Day 18 and stuff

posted on: July 26, 2010

Sooooo I'm only about, oh I don't know...say 4 days behind on outfit posts. Would you hate me if I said that I was gallivanting around town all weekend with my boyfriend and completely neglected my blog? The weather was too nice to be inside on my computer, but don't worry...the guilt was with me all weekend!

There isn't much to say about Day 18, because I think I kind of gave up on being creative on Friday. I did the unthinkable and just wore the same dress. I tried several combinations to try and make it look different, but I just couldn't!!! So here we are, 16 days later and I'm wearing the same thing! Phewf...that wasn't so bad, was it :)?

010new copy

These photos make me laugh because all I can hear is Tyra Bank's voice telling me to "find the light"...which I clearly didn't! Ohhh she would be soooo disappointed! Looks like I'll never be America's Next Top Model, which is a good thing because I'm Canadian...and clearly not a model.


Hello light!!!


Vintage Purse // Necklace from Forever 21 courtesy of Danielle and Claudia

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  1. cute! I love the colourful print of your dress. or you can hear Tyra's voice telling you to "Smize" (worst made-up term EVER lol)

  2. Lets be honest, I got you the necklace, and then Claudia felt bad and got you something too. Hahahah. Not really but it sounds funny!


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