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posted on: July 29, 2010

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I'm going to do things slightly differently and fast forward this outfit as Day 21, even though it was actually Day 23. Some of you may consider this a lie, but I really like to think of it as internet magic.

Since my photos have been non-existent for the past few days, I was super excited when Nicole of Le Mode Du Jour asked to meet up last night! It was the perfect opportunity for both of us to hang out in person and catch up on outfit photos. We grabbed a Starbucks and had a lovely photo walk around Commercial Drive. I took some amazing photos of her, but then again it's not so difficult when you had such a gorgeous model! You can see some of the pictures of her outfit here. She's just sooo sweet and adorable in real life and I'm super happy we were able to finally meet :)

I'm off to my friend's boyfriend's lacrosse game. Yes, you read that right...I'm voluntarily going to a sporting event. What do you wear to a hot and sweaty lacrosse box? Wait, more like what do you wear to a hot and sweaty lacrosse box when you only have 25 things to choose from?

photowalks 140new

Bracelets from Forever 21 // Marc Jacobs Watch
Photos by Nicole

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30 for 30 Banner

Sia - Buttons


  1. This color combo is perfection! And I love the piled on bracelets!

  2. I love that first photo with all the posters! Yesterday was a perfect day for some Starbucks and a photowalk along the Drive. You are too kind btw, I could say the same about you with your gorgeous halfer hair (which I still want to trade for) haha. But it was definitely a pleasure to finally meet you; I had a lot of fun! Enjoy the lacrosse game and try to stay in the shade! Looking forward to the rest of your outfit posts for your challenge! xo

  3. I agree with Nicole, I really like that first picture!

    I like the colours you chose in your 30 pieces. I swear I thought I had more patterns to mix, but now i'm drawn to my usual boring mixes. Yours always look so vibrant.

    Anyways you look stunning like usual. I'm excited for tuesday :)

  4. Love the color combinations!

    - V from The Sweet Roads

  5. P.S. I tagged you on my blog!

  6. I love your outfit the skirt is super cute and looks gorgeous on you xoxo

  7. Cute outfit Alicia! Love the floral skirt. Definitely a stand out piece. xx


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