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posted on: August 30, 2010



I've been in kind of a wardrobe slump lately. I blame this mostly on the fact that our Vancouver weather can't make up its mind, and that my clothes are currently unorganized. Every time I go to my closet to choose an outfit I just stand there thinking about how I'm sick of everything I own and want new items to choose from. I can't decide if this is because I actually don't have anything I'd like to wear, or me longing for Fall weather and refusing to dress for sunshine. I'm desperate for a closet makeover and to sell all of my unworn/barely worn clothing items that I don't need anymore. One of these days I'll take care of it, even though I've been saying this for months!



Headband from Barefoot Contessa // Blouse from Forever 21 // Skirt and Bracelet from H&M // Belt from Plum // Joe Fresh Shoes



I'm back from Seattle at my very first real stagette experience. Tons of photos and stories to share with you tonight, if I can muster up the energy. I tried to spend my money wisely in Seattle, but it's all easier said than done. Nordstrom Rack, The Outlets, Anthropologie? That's like dangling candy in front of a child!!! But I'm only days from leaving for San Fransisco, who I'm hoping will deliver amazing clothing boutiques and stores. Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions for my San Fran trip? I would love recommendations to restaurants, stores, neighbourhoods...anything :)

I just wanted to apologize to all of you lovely readers for not visiting your blogs lately. I have been sooo busy at work and in life for the last few weeks, I haven't had time for anything. Though I do love to leave you comments, it's really just that I feel left out. I don't know what fab new outfits you've put together, what gorgeous new photos you've taken, or what is new in your lives! I'm making it my personal mission to stop by your sites this week, no matter what!!!





Radiohead - Optimistic


  1. If there's ever an Anthro nearby I always have to make someone take my wallet from me. I love that store so much!
    You look adorable in these photos by the way. How do you have such great hair days when it's all humid?

  2. make sure you go to the marina, haight and ashbury, and hayes valley! they have a TON of cute boutiques there and i'm certain you'll find something you'll love in SF! there is also a HUGE anthropologie on market st. too, so go nuts!! :D

  3. one more thing: if you happen to be in the mission district, there is a bakery that you absolutely must go to. it's called Tartine on 18th and Guerrero - hands down best cafe i've ever been to. there is also bi-rite ice cream right down the street. that whole street is filled with amazing things and an awesome park right behind where every one seems to come out to!

  4. How exciting! Heck, I'm excited for you! The last time I went there was back in Grade 9 too! Good times. hah. Hope you have a blast!!

    Talking about barely worn clothing, do you know if Vancouver have a clothing swap thing happening? I have sooo much that I don't wear anymore and would love to see/get other clothing too! Oh dreams!!

  5. I spent the majority of my 19th year in California, but that was in La and Orange County.. I have never made it to San Fran and it's deff on my to see places!

    Love ths shadow pic of you and your hubby!

  6. Hey, first time reading your blog.. I love your pictures. And I wish that I had a fashion slump like yours, the outfit you have is super cute!

  7. Chaucee - Thanks darling, I'm not really sure how my hair style stays put haha. And I totally ended up buying a top at Anthro!

    honeysuckle - As I said on your blog, thank you SO much for the recommendations! You were such a help!

    tiffany - I don't know of any clothing swaps at the moment, but if I hear of anything I'll be sure to tell ya!

    Luna - Thanks, and thanks for stopping by!

    Steph - Thanks, I really like that one too :)

    Ashelle - Hello hello :) Thank you so much for leaving a comment, so glad you like the pictures xo

  8. i know the feeling of standing there, staring at your massive pile of clothes and trying to pick out an outfit. then feeling like you have nothing to wear because you want something new. i know that feeling all too well! hahaha

    i like this outfit you're wearing though, the bright turquoise top goes so well with your gorgeous hair. the bow headband is a nice touch!

    and i hope you saved your $ for SF instead of splurging in seattle, I love the shopping in SF! it totally is hard to maintain self control when you're there haha


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