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posted on: May 6, 2010

I don't normally talk about it here on le blog, but today I feel like sharing with you some aspects of what I do for work (well one of my jobs anyways). I work for a local clothing company as their "junior stylist". Hardly junior, I have now been employed with the company for five years, and working in the design department for three years as of June. Since it's a small company, I get a ton of hands on experience in marketing such as press releases, their twitter account, and if I'm lucky...advertisements! I also put together the style books of the company's designs each season, create all trends and product knowledge projects, and make all their in-store signage.

My favourite part of the job lately has been the styling. Up until a few months ago I had to choose outfits, dress them on a mannequin, photograph them, and post them to the web. This was fun at first, but after a while you realize that dressing a mannequin is an absolute pain. After years of asking for it, I was finally allowed to search for my own real live model and if she passed the test shoot then they'd consider using her for all website photos.

It was easier than I imagined finding someone, since I simply used my social network to post an ad and got quite a great response. We ended up hiring Erin, who is not only gorgeous and super enthusiastic, but she also loves fashion and is very stylish herself!
Here is a small sample of some of the photos we've done so far...

She looks so stunning in this Max & Cleo dress!
I'm definitely getting these white earrings...
I have this dress in!
Does this dress look familiar? It's just like the white one Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the ads for the new Sex and the City movie!
I can't decide whether I need this blouse or not, and I really want this skirt but do I really NEED another skirt?
I have to get this's only $35!
I have this boyfriend blazer too in grey haha wow I have a shopping problem!
I think this is one of the prettiest pictures of Erin so far!
I love the lime green and papaya colour combo, the necklace was Erin's idea.
This look always makes me wish I was on a beach somewhere!
There are tons more photos here.

Completely unrelated to my work, I have to say congratulations to my best friend who was hired today for an amazing job and is finally starting her career/path to fame and fortune. After the "alleged" Olympic incident this year (a whole other story) and obviously for her hard work and talent, she totally deserves a break like this! Heart <3



  1. Boyfriend blazer + boyfriend jeans, such a cute look. Your job sounds like fun!

  2. these are gorgeous looks! love the blazer+jeans

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  3. Thanks for the shout out! HAHA LOVE YOU. Great pics! All all the outfits are amazing. Thanks for all of your support always. Love you longtime.

  4. I like your new model because she looks like a totally normal person

  5. I actively love/want the clothes you picked!

    And I also love that your model looks like a real person rther than an angry teenage boy!

  6. Thanks all, I'm so glad you like Erin as a model :)

  7. Those clothes look better on her than on mannequins for sure. Love the looks you created!


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