Shoe Haul & High Heel Training

posted on: November 26, 2010

My "High Heel Training" continues, and I challenge all of you out there to join me! Watch my shoe haul video to see my latest high heel purchases and help me decide if I should keep or return my Jeffrey Campbell wedges.

In the video: Sweater and Pearl Earrings from H&M // Bow Headband from Forever 21 // Ring from Plum // American Apparel California Trooper Nail Polish

*IMPORTANT: The Dakota Group Sample Sale is from November 25th until the 27th, not the 28th as I state in the video. More info here.

To all High Heel Training participants, it is very important that you also bring a pair of flats with you, especially if you are wearing the high heels to the workplace! I recommend Dr.Scholl's new Fast Flats for $14.99. They're a classic black ballerina flat that fold easily into your purse, or they provide a small carrying case. "When you just can't take another step in your heels" ...aint that the truth!
Fast Flats for High Heel Training

Thanks for watching my video and please give me your opinion about the Jeffrey Campbells...I'm so torn!!!


  1. Does the zipper feel weak?

    If you think it'll last I think they're cute!

    And I just got sent a sample of those fast flats I was going to blog about them haha. They really are handy!

  2. I think you need to email them and include your favorite saying at the bottom of said email.

    What, do they have monkeys working for them!?

  3. You are seriously just the cutest! Love your haul videos! And holy shoes - such great buys!! As for the JC's, I think they're adorable - maybe find out if they still have/can send you the tie ones, and if not, I would keep the zip ones! If you like them and can see yourself wearing them! Bummer that your online shopping experience hasn't been positive so far - I've had great luck with the actual items, it's always dealing with UPS that is annoying. UPS & apartment buildings do not get along very well! Gah!

  4. send them back and get them here! (i think these are the ones?)

  5. Yowza, what an awful Solestruck experience! I have to say though, you have some amazing shoes in this haul video. The JC's are okay (I'm not partial to a huge wedge)--take 'em or leave 'em.

  6. @Melissa yeah the zipper is a little sticky
    @Danielle LOL I don't think I'd get much of a response to that...
    @Kate thanks so much darling! Yeah UPS can be the worst!
    @Julie thank you SO much, those are the ones! I'll look into this right away!
    @Lisa I know, no luck with online shopping so far haha. Thanks for your opinion :)

  7. Ok Alicia, YOU are MY hero hahahaha, this was the best shoe haul video EVAR! You're hilarious and I love that bow headband that you're wearing, you look amazing! Sad to hear about the sizing of the JC Ticks. In regards to your 99 dilemma, 1) how much were they? Did you get them on sale? Because depending on the price, it might be ok-worth it to keep them even though they weren't the ones you wanted to begin with. 2) If you really wanted the 99 Tie, then send the zip ones back. Personally, I prefer the tie to the zipper because it just looks better, but that's just my opinion! If you're worried about the lifespan of the shoe because of the zipper too, that in and of itself is probably a good reason to send them back. I say, if you don't love the shoe 110%, then it's a no-go. Hope that helps! And let's hang out soon k? Miss ya! xo


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