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posted on: April 26, 2010

It was exactly 3 years ago yesterday that I was on a date with Prince Charming (you can read about how we met here).
I'm lame and wrote this on his card...

Ha. Ha.
Adam actually drew me another picture and wrote on the back, which is amazing because he's not one to write down his feelings. The card was really cute, something about how 3 years ago he was just a boy excited to call a girl and then ended it by saying he's still just a boy excited to call a girl :)

We agreed on watches as a gift exchange and OMG he got me the most amazing Marc Jacobs watch! I seriously couldn't have picked out anything better myself! He also really liked the Nixon watch a got him...phewf!
I obviously wanted to look nice for our anniversary, but I'm having such a hard time dressing for this weather. It seems too far into Spring to wear tights, but it sure feels early to have bare legs! Oh well, I went for it and rocked a skirt sans tights.
I tried to imitate the hair that Marlee did last week.
The deets on the skirt..airplanes!
Striped Tank Top from Next (England)//Printed Ruffle Detail Skirt from Anthropologie//Vintage Blazer//F21 Accessories//Aldo Shoes
Adam had a $50 GC to the Italian Kitchen so we decided to celebrate there. It worked out perfectly because they gave us a cute table for two by the window. Food was delish but I had one glass too many of the wine. Although, that makes 3 years in a row we've been tipsy on our it's tradition.
Thanks for a lovely weekend Adam and three fantastical years together (aww).
Inara George-Fools Work


  1. This is so adorable :-)

    And you look very pretty!!

  2. The Watch! Adam and I have been having a secret affair while trying to figure out what watch to get you. Unfort, I'm not very good with gold watches and failed him. Well, I did give him names of good Italian Jewlers, but anyways. I LOVE IT.

  3. its soooooo pretty!!!! and i really want to see the drawing adam gave you!

  4. Such a pretty watch! You two are incredibly cute!

  5. Thanks gals!!! Yeah the watch is amazing I seriously don't know how he knew it would be so perfect!

    Brandi I would show you the sketch but it's a little bit...scandelous HAHAHA

  6. aww such a sweet post! Happy Anniversary to you and Adam! I love the skirt you wore with the airplane details - super cute. and I think it's adorable that you two bought each other watches. Love the MJ watch btw. and Italian Kitchen has yummy food, so glad to hear you had a good time celebrating your anniversary.. as tipsy as you were haha

  7. Thanks Nicole :) The skirt was on sale at Anthropolgie and I just couldn't help myself! I think the airplane details are what forced me to purchase it.


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