A piece of BC History

posted on: May 11, 2010

Growing up I always felt left out because my friends had grandparents who were super young and lively. When I was born in '86, only my Nana was left. It was a tough time for my parents, my dad lost both of his only a few years apart and my mom lost her father while she was pregnant with me. Though my grandma was alive, a big part of her died with my grandpa and the 20ish years that I knew her was basically her downfall. Nana was always old and frail. She slowly gave up all her interests, first it was baking, then sewing, then knitting, then gardening, and soon she did nothing but crosswords and watch Jeopardy. It's very sad when you think about it, but she once told me that I kept her alive for all those years, which obviously meant a lot.
It's unfortunate that I didn't live the way that my friends did with their young grandparents, but if anything I think it makes me far more curious about who my grandparents were.

This is when my grandparents had just arrived in Vancouver (I think 1947?) Apparently a lot of people have this same photo because someone was taking and selling street photographs.

The day Jim Knight and Joan Lancaster became Mr and Mrs Knight

I love this picnic photo!

Nana in the snow, I believe somewhere in Northern BC

Ahh yes, the terrifying bear rug. My grandpa donated it to a museum and my mom swears she saw it once in Chilliwack

Proud parents in Kamloops 1951 with their first son, Vince

Another photo that I adore

Valleyview, 1951

The legend is that they were so isolated in Kamloops, that Vince started to bark before he started to talk, since his only friend was a dog.
Thought this BC sign was super cool!

A work party in Evelyn, B.C.

Grandpa's Business in Kamloops

Mom and Ron in Kelown 1961. The Ogopogo looks a little bit dated :P
Their house in Surrey, BC. Look at their car...obsessed!

Otis Redding-These Arms Of Mine


  1. Love these vintage photos. Appeals to my old soul. And doesn't it seem like our grandparents generation just took better photos?
    So classic

  2. As i've already said.. I LOVE these pics. I wish my dad had pics like these. He's probably burned them all because his hair was so bad ;)
    Does your mom have actual copies or are they all on the comp?

  3. I seriously love these pictures. And your grandmother's old clothes. :)

  4. Alicia...wow, those pictures are awesome. Thanks for posting them. :)

  5. YAY so glad you all love these photos as much as I do :)
    Melissa the pics are all hard copies...I have TONS more that my mom and I scanned. We can put them on a disc for you, or you could go to my parents and choose which photos you want copies of. They have a super quick scanner!!

  6. These are amazing! I love looking back at old pictures, and see how things have changed. Also, the outfits in those pictures are pretty fab :)

  7. Wow, lovely photos... Each time when you look at these pictures, it just gives you such a nostalgic feeling. Wonderful pics and post!



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