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posted on: September 22, 2010


I know what you're thinking, you're like "Alicia, do you own ANY other pairs of pants?" The answer is no. Well, yes, but I just love these pants more than my other pants. It's true, I play favourites with my clothing. These high waisted Zara pants were the best damn investment I've ever made! I keep stalking Zara in hopes that they repeated these pants in great Fall fabrics, but so far no luck.

This is yet another casual look, even though I have a million dressier outfits just begging to be photographed. Half the trouble of outfit posts is finding someone who wants to photograph your outfit. Really, it's a pretty good business idea to be a freelance fashion blog photographer because I'm sure there are plenty of people who would call! Anyways, this whole look came about because I was at my parents house taking jewellery from my mom that she never wears. I scored that lovely gold Hawaiian leaf necklace, some authentic 80's earrings, and some funky brooches. Thanks ma!


Earrings, Belt, and Melie Bianco Fringe Purse from Plum // Kersh Cardigan // H&M Tee // Zara Trousers // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch // White Oxfords from TopShop // Necklace c/o my Mom



Marlee's friend from school was hosting a graduation for her apprenticeship at Rain Hair Salon. Katie Rose took an ordinary hair show concept and turned it into an entire True Blood inspired vampire mini musical. The venue was gorgeous and they'd clearly put a lot of effort into the spooky decorative touches. The drink choices were bleeding vodka drinks with eyeballs or red wine, served by a vampire of course! The mini musical included a dramatic scene of a vampire biting a human, followed by a goose bump filled opera performance by two amazingly talented singers. Thank you again for the invite and for putting on such an amazing show, you are amazingly sweet and talented Katie Rose :)








Now all I want to do is finish True Blood Season 2 and catch up on Season 3!!!!


  1. beautiful blog you have!!Nice pictures and a lovely header

  2. True Blood is awesome ! I would have lived to see that play. You're outfit is cute too.

  3. This True Blood thing looks amazing!
    And your blond friend has a rockin hair cut.

  4. I love the outfit.
    The pants look super comfortable.

  5. wow, that looks like a fun time! I adore that color of Green on ur cardi!!!!

    Oh i think that any live in spouse, via common-law, marriage.. or I guess even people with roomies...

    it should be mandatory that they are the fashion photographers on a daily basis.. just hope they have photo skillz!!

  6. nice pics and clever reference to trueblood in your title


  7. Those pants are a great buy! I don't blame you for wearing them all the time. "I play favourites with my clothing" cracked me up because I do the same thing with my clothes.

  8. Great find with Mom's necklace! ;)

  9. LOL I favour my zara trousers too! but I have the opposite problem because I have at least 3-4 pairs that I keep in rotation, but then every time I go back to Zara, I find more than I want to buy. I seriously think my bottoms outweigh my tops in my wardrobe now, it's a bad imbalance that I should correct by... shopping for more tops! HAHA I love the leaf necklace that you got from your mom! And your dark hair looks great with the green cardigan. Damn you and your hair (again!) Totally know what you mean about the freelance fashion blog photog job.. so don't worry, we'll do more photo walks soon! xo

  10. P.s. that hair show with the vampire/true blood theme looks awesome! great decorating and venue for sure!


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