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posted on: October 15, 2010

Twitter worked its magic on me today and basically forced me to go check out the Obakki sale after work. There were racks and racks of clothing at really decent prices. After initially wanting to purchase half the room, I narrowed it down to this rich purple blouse. The v neckline and sheer romantic sleeves are what won me over. It is regular $275 for $50, and most importantly, made in Canada!

The Obakki Warehouse Sale is still on this weekend. More info here.


Last June my mom, brother and I crossed the pond for the first time over to England. A lot of my mom's family is over there and we spent 2.5 lovely weeks in London and travelling the English Countryside. The only reason my dad didn't join us on the trip, is because when we booked it he was still an avid smoker and couldn't handle the thought of a 9 hour flight without a cigarette. I have a feeling that's why my dad had never been to Europe at all (addiction at its finest). Well, since my parents retirement and my Dad making it a year without smoking, they booked themselves a little Euro adventure with another couple. They went to London, Rome, Nice, Monte, Carlo, etc. and brought back some amazing gifts for Tavis and I.

Call me a brat, but I may or may not have "guided" my parents toward my favourite UK boutique. And by guided, I mean maps, pictures, and detailed instructions LOL. My mom was super sweet and even tried the items on to make sure they'd fit me :) Thanks again ma <3


Dahlia item number one is this gorgeous pale blue scarf. It has the most feminine lace details...just adorable!


Dahlia item number two is a cream dress with sheer sleeves (do you sense a pattern with me and sheer sleeves?) The cuffs have fabric bows...enough said!!!


I can't remember where along their travels they got this bracelet, but I like the vintage feel to it.


Looking at their pictures and hearing their stories has me itching to go back to Europe soon. I want to brush up on my french and go to France next and maybe a bit of Italy if there's time. Seems like there's way too much to see and no money to take me there.

Hope you all have a happy Friday xo


  1. That scarf is amazing looking. Ugh I need to go to Europe now! Haha.
    I've been planning on going to France and Italy for years now, but I blew my travel money on a house instead.

    Someday I will go to France... and drink wine and eat cheese! :P


  2. Beautiful purchases, I especially love the bracelet! I wish my parents were savvy enough to shop for me :(

  3. The scarf and bracelet are so pretty. I love how delicate the scarf looks. My dad needs some helpful links for the next time he is in Europe. He travels all of the world with his job and my task is to find great fashion and stores in China and Japan cause he'll be between the two for a month... without direction, I'll just be getting Hello Kitty stuff (I love HK, but would like some other stuff too).

  4. That blouse is beautiful! Great find. And your parents got you such lovely gifts! I want that scarf!!


  5. Those are beautiful pieces.

    Have a great weekend :)

  6. ooo pretty pretty. i loved london when i went back in 2004 but found it a bit overwhelming...small town girl in the big city. anyways, i would love to go again now that i am older and pushier.

  7. Love the rich purple Obakki blouse and the cream Dahlia dress! I'm a sucker for anything light, sheer and flowy :)

  8. WOW! I can't wait to see the entire pieces, they look fabulous :)
    Have a great weekend!re

  9. That Obakki top is sooooo gorgeous (at least what I can see of it). Please post the whole thing! You are making me sad that I didn't go check it out... especially at that price because I know their stuff is amazing quality!

  10. The top from Dahlia looks like heaven in the form of a blouse! Love feminine and pretty.

  11. that top looks amazing! you should post a picture of the whole piece :) xo~


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