Joe Fresh Style VIP Party

posted on: October 18, 2010

I was absolutely honoured to be invited to the Joe Fresh VIP Party as Nicole's (of Le Mode Du Jour) date and photog. We attempted a quick photo walk before the event, but since we were both running late we missed the sunshine. That's just what happens when you're more than fashionably late.

Max & Cleo Dress hair by Marlee

Max & Cleo by BCBG Dress and Structured Bag c/o Plum // Nine West Shoes // Hair styled by Marlee at Axis
all smiles before Joe Fresh!

This particular gathering was to celebrate the Joe Fresh Style flagship store opening in Vancouver at 540 Granville Street. Apparently when J. Fresh throws a party, they really throw a party! I was rubbing elbows with Vancouver's fashion elite, as well as some big fashion players from the East. Bands that had performed in a free outdoor concert on Granville Street earlier in the afternoon were there, even Trevor Linden made a cameo appearance!

shopping...of course

crowd @ The VIP Joe Fresh Party

Eman, Nicole, and Lisa enjoying the party.

Eman, Nicole, and Lisa

My rule is to always leave a party while I'm still having a lot of fun. Amongst the end of the night dance party, I knew it was my cue to leave when model/musician/totally cool chick Irina Lazareanu grabbed my hips and pushed me into a conga line. I can officially cross 'doing a conga line with a super model' off my to-do list in life!!!

Irina is in the black leather jacket pictured below...

Irena Lazareanu dance party

Myself with Joseph Mimran, the Founder of Joe Fresh.
Myself and Joseph Mimran

I had an amazing time at the Joe Fresh VIP Party on Saturday, thank you so much to everyone who was a part of putting on such a great event! Especially Lisa, who made sure I was spoiled with a swag bag on my way out (including a feather down jacket and a mini makeup kit)!

The biggest thanks goes to Nicole who brought me to the party and was the perfect date! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet even more great Vancouverites. Hope to see you all again soon xo


  1. Amazing photos! Looks like you had a lot of fun! :D


  2. Looks like it was an amazing party!
    And your hair looks fantastic in all these shots.

  3. Such a great recap! Love your photos and you looked so cute that night.

    P.S. I danced with Roger and mentioned that you and Adam are taking his class!

  4. hey girl! Just found you via Twitter. Love your style and you are so lucky to have been able to check out this event! Beyond jealous!

    Definitely a new follower. Can't wait to read more! :)


  5. Great photos! I keep seeing this event popping up everywhere on the blogosphere. Loving your hair by the way

    Alexandra xo

  6. Oh my gosh I love Trevor Linden! :)

  7. your hair looks so good! rockin' the middle part. looks like a ton of fun. :)

  8. Stunning! I too love the middle part on you, it looks fabulous!

  9. OMG I just saw that dress over the weekend it looks FABULOUS on you!! so jealous you guys were at this party, great pictures. You looked BEAUTIFUL!

  10. you looked soo cute at the party! love the whole look

  11. Looks like it was so much fun!! You looked gorgeous, lady! Love the hair & the dress!

  12. Alicia, you are absolutely gorgeous!! So glad you ladies had fun!

  13. You looked amazing! Seriously so good. I'm so jealous of your Joe Fresh VIP experience! haha. xo


  14. Hi Darling..
    I really love your dress in this post, you look STUNNING!
    What a lovely blog you have here!
    Let me know if you wanna be followers!

    Love from Stockholm

  15. Thanks for sharing, that event looks like sooo much fun. You looked fantastic. Love the dress and the hair, of course.

  16. Jealous!!! Everything looks amazing!!

  17. I was reading about it on your Twitter feed. It sounded exciting then, and it looks exciting here! Glad you had so much fun!

    Oh, and you looked GORGEOUS!

  18. I love the way you directly get to the point,inspired


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