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posted on: June 30, 2010

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am obsessed with Twitter.

It seems as though my social networking is building a spiderweb of lies. Okay, they're not lies...but it's a hell of a lot to keep up with! Twitter started as an innocent curiosity and a social push to join the "newest" site that everyone else was on. At first I didn't get it. Who cares to hear what I'm doing? Oooh I'm eating a sandwich. Now I'm opening the door. Just saw a dog. BOOOORING.

But it's not like that! Oh, why can't you see that it's so much more than that?! I have made Twitter friends (high fives to all of you), I get informed of breaking news stories literally as they're happening. I hear about all the best events going on around town and most importantly, upcoming concerts with my favourite artists. There is always word of the latest sales, promotions, job opportunities, and obviously there's a ton of funny quotes...140 characters or less! Now to add to the list of reasons why Twitter is currently rocking my world, I simply retweeted a contest that The Commodore's Twitter account had posted and BAM I have a direct message 30 minutes later that I've won. I WON. Good Lord, I don't think I've won anything in my life. No, that's a lie (the web continues to build...) I once won second place in an Art Knapps colouring contest. I got meself a nice Beauty and the Beast poster, thank you very much!

The tickets were to a Jazz Festival show at The Commodore including The Heavy, Kid Koala, and The Slew. I will admit to you that I didn't know much about The Heavy except for a few liked songs and of course the famous Kia commercial (scroll down for the YouTube vid) but they were great live!! I will 100% be purchasing their cds and dancing the night away to them!
I'll save the long thank you speech and simply say thanks to the Commodore and to all the wonderful performers last night! Later Taters.
WON tickets on Twitter!

The Heavy at Commodore


The Heavy at Commodore

my happy dance

Brandi and I

Commodore crowd


  1. Looks like a good show, I love your outfit. Nice to see someone cash on on Twitter, I found out about Matchstick through twitter! I don't follow anyone who posts things like "I saw a dog" unless it's followed by something hilarious. I still have yet to win anything ever online... finger's crossed!

  2. I was there too, covering the show for Consequence of Sound - I was also pleasantly surprised by The Heavy... I knew I'd love The Slew (just interviewed Kid Koala that afternoon) but The Heavy was pretty dope.


  3. Krista - Thanks dear! I will also cross my fingers that you win something online very soon!

    Wanderlusting - Yeah, I haven't seen a decent opening band in a very long time. Thanks for positing the article, I really liked it :) I wish I had your writing abilities and could work the word crescendo into a post so graciously!

  4. ok this is so freaking awesome that you won tickets to a jazz concert via Twitter! YAY! but that's nothing compared to making Twitter friends like myself, obviously... HAHA jk! looks like you had a blast at the concert so congrats on the tickets and keep on tweeting! hope you had a good weekend lady! xo

  5. I'm so happy to hear you're as addicted to Twitter as I am. Sometimes I feel like an absolute nut for loving it so much.

    Sounds like the show was amazing!

    Congrats on winning tix!


  6. the zebra...and the glasses.

    you are my fashion hero.


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