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posted on: October 5, 2010

When I heard that The Black Keys were coming to Vancouver I was ecstatic! I have been waiting years to see them live, having missed them a few summers ago in Seattle (still kicking myself about it). The concert ended up being on October 3rd, which just so happened to be my brother's 20th birthday! Seeing one of your favourite bands live on your birthday paid for by your lovely sister? Not a bad gift if I do say so myself!

The opening act was Nicole Atkins and I was very impressed by her vocals and catchy tunes. She was also wearing a really great dress that I tried to capture with a photograph but failed miserably. I'll definitely be checking her out tonight and probably purchasing her cd, she was that good!

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney put on a high energy rock and roll show that keeps you on your feet from start to finish! In a surprising and gutsy move, they started out with a bunch of older songs from their earlier cds and didn't play any of their new material until later on. As Melface and I decided, it's not that we don't like their new cd Brothers, it's just that they have so much older stuff that we'd rather see them perform live. Give us more Rubber Factory and Attack & Release! M
ost specifically I wanted to see them play Psychotic Girl live, but with 8 cds The Black Keys couldn't possibly play everything!

Though it was a great performance, their newest cd isn't my favourite of The Black Keys and therefore I was too stubborn to be in love with the whole show. Everytime they played a new song I was kind of like "oh...". But please don't let me discourage you from seeing The Black Keys live because they really do put on an amazing show!

The Black Keys @Orpheum

The Black Keys

The Black Keys in Vancouver

Again, my videos aren't the greatest but give you a general idea of what the show was like:

I'm such a sucker for sweet concert tees! I love this grey Black Keys shirt, can't wait to style it up :)

concert tee

Tour of the World HAHA

The Black Keys - Your Touch


  1. Hooray for concert tees! Such great memories.

    Now I really wish I went to see them. I heart the Black Keys.


  2. i was curious if they're any good. i might have to see em now!
    giveaway on my blog!

  3. So jealous --- love the Black Keys!

  4. I saw The Black Keys a couple of weeks ago. Loved them!

  5. nicole atkins is amazing. <3 .

  6. oh hello jealousy, my name is Niki.

    TBK are SO RAD! wish I was there. LOVE the tee.



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