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posted on: October 19, 2010

So I'm laying here on a Tuesday night thinking of the million other things that I should be doing rather than blogging. Yet, here I am typing away and writing a post full of guilt. The gym is calling my name, but so is the pizza place down the street. Stay tuned to find out who wins.

Sunday was a gorgeous day in Vancouver, so Adam and I decided to venture out to the English Bay for brunch and a stroll. A lot of the Sea Wall is under construction, which made the usually scenic walk slightly cramped with views of the parking lot. It was fun anyways, lots of people were out soaking up the sunshine and being active. I often wish that I lived in the West End to be that much closer to the water, it's just always so pretty there!

gorgeous fall day


another perfect sunday

creature in the forest


Sweater, Purse, and Hat c/o Plum // Silk Tunic from Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses and Socks from Forever 21 // Boots from DSW

forest walks

He might kill me for this, but East Van T-Shirt from Exhibit // Vintage Pants // Ben Sherman Shoes // Sunglasses from Mintage // Sweater (he doesn't know, he's had it for a long time :P haha)


Who am I kidding? Obviously I'm going to get a slice of pizza!
*UPDATE! I actually didn't get pizza, went to the gym, AND bought some groceries...go me :)

Rah Rah - Cuba/Peru


  1. Yay for pizza! I love your little beanie I am on the hunt for a grey on this fall

  2. Love the sweater and boot combo. Super cute.

    I need to wear more skirts. But I'm afraid I'll be freezing during the fall/winter.

  3. I love how casual and cozy this outfit looks. I must go to Plum to check out their amazing bags!!

  4. Good post! And good call on the pizza! haha I prob would have done the same. Except for the part where you went grocery shopping and went to the gym, I would've just done the first part LOL.

    I LOVE this outfit! The perfect Sunday brunch outfit, that sweater is so cozy looking and you totally rock it well with the sunglasses and hat! Also love the mix of textures with the silk and the knit! Great photos! And love how you snuck Adam in there hahaha you're hilarious.

  5. You look great in your photos Alicia :)

    Isn't the seawall just nuts with all the construction? I normally prefer Coal Harbour.

    Enjoy your day :)


    Ps I love your bag from Plum :)

  6. hahaha why should he kill you? You're getting him all this girly attention ;)

    You guys are too cute!

  7. Ooh I did the seawall on Sunday too! Though I have to admit y'all looked far better than I (and the majority of the other ppl I saw) did :)
    Oh and it's a good thing you guys didn't venture too far because the construction led us to walk on the bike path and apparently no one told the cyclists they would have to share... They didn't seem too happy that we were on their turf :)

  8. Your hair! I love the curls. Another thing I love? English Bay in the sunshine.

    So gorgeous!


  9. I really, really love that cardigan. Not sure why, but I so want it!

  10. Well aren't you adorable. I really love that sweater! Good ol' Plum. Sunday was such a gorgeous day i'm glad you were able to enjoy the sunshine!


  11. I love that you're drinking Hot Starbucks through a straw. I do that too.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  12. Everytime I think about you and pizza I think about that potato pizza we had for your Birthday once, and then I drool...

  13. Love you style! Always so trendy and beautiful!

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