you have never tried before that maybe even scares you, will create a special bond with those you share it with. I’m of course thinking of things like bungee jumping in Whistler or getting tattoos, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. It could be as simple as trying a new type of food or going rollerblading (because some of us are scared of standing on wheels.)

All of these dates are just starting points to get you guys going on a fabulous day or night out together. I just hope I can get you out on a fun adventure xx


  1. Bowling / pool date idea sound good. Me and my boyfriend played pool the other day, really spontaneous and all of that. I find it really enjoyable.

  2. Yeah I haven't played pool in foreverrrr! Good idea Andhari :)

  3. During a spring season its good to have a date and thank you for sharing those tips it so useful. :)


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