weekends are too short...

posted on: August 23, 2010

I'm suffering from a little case of the Monday Blues....anyone else feel the same? I suppose it's that lingering feeling that summer is slipping away. My second job starts on the first week of September, which adds a lot more to my already full plate. I'm very thankful to be taking this semester off school though. People who do full time work and courses in school are obviously insane...or driven to be!

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The end of summer ends up being as busy as the entire two months combined. I have Paula's stagette in Seattle this weekend and then I leave for San Francisco on Thursday. Where have the sunny days gone?

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)


  1. Love all of these photos. And girl, you have so much hair!

    That cake also looks fantastic. Mmm

  2. So if you can't find your hair or dress in the morning it's because I'm going to somehow telepathically steal them tonight. Yup. Gorgeous :)

  3. haha. I love that chill frog! its the best :)

  4. your pictures get better and better.

    and that cake is too damn cute!

  5. Such colorful and fun pictures! Love the random picture of the frog.


  6. You have such pretty hair!

  7. The photos look beautiful and the birthday looked so fun. Is that a cream puffs cake?! OMG. it looks so good haha.


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