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posted on: April 21, 2010

I just decided to sort through all the papers all over my room (literally all over...in bags, in boxes, on desks, in purses, etc.) to get a head start on this whole packing up my life and moving thing. As I was sorting/reading some Christmas cards, I happened to stumble upon a $50 bill which I laughed about out loud for a good two minutes in disbelief. As I'm still stewing in the glory of finding 50 bucks out of the blue, I opened the next card to find a $20 bill. The lesson here kids, is if you're as messy as I am with your filing, you may just find $70 in old Christmas cards....it's true!

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my new cupcake ring. This little gem caught my eye while shopping with Melissa at Barefoot Contessa on Commercial Drive. The entire line is based on an Alice in Wonderland theme, which was so cute I could barely choose just one! I think the packaging is what lured me in...
We also need to talk about the hair genius that is Miss Marlee. This girl is all "oh hey, why don't you just come in for a haircut on Sunday?" and then transforms my mufasa mane into the most amazing hair cut/style I've ever received.
The best part? It cost me $10.
Yep, if you go to JC Studios in Gastown you can get a cut & style from a student for only $10! They are all so talented, it's such a steal!

I took my gorgeous new hair out for a spin...err a walk around Gastown and some of the seawall.
Randomly chose Kasabian's 2004 album as my "city walk soundtrack"...perfection!
Don't even pretend that you don't like the ghetto trash bin/abandoned bbq in the background...
Adam and I had some eats and jazz at The Main on Main Street...yum!
Randomly the 'E' on my keyboard is stuck today...this is not good. It's already driving me bonkers! How do I fix?
Kasabian-Cutt Off

PS As far as I know, I have 6 people signed up from my post challenging you to become a registered organ donor. I'm so proud of all of you, keep it up peeps and tweeps :)


  1. Your hair looks great. I can't wait to try out Marlee's haircutting abilities next week. Is the cupcake ring a little cupcake?

  2. Aw your cute little ring. I still want that hat I tried on haha.

    I'm SO glad you love your hair. Did you get it thinned out a bit like you wanted? It looks amazing in the pics :)

  3. Awweee you are way too sweet! I would just like to point out crazy client in the first picture of you and I, she's all jazzed up in her purple coat and black yoga capris. Fuck she's crazy hahaha

  4. Love your hair!!

    And also - love, love, love finding money - in winter coats next season, old cards, in the back of paperbacks boughts at garage sales. :-)

    (Hate finding checks that I forgot to cash though --- that's just sad)

  5. That is some extremely cute hair. And you rock it with those glasses!

  6. Stacey-Seriously, your daughter is amazing! Yes the cupcake ring is a little cupcake, I'll show a better picture soon. Also, when you're in town I do have some clothes that I'm wanting to sell if you want to take a look. Let me know!

    Melissa-Yeah, she thinned it out and put in layers it's heavenly!

    Marlee-I totally noticed the crazy in the background!

    Shayna-Thanks! Finding money is the BEST! Did you really find money in a garage sale book? That's lucky!

    Kris-Thanks so much :)


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