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posted on: May 29, 2010

I know I sounded pretty emo there for a moment, but seriously thank you all for such kind words and well wishes. I thankfully feel much better now and am currently relaxing in bed (my Saturday jealous?)


I am especially pleased to report to you that I have been promoted at work! I started out three years ago as a 'junior stylist', a title that I hated because everyone thought I was a hair dresser. Not that there is anything wrong with being a hair stylist, it was just annoying to explain to everyone what I did for work. I am now a part of the marketing team and I think I've decided on the title 'Online Marketing Specialist'. Fancy, right?


The promotion has forced me into full time hours and puts the brakes on my plans to speed through my last ten courses in school. As of right now I am working 36 hours a week at the office, teaching dance 9 hours a week and taking a 3 hour night class. Perhaps that explains my meltdown(s)? I need to delete something for seems like the best option. Maybe a distance course? That way I can do the work when it is most convenient for me. Sorry...thinking out loud.


I took my brother shopping today and we spent a bunch of his money. If there's anything I like more than spending my own money, it's helping someone else spend theirs. He ended up with plaid chino shorts and grey chino pants from Club Monaco, some basic tees from Old Navy, and a vintage inspired Adidas tee from Plenty. We are going out again soon to hit the boutiques in Gastown and Main Street. He has never been shopping in Vancouver before...can you believe it?


Last night was great fun at Venue on Granville Street. I hadn't been there since it was the old Plaza, where I'd had such a bad experience I swore I'd never be back. But clearly it's trying to change itself into a cool place for bands to play. Last night was Local Natives who I sooooo l-o-v-e! If you weren't there I am telling you right now that you missed out, but hope is not lost. They claim that they'll be back in the fall woot woot!


They were awesome live, they sound just as good if not better than their Gorilla Manor album!


Local Natives-Sun Hands


  1. Glad to hear that you're feeling better! and Congratulations on your promotion Online Marketing Specialist ;) but yeah, definitely want to pace yourself and not overload your plate otherwise you won't have time for life! or just time to yourself which is really important.

    I enjoy spending other ppl's money too haha sounds like you did well for your brother. I love Club Monaco! I can't believe he's never shopped in Vancouver before, but I"m glad to hear that you're going to help him change that ahha.

    I spent my Saturday morning in bed and stayed in tonight so I know how you feel. Have a great weekend Alicia! xo

  2. Congratulations on your promotion!!

    Love spending other people's money... especially when it's when I get to dress MY brother (who is a lot younger and still thinks that wearing pants that may or may not fall off is a good plan...oy)

  3. Congratulations on the promotion! It sounds like you're one busy bee these days. And yes, helping guys shop and spending their money is one of the best activities ever! I went shopping with my boyfriend last month and it was so much fun.


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