my ideal night out with the girls

posted on: June 18, 2010

I LOVE a night out with my ladies. Getting dressed up, drinks, good food, and CHATTING! So much girl talk happening, it's like our 4 hour phone convos come to life! I have to say though, that I feel as though I've grown out of the Granville Street club scene. I much prefer live concerts to top 40 djs, and a low key bar than a pretentious club.

Last night we went to The Opus in Yaletown for the Nicole Bridger SS10 fashion show and then over to the Yaletown Cactus Club for eats. I met other Vancouver bloggers and tweeters, I got to catch up with my best friends, and I spent $20 total. Now THAT is my ideal girl's night out :)

It was so lovely meeting Lisa of SoloLisa. She is so genuinely nice and you can tell she is incredibly smart and of course, fashionable! It's always great seeing Carolina of Closet Full of Nothing (we have been friends since high school) and meeting her fab friends!
opus show 010new

We were discussing how much Brandi looks like an adorable little doll. We're going to send her picture to a Japanese magazine (no serious, Carolina knows some people)
opus show 011new

I love the lounge at The Opus hotel in Yaletown. I stayed there one weekend with Adam and it was so amazing, I would love to one day stay at their Montreal location. Okay the truth is I just want to go to Montreal. Brandi, could you put me in contact with Moneybags? Just kidding :P
opus show 013new

Miss. Melissa resting her sore feet waiting for the show to start!
opus show 034new

Nicole Bridger's SS10 line was very nice, my favourites were the cocoon sweater and the sheath dress. Check out her website for the complete collection, their pictures are a touch better than mine ;)

opus show 015new

opus show 016new

opus show 020new

opus show 026new

opus show 033new

I made all 4 of us do outfit pictures and then forgot to ask where everyone got their outfit pieces from! When Melissa does her blog post I'm sure you can find out where she got hers!

opus show 041new made it on the blog! She didn't want to do an outfit photo...don't be shy :)!

opus show 044new

Dress from True Value Vintage, Necklace Urban Outfitters, Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Purse from Plum, and Kenneth Cole shoes.

opus show 036new

I'm sure B's entire outfit is from England because she lived there last summer and bought all things adorable with bows there!
opus show 039new

I am now drunk and it's Friday and I'm going to watch Saved By The Bell and eat Amy's delicious microwaved chocolate cake. Yes, you read that...she cooks it in the microwave. It comes with chocolate macadamia nut ice cream as well. YUM!


  1. Moneybags is all yours! But I think a girls trip would be better ;) Great pics!!!

  2. Bahaha I love everything about this post. I think i'm going to attempt blogging while drunk ;)
    And I fully admit I was resting my poor sore feet. I don't know why I always attempt sky high heels!
    I had an amazing night my love. I will blog about it soon and steal some of your great pics for my post ;) xo

  3. yay! my work put on this show, Nicole is our client extraordinaire! i'm glad you had a good time, and disappointined I didn't get to meet you. Also, is that laura struve in your last post? what a small freaking world. love that girl.

    xx Niki

  4. Niki- Well congrats on throwing such a great event! We all had so much fun! Yeah too bad we didn't meet, perhaps next time :)?

    OMG what a small world!!??! How do you know Struve?

  5. Damn now I"m so sad that I decided to sleep instead of coming to this! It looks like it was an awesome night! Although I find Opus to be terrible cramped when there's a fashion event going on haha

  6. I was supposed to be at this event but couldn't make it. Looks like you had fun though! I didn't know that you and Carolina went to highschool together! what a small world! you and your friends look fabulous at the event, but of course you all do haha. that microwave chocolate cake and the chocolate macadamia nut ice cream sound so good!

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