the great coat debate

posted on: October 29, 2010

I don't know about you, but I am finding the array of different coat styles this year overwhelming. I want to invest in a coat this season and there are just so many different styles to choose from! The predictions for Vancouver is that we're going to have the worst winter since 1955, so I need to choose carefully.

the great coat debate

1. Feminine Peacoat from ASOS $174 (USD)
A twist on the tired peacoat, I love the full skirt and oversized cuff on this coat!

2. Fur Coat from Urban Outfitters $168
I don't know if I would get enough wear out of a fur coat, but I like the soft and rich look of this UO coat.

3. Blanket Trench Coat from NastyGal $298
Blanket coats just look soooo comfortable and warm! I'm all about grey this season and love the fact that it has a hood!

4. Trench Coat from TopShop $400 (USD)
I've been wanting to invest in a trench coat for a few years now and never seem to find one that I like. The detailing and vintage touches on this trench surely explain its $400 price tag!

5. Cape from Zara $179
Though I found a vintage cape in SF for $30, I honestly wouldn't mind investing in a black one as well. They are the perfect thing to throw on with boots on those rainy Vancouver days.

And so, the hunt continues. Perhaps I can hold out until sale time ;)?


  1. I was going to say wait till Black Friday but you already had Thanksgiving! Maybe drive down to Seattle? I love the blanket coat and cape!

  2. I like the first one best. It looks like it could be the warmest and the most stylish.

    I'm almost tempted to buy a parka type coat from Artizia (for $200). That would be cozy!

  3. Haha, since I live on the OTHER side of Canada, the only coats here that look remotely warm enough to work for winter are 1 & 3! They are all adorable, but 1 is by farrrr my favorite! So cute!

  4. The peacoat is adorable! I have one coat with a skirt bottom and it's always a favorite. The blanket coat with hood is great too. I vote u get more than one, just because the weather is always changing.

  5. I think you need a puffy vest.

  6. As mentioned above, as a Winnipegger now living in Vancouver, those coats definitely will not be warm enough if this is going to be the worst Winter in Van! Get a cute parka!

  7. @Liz oooh Black Friday in Seattle would be so dangerous for my bank account!

    @Shannon Yeah, parkas are a really good option for warmth!

    @Kate LOL I am soo not practical!

    @Ashelle so glad you like it, the first one is my favourite too!

    @Danielle I already own one, I'll have to wear it into the office one day :P

    @Stefanie Yeah I'm thinking too much of the weather now rather than 20 degrees colder!

  8. You should just buy two. If the weather and snow gets as bad as they predict, you might have to layer.

    Really, this is just how I justified buying another coat when I bought a few last year.

    And Front and Co. has a BB Dakota coat that have a similar cut to the NastyGal pic.

  9. I'm really liking capes more and more but I'm not sure if it's someting I cold pull off! You however, can pull of anything!

  10. I vote for #3. That's my fav :)

    Have you tried H&M (downtown on the 2nd floor)? I resisted in buying a couple today. I buy at least 2 or 3 every season. *blush*

    Have a great weekend Alicia :)

  11. Love Love Love #1 and #3...

    I think my purchases are bias hence staff discount.. but atleast $400 lamb skin leather or suede for only $140 is a score!!!

    we should swap staff discounts!

  12. I love coat #3 from NastyGal. I love the slouchy but chic look of it. But with that price tag, I'd definitely wait for a sale. I snagged by Kenneth Cole (at macys) for $140 from $325!



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