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posted on: June 22, 2010

Kits Beach all smiles

Having this wicked cold/cough that is going around, combined with these less than ideal weather conditions, I need to take a moment to concentrate on what makes me happy. Mostly because I rely on the summer weather to lift my spirits every year...I need more Vitamin D!!! Also, this year Adam and I didn't go on a big sunny vacation and even though we've been on a few weekend trips, I can't shake the stress of work and school for only a few days. I literally need to be on a beach in a different country for a week to feel detached from my responsibilities!!!!

Yesterday I went to Chapters and purchased "The Hormone Diet" by Dr. Natasha Turner (as recommended by Laura and Stacey.) Of course, I am now kicking myself that I didn't purchase this book months ago when they'd mentioned it! I'm only on Chapter 1, but I can already tell that this book is exactly what I need at this moment. I need to find a balance.

So my goals this week are:

1) Try not to complain about the weather (please ignore the above paragraph about it :P)
2) To get at least 8 hours of sleep a night
3) Do something relaxing (have a bath, do a yoga class, read outside, etc.)
4) Walk to work
5) Make my lunches the night before

Sounds easy enough, but I tend to get so busy that I ignore the simple things. I'll let you know how the rest of the book goes, but so far I really like it. Not even necessarily to lose weight, but to just feel healthier.

I believe I am a lot like you and the many people out there who simply want to
be healthy, without becoming a "health nut."
-Dr. Natasha Turner

Paolo Nutini-Coming Up Easy


  1. Great healthy tips! I always wanna do yoga but never got around to it. Some of my friends do bikram yoga, that sounds hard.

  2. Love this photo licia!! kinda takes me back to our whitepine days hehe :) hope to see you soon. Let me know when you wanna do the "hat" day ;) I promise I won't jump on a horse.. hahah


    Closet Full of Nothing

  3. Aw I hope you feel better soon! All the best with your goals. :-)

  4. Those are some good goals! Funny, I have the same ones hehe. I'm trying to let myself be lazy and to just appreciate doing nothing and appreciating little moments instead of always trying to rush around cramming my life with stuff.

    Let us know what other good tidbits the book has!

  5. B - Thanks :)
    Andhari - I'm too chicken to try Bikram Yoga...one day I'll be brave enough!
    Coco - OMG HAHAHA Please don't jump on one of the horses! I'm not sure when I'm going to do it but I'll let you know when I do!
    Lisa - Thanks dear :)
    MizzJ - That's sooooo awesome that you have the same goals! I will definitely let you know what else the book says :)


  6. great photo, love the sunglasses! although i hope you're feeling better by now! that sounds like a good book, balance is hard to obtain but very important of course. I'm trying to have a more balanced sleep schedule instead of sleeping at 3-4am every weeknight lol. that's a great song by paolo nutini btw!


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