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posted on: December 20, 2010

I FINALLY got my life in order and put an outfit post together! It wasn't easy though. If you missed my tweet about it, I had to get my dad to take these outfit photos of me. And if you know my dad, then you know how silly that is.
Dahlia Dress

I have been dying to wear this dress ever since my mom brought it back from London, but it's completely see through!!! My white slip just wasn't helping the matter, and I had almost given up on ever being able to wear this gorgeous dress. Yesterday I had a stroke of brilliance though to try my nude spanx tank top underneath and BAM it totally worked. So glad I could finally wear it and it was perfect for my Sunday activities: The Nutcracker and a Christmas dinner with friends.

Dahila Dress

Dahlia Dress

Dress from Dahlia UK // Necklace and Ring from H&M // Earrings and Purse from Plum
Dahlia Dress


  1. absolutely gorgeous look, found you on chictopia :) great sixties inspiration going on here!!!


  2. Love this Dress - you look gorgeous. Brilliant combination with the pearls!

    Yours Truly

    read me: www.lahteadah.blogspot.com

  3. this is so wonderful. you look gorgeous :)
    Love the accessories you picked with it too!
    Have a wonderful night!
    <3 Kastles

  4. Yay! You look freaking gorgeous.

    Think I could ask Uncle Willy to take my outfit pics on boxing day? haha.

    He actually did a really good job!

    I love this dress and i'd like to borrow it. That and everything else in your closet.

    I can't wait to see you this Christmas so I can give you your gift!!!


  5. Omg I want this dress possibly more than I've wanted anything ever...

  6. What a great look for the ballet. It is gorgeous by itself, but the pearls really add a nice touch.
    No Guilt Fashion

  7. This dress is really cute! I love the pearls. Thanks for introducing me to a new site. I love the dresses!!

  8. Oh my goodness!! I love this whole look! The dress, the hair, the pearls, the ring - everything! You look great! :) Glad you could finally wear it - good idea!

  9. Gorgeous dress! It looks so sweet. Glad you found something to wear underneath! :)


  10. You look like a movie star being photographed by the paparazzi! Haha, atleast your dad knows how to USE a camera. I don't think my dad even knows how to snap a photo. Hahaha. He lacks in the technology department. You're practically repping Plum Clothing in most of your blog posts! They should credit you for all the free advertising! :)

    On the side note, I'm really loving your hair. What do you do to make it wavy?


  11. Hayhay!
    How are you? Your blog is great and I love your style! I'm glad that I've visited yours.

    Please, check mine, & maybe we can follow eachother? + join my giveaway!

    Thanks and love,
    Cindy from www.glamourblog.tk

  12. Love the color love the dress!


  13. Ahh, I had been eyeing this dress on ASOS - soo pretty! Dahlia makes the prettiest dresses! And winter white dresses with black tights is one of my very favorite winter combos! Soo pretty! Love it, lady!

  14. This dress is absolutely stunning!! You really cannot tell that it is see-through from the pictures! I think you did a good job of covering that up. Love it with the pearls and tights. So ladylike and chic for sure! :)


  15. I LOOOVE your dress! It's so pretty!


  16. @Annabeth WOW thanks so much! I guess it is pretty 60's

    @LahTeaDah thank you. It's funny b/c I have never worn the pearls before either and somehow the 2 pieces just went together nicely.

    @laxfashion thx!

    @Melissa I still need to get half your gift...the pressure is on!

    @Kisekae you can borrow it sometime if you want!

    @NoGuiltFashion thanks, yeah it was quite fitting for the ballet!

    @Toya no worries...Dahlia is my favourite!

    @NatalieBrooke thank you darling!

    @Lianna you are the best! I will do a hair tutorial soon, I promise! Hahaha I do wear a lot of Plum but it's because they give me the clothing. I work in their design department and get a clothing allowance :)

    @Cindy thank you! Will do.

    @delia thanks, I love brightening up my winter black and greys.

    @Kate great minds! You should get it! It's perfect to throw on for a party!

    @Kara thank you so much! My mom brought it back for me..she sure has good taste!

    @Lucia thank you :)

  17. you dress incredible. and i love your hair and pearls and all that jazz.
    you just look great(:
    follow for follow?
    check my blog out, im a newbie.


  18. I would have payed a million bucks to watch Willy take these photos....I cant believe you didn't call me prior.

    ps I always explain you as my "stunningly beautiful exotic best friend" to people. Just don't tell the others ;)

  19. wow that dress is gorgeous and SO ARE YOU! i just stumbled upon your blog and its so enjoyable. Following!

  20. love this sophisticated look and the black/white contrast. glad you found a way to wear this lovely dress!


  21. Beautiful. I love the elegance of that dress.

  22. You look amazing! love this dress!:)



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