i feel the rain coming down...it reminds me of who i used to be

posted on: April 23, 2010

Danielle and I did a photo shoot outside, but weather conditions were less than ideal. I really wanted to show off my new Zara trousers. Ha, I just wanted to call them trousers because that's what the website said and I thought it was cute. I went to Zara to return the shoes I bought a while ago and desperately tried to make fit, but apparently my feet didn't shrink this month. I somehow didn't make it into the store within the 30 days they give you to return items...of course. The sales girls in retail terms "made an exception" for me. They wouldn't give me money back or a store credit though, I had to get something of equal or more value.

Of course these pants came up $5 short of the target price, so they sent me searching for something more. Basically, instead of getting money back like I'd originally planned, I left $30 poorer. Figures.
Green Slub Tee & Tan Belt with Gold Studs both from Plum//Pants from Zara//Necklace from Forever21//Shoes from Nine West
Just have to be careful about how you stand in these pants or else you get the illusion of parts that I obviously don't have (sorry if you're turned off Adam hahaha)

I got a really great (and slightly embarrassing...in a good way) surprise at work today. Someone buzzed the office because he had flowers for Alicia. I was confused and forgot there was any special occasion coming up and got totally red in the face about the whole thing. The guy handed me a beautiful bouquet with a card that read Three Years! Love, Adam.

Thanks Adam, can't wait to do an unnecessarily mushy post about our 3 years together ;)

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  1. adorable!!!! happy puke-aversary from your bitter single friend!

  2. Happy Anniversary darling!! Hope you and Adam are having a great day!

  3. were those flowers photo-shopped?

  4. that is so adorable. happy 3 years to a very cute couple.


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