oh to see it with my own eyes

posted on: May 17, 2010

Here it is, the beginning of Aliciafahionista Photography.

Yesterday I thought I'd test out a Flickr account to decide whether or not it was worth it. I love the larger size of photos and the faster upload. Blogger, how you've caused me so much grief trying to upload pictures over the years! I haven't even begun to try and figure out camera settings but I was fooling around with the cam this weekend.

This is Abel looking adoringly at food. Abel is always hungry...
Abel loves food

Abel sees some food!

Austin feels the same way about food, especially cheese. He loves cheese!

"what's this?"

Saturday was a delight because I had a long awaited hang out with my cousin Melissa. She offered to come out my way, but I know she drives out to Vancouver all the time to see Mike so I told her I'd come out to see her instead. It worked out perfectly because we spent the evening in White Rock and watched the sun go down!

Had to do outfit pics by the tree. In case you care, this is what we wore:

hands in pockets

looking away

I am loving Melissa's trench from The Gap! I'm adding it to my must-haves.
love The Gap trench!

Going to White Rock without getting ice cream is a CRIME! This was Mel's photo idea and it turned out so well. A little bit of a vintage feel.

ice cream is essential

We were both carrying too much on our walk, it was such a process every time one of us took a picture. Total girls about it!

girls...we juggle so much!

sun setting

cousins in White Rock

Hopefully you all love the new picture quality! I think I'll just pay for the Flickr, what's another $30 on the credit card?

Local Natives-Wide Eyes


  1. eeeeeeep! YAY I love them!

    I do think those shoes cut off my legs wrong and make them look stubby but i'll live with it ;)

    Yeah, next time we need to plan and not carry so much! I will for sure be carrying an icecream though.. mmmmm


  2. beautiful pictures of beautiful girls.

  3. cute dog!!! and u girls both look great! nice blog!

    xoxo jenna

  4. Beautiful photos, I love your outfit, and that dog is so cute!

  5. love it!

    im following you, you2?

  6. These photos turned out wonderfully - and you're both so pretty!

  7. Nice photos, the boardwalk in White Rock is such a great place for a sunny day.

  8. I loooove this post! Abel and Austin are adorable!! Great photos of them both :)

    You and Melissa look fabulous. I love your shorts and blazer, very chic. And Melissa's trench is definitely a must-have for the summer!

    Your new DSLR makes me want one of my own. SIGH haha, maybe in time!

  9. What slimming photos of Abel. Austin, too. Those dogs are ready for swimsuit season!


  10. nice photos, the second one down is such a cute shot!


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