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posted on: March 20, 2010

Obligatory fashion post.
I blog today because I am bored. So bored, that I am sitting on the couch at my parent's house, trying not to pay attention to the tv because my mom is watching Legally Blonde. Yes, it's true.

I had to come here to do laundry and apparently spend 4 hours doing nothing instead of homework. At least it's only 7pm and there's still hope that I'll do some studying at some point. Clean clothes...I can't wait!
Shayna of Life:Forward gave me a "One Lovely Blog Award", which is so sweet. She recently launched a new look to her site, which looks really great! Definitely go check it out!

I would this time like to pass on the award and mention some lovely blogs you should all be reading...
1. UGottaHearThis is a blog you absolutely must subscribe to if you like indie music. He features one cd per post and writes a bit about the artist, some info on the album, and links to youtube videos so you can preview their music. If you're anything like me and find pitchfork intimidating and slightly pretentious, then UGottaHearThis is for you!

2. If you like fashion, I must warn you that Tieka's blog Selective Potential is beyond addicting. It's a combination of her fascinating Michigan life, her love for her husband Brett, and her amazing fashion sense. She's totally relatable and her photographs are inspirational!
3. My co-worker Danielle started a project called 365 Outfits A Year in which she is photographing her outfit every day this year. The entire concept is really neat and it's pretty fun for me because I photograph her a lot of the days at the design office. Feel free to go check it out and say hello.
4. If you enjoy reading stories of a 20 something girl who just happens to be one of my best friends, then you should subscribe to Kisekae Diary of a Doll. Her stories of dating, nursing, and random adventures are always entertaining and will definitely make you smile!
5. It seems that journalism students have the most captivating way of telling stories. Peach of The Peach Pit is so talented at writing, she always makes me laugh. I recommend her painfully truthful story 'It's Not Like Grey's Anatomy At All', it's worth a minute to read!
Ugh, my stomach hurts, I think I ate too much stir fry. I'm sure it was smothered in butter too...Papa Quan insists on smothering everything in butter. "It's good for you," he says. One time I told him I wanted to start a healthy diet so he came home with an entire apple pie for me. I protested in confusion that I had JUST told him I wanted to eat healthier. He responded by explaining "It's sugar free Alicia, and it has apples in it."
Last night my brother, Adam, and I went to go see Norm Macdonald at Red Robinson Theatre. Red Robinson himself came out on stage to introduce him which was both weird and surprising. He tried to tell some lame lawyer jokes...it didn't quite work out. Norm was a riot though and made me want to go to another comedy show asap! Perhaps in Oregon...are people in Oregon funny?
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posted on: March 11, 2010

Brandi is just sweet as a cupcake and gave me a happy blogger award! To be honest I wasn't going to fill this out but when I went to blog just now all I could think about were negative things to complain about. So, in order to restore the true meaning of happiness into this award, I will instead focus on 10 very random things that make me happy :)

1) When my music is on shuffle, but still seems to know EXACTLY what I want to listen to at that moment!

2) Making people laugh. Not a pity giggle, I mean a real ab-workout, possible tears kind of laugh (and I suppose I also like laughing with them)

3) I love the feeling while running. It's a mix of adrenaline, a slight breeze, and the crunch of my shoes on the ground but there's something so addictive about it.

4) Vanilla Lattes

5) Sleeping in on Sunday mornings...or any morning possible!

6) Wearing a new piece of clothing for the first time because I always have a "vision" for it and can't wait to style it and show it off.

7) Pretty sure that puppies make me happy any day and unless you are Cruella DeVille or allergic, you should agree!

8) I've said this before, but I love summer nights. There's something so nostalgic and carefree about them.

9) Planning vacations, especially with Adam!

10) Watching my students on stage doing the dances that I choreographed and spent all year teaching them. It makes me so proud every time (well nervous and then proud!)
Is it weird that I feel silly passing it along? I think all the blogs I read deserve awards and they probably already get them. You all know I love creepin your blogs already...and so how about just a virtual smile :) instead of the happy award...deal?

