car free day on the drive - in photos

posted on: June 29, 2010

Car free day was over a week what? If you've never been then you're a silly bear. Watch for more Sunday Car Free Days on Commercial Drive, Main Street, and Kitsilano this summer!!!

This dog is so East Van, he will eff you up! Seriously though, one of my favourite Commercial Drive pups!
favourite commercial drive dog

A ton of people blowing bubbles that day...very strange yet wonderful!
adam and bubbles

Where all the World Cup action is!

Live music tuuuuuuuuuba

I bet if Adam and I wore our Waldo and Carmen Sandiego costumes on Car Free Day it would be a hit!

car free day

Had my first Paparazzi moment when I spotted Amanda from "Ready Or Not". Totally loved that show as a kid, remember Amanda and Busy back in the 90's?

And yes, I bought a Welcome To East Van Shirt (amongst other things). It lists 3 streets I've lived on, so I think I have enough street cred?


Phoenix - Fences


  1. Love car free days! Main Street had some good times this year but I didn't check out Commercial
    RachaelKrystina at

  2. I totally need to check out Main and Kits next time to mix things up!

  3. car free days are the best, too bad it didn't happen more often, but then again if it were more than once a year, it'd probably lose it's significance! but it sounds like you had a great time and love your use of the term street cred. East Van represent! lol


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