we've been living life inside a bubble

posted on: June 20, 2010

It feels like life has moved so quickly in the last few years. Friends are buying houses, getting married, and now having babies. We're growing up so quickly!!!!

Adam's friend Tracy is pregnant with twins and her baby shower was on Saturday at Hume Park in New West. I arrived to this table of cupcakes that Laura's youngest sister made. Umm...amazing? She needs to do this for a living!
baby shower 030new

baby shower 032new

I still can't believe she's having twins...it seems surreal!
baby shower 035new

The weather on Saturday was so perfect for an outdoor event.
baby shower 050new

Tracy's boyfriend Cory has a daughter with a previous girlfriend. She is sooo cute!
baby shower 057new

Gifts for the babies!
baby shower 071new

The family
baby shower 080new

McKenna helping Liz out with that sunscreen!
baby shower 089new

What a great turnout
baby shower 095new
baby shower 097new

Trace and McKenna opening gifts
baby shower 116new

Loved this tree
baby shower 135new

Thanks Adam for the close up of the umm...cupcake
baby shower 142nw

Green icing stache
baby shower 144new

nom nom nom
baby shower 146new

Laura and McKenna being silly
baby shower 166new

Ring toss, some game from Ontario
baby shower 173nw
It was wonderful to see Tracy so pregnant and to see all of Adam's friends. I can't wait until she pops out those two little cuties so that we can all meet them :)

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  1. i had to show my friend brittney (who has a cupcake business) the cupcake stand. it's so cool!!!

  2. Oooh a friend in the cupcake business? I'd be in so much trouble if I knew someone who made cupcakes lol!
    Yeah this girl is like 17 and just made this cupcake display? Like holy natural talent!

  3. That is the most beautifully made up baby shower I've ever seen in my life.

    Now you have me craving cupcakes.

    Congratulations to the mom to be!


  4. Looks like an awesomely fun baby shower! That cupcake tower is pretty amazing esp. now that I know she's only 17!

  5. wow this looks like so much fun! sounds like you had a great time too. those cupcakes look SO GOOD. wish i was there haha. but I know what you mean about ppl growing up so fast and settling down, getting married and having kids. time flies!


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