Broken Bells-The High Road

I would like to thank the Academy

posted on: March 8, 2010

1) I was absolutely obsessed with Carey Mulligan's whole look, but most importantly her blonde pixie cut and earrings were to die for! She pulls it off like no other, and seriously where can I buy the cheap version of her earrings?
2) Elizabeth Banks came way out of left field for me, but I loved her dress. She was one of the best dressed presenters by far, just stunning!

3) Also not normally a huge Sandra Bullock fan, but she looked so classic and made a really great acceptance speech for Best Actress. She also reminds me a little of Danielle Ciavarro.
4) Diane Kruger looked so beautiful in Chanel last night. Such a classically beautiful dress in Spring's hot neutral colours and ruffles!
5) Anna Kendrick played it a little bit safe, but I'm sure it was her first major Oscar appearance (or was she already recognized for her amazing performance in Twilight? HAHA) I still thought she made the right decision in the blush gown by Elie Saab.
Just had to also comment on the fact that J-Lo and Amanda Seyfried played twins at last night's Oscars. I have a feeling J-Lo will be firing her stylist this morning if she hasn't already done so. Can anyone explain to me why Jennifer Lopez is even invited to such an event? More importantly can anyone name me the last time she had a hit song or movie out?

I now need to immediately watch An Education and Up In The Air.
That is all :)

take this sinking boat & point it home

posted on: March 2, 2010

Reality set in yesterday when I got my accounting midterm back. I don't understand how I am this stupid when it comes to calculating numbers? My Asian genes have seriously failed me. I got an A on my Computer Business Systems midterm (love computers, it was a breeze) and an A on my Small Business Essentials midterm (I am a true entrepreneur). But the embarrassing amount of red pen on my accounting midterm was a slap in the face. I clearly don't understand it and I am obviously too stubborn to try and learn it. I promise you I'm actually smart, I just don't wish to be a boring accountant (no offence to all my accountant friends!) can't I just hire someone to do that for my business one day?

Looks like I'll have to get a tutor...bollocks. To add to the list of sucky, I am beyond broke right now. Bills have caught up to me and now there's so many things coming up that I'll need money for and I don't have it. I never wanted to use my line of credit, but if I want to take a trip this year I don't think I have a choice. That's okay, I'm a student who isn't in any debt...hopefully I have financials semi under control! Just not looking forward to owing the government thousands of dollars again this April, that was the worst!

I finally saw Avatar on Thursday like two months after its been out in theatres. Make fun of that all you want, but the theatre was half full! Adam and I knew we had to see it before the Oscars and on a big screen for the full 3-D experience. I was really dreading this movie because from what I'd seen it just wasn't my cup of tea, but wow I was proven wrong! The whole movie was beyond what I'd imagined and I would actually want to see it again just to look for other small details I missed the first time around. "I see you" ...aww!

I also randomly watched 'Once' the other night because one of my roommates owns it and I'd heard it was pretty good. Sadly I hadn't watched it all these years because I didn't like the cover of the movie. Glen Hansard is amazing...brilliant...two thumbs up! Literally...I laughed, I cried, and I adopted an accent! The whole movie was so fantastic I immediately purchased the award winning soundtrack and have been listening to it on repeat over and over again. Though Falling Slowly is an old single, I had only ever heard The Frame's version, never Glen and Marketa in love! And the music store scene...how amazing was that? I had to rewind it and watch it twice!

My whole outfit was inspired by the always classic nautical theme in anticipation of spring weather. Spring feels so close, I can already hear birds chirping in the morning and the temperature is uncharacteristically high. I can't wait to not have to wear tights with skirts and dress...woohoo for bare legs! I'm sure the boys would agree.

Red Bow Bobby pins from Forever 21 $1.50
Navy Blue and White Striped T-Shirt from Forever 21 $7.80
Grey Over sized Boyfriend Blazer from Plum FREE
Mavi Serena Denim Leggings $50
Lace Up Brown Ankle Boots from Value Village $3.50
Total Cost of this outfit: $62.80

Who says you can't shop on a budget?

Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova-Falling Slowly

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