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posted on: September 28, 2010

I've certainly missed you friends. As I ease back into my regular schedule, I hope to ease back into a regular blogging schedule as well! One of the reasons I've been so preoccupied is because I was a bridesmaid for the first time in Paula and Arlen's wedding.

Being my first bridesmaid experience, I thought I'd share with you some lessons I learned throughout this entire experience...


1) Don't show up late to the bride's house on the morning of the can imagine why.


2) Even spanx will not forgive you in tight satin.


3) Pack a snack for the hours in between the ceremony and reception.


4) Do not guzzle a sour apple martini if you've only eaten a croissant at 8:30 am - you will be drunk. Or, if you are Asian you will be drunk.


5) You MUST bring a sewing kit for emergency repairs.


6) Don't give the flower girl and ring bearer copious amounts of Mountain Dew. They also become drunk. Sugar drunk.


7) Have kleenex handy during speeches, some people really know how to pull at your heartstrings.


8) It's all about the bride...and don't you ever forget that!


9) Your father might be a little bitter if you plan your wedding day on his 60th birthday and first day of retirement


10) Try to fight for a bridesmaids dress that you can wear a bra with...a tough lesson to learn on the dance floor.


11) Even three different kinds of insoles in a pair of shoes cannot make them comfortable.


12) It is SO much fun when it's your friends getting married!!!


13) Photobooths are an awesome investment.




photo booth

Thank you so much to the Osellame's and P & A for such an awesome weekend. Also thank you to Ramesh and Denise for doing such a fantastic job on my hair and make up!

Congratulations again Paula and you both xo


  1. Such a beautiful wedding! The photobooth is a great idea and looks like so much fun.

  2. Looks like it was an awesome time! You all looked lovely (even with spanx and bra issues!!) And love the idea of a photo booth! Good call : )


  3. Awww this looks like it was so much fun. Love the photobooth pics! Adorable!

  4. Wow what a beautiful event! I love your lessons, awww poor daddy on his 60th.. oh well it makes the day extra special.

    Photo booth looks great and love the green shoes you wore!

  5. Two things.
    Love the bridesmaid dress (I've seen really bad ones) and love the hair.

    The photobooth thing is super neat.

  6. I love the photobooth pictures! i'm super jealous of them actually! haha


  7. Oh, and you look seriously stunning. I love the pic of you and Adam!

    And Paula looked lovely on her big day :)

  8. I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired

  9. Love the photobooth! Looks like a beautiful wedding :) You look great girl! I've been a bridesmaid a couple of times, always a ton of fun.

  10. love love love all of it! right down to your rosey asian cheeks!

  11. I love looking at wedding photos, even when I only know one person in them. Everyone looks beautiful.

  12. LOL this was such an awesome post Alicia!!! I love it. Great tips too! Photo booths are indeed the best thing to have at a wedding, looks like you had a lot of fun! xo

  13. You looked amazing in your dress, and your hair was very pretty. As for the shoes i'm not quite sure I agree that they match the dress. I'm sorry but what was the bride thinking when it came to hair and jewellery?


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