Behind The Scenes: Plum F/W 10

posted on: August 19, 2010

I have been up since 5 am and shocked that I'm still awake right now typing this. Actually, Jersey Shore is probably the main reason that I'm up right now. Bah, I'm so ashamed of my "reality tv" addiction lately!!!

Anyways, we had our big Fall/Winter 2010 Photo Shoot this morning at 6 am in Gastown. I made the big mistake of not preparing my outfit the night before so I showed up in a skirt and t shirt with flats. It was sooo incredibly cold all day and it rained for the last 3 hours haha!! At least I was at a fashion shoot so there were sweaters and jackets I could borrow to keep warm.

We had almost the exact same team as last time, with photographer Candace Meyer and stylist Tracey Pincott who are both so awesome to work with. This was my favourite photo shoot that I've ever helped with, Gastown was just the perfect backdrop. And I have a total crush on Fall clothes :)

Here's a little behind the scenes look at the shoot. Enjoy my lovelies xoxo

let's get this photo shoot going

Red Ford Thunderbird

isn't she gorgeous

Candace Meyer working her magic

Gastown is so beautiful

Johanna Ward fliming a segment for The Express

walking to the next location

she seriously looks like a Barbie doll

one of our Holiday '10 looks

VERY military jacket love

Andrea editing photos in the trunk haha

impromptu bicycle poses

my Zara booties made it in woohoo


  1. Love these pictures, so cool to see all the behind the scenes :)

    I like the one in the trunk of the car LOL!

  2. beautiful!! that model is gorgeous...

  3. These images are gorgeous!! I love the rich textures and colours and the slightly retro vibe of the whole shoot. It's ladylike but very modern. Can't wait to see the final results!

  4. these photos are amazing! I love behind-the-scenes photos. Can't wait to see how the lookbook turns out! My fav has to be the one taken through the Hotel Europe window. Her red lips really stand out. I also love the red vintage car and that the shoot was taken in Gastown - perfection!

  5. Wow --- beautiful photos!! Love that car ;-)

  6. absolutely in love with these behind-the-scenes shots! so great to get a special sneak peek. i'm in love with the second to last photo - the model is stunning!! and that purse... mmm.. i also have a crush on everything Fall.

    xo Chelle

  7. Hi
    It's great to see photos from my hometown :)

    I love the boots in the pic 2nd from the bottom :))

  8. Wow. These shots are amazing. I love the backgrounds and the Mad Men style the models are rocking. Lovely - Katy


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