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posted on: April 27, 2010

"everything you can imagine is real"

my heart is beating & so i'm free

posted on: April 26, 2010

It was exactly 3 years ago yesterday that I was on a date with Prince Charming (you can read about how we met here).
I'm lame and wrote this on his card...

Ha. Ha.
Adam actually drew me another picture and wrote on the back, which is amazing because he's not one to write down his feelings. The card was really cute, something about how 3 years ago he was just a boy excited to call a girl and then ended it by saying he's still just a boy excited to call a girl :)

We agreed on watches as a gift exchange and OMG he got me the most amazing Marc Jacobs watch! I seriously couldn't have picked out anything better myself! He also really liked the Nixon watch a got him...phewf!
I obviously wanted to look nice for our anniversary, but I'm having such a hard time dressing for this weather. It seems too far into Spring to wear tights, but it sure feels early to have bare legs! Oh well, I went for it and rocked a skirt sans tights.
I tried to imitate the hair that Marlee did last week.
The deets on the skirt..airplanes!
Striped Tank Top from Next (England)//Printed Ruffle Detail Skirt from Anthropologie//Vintage Blazer//F21 Accessories//Aldo Shoes
Adam had a $50 GC to the Italian Kitchen so we decided to celebrate there. It worked out perfectly because they gave us a cute table for two by the window. Food was delish but I had one glass too many of the wine. Although, that makes 3 years in a row we've been tipsy on our anniversary...so it's tradition.
Thanks for a lovely weekend Adam and three fantastical years together (aww).
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i feel the rain coming down...it reminds me of who i used to be

posted on: April 23, 2010

Danielle and I did a photo shoot outside, but weather conditions were less than ideal. I really wanted to show off my new Zara trousers. Ha, I just wanted to call them trousers because that's what the website said and I thought it was cute. I went to Zara to return the shoes I bought a while ago and desperately tried to make fit, but apparently my feet didn't shrink this month. I somehow didn't make it into the store within the 30 days they give you to return items...of course. The sales girls in retail terms "made an exception" for me. They wouldn't give me money back or a store credit though, I had to get something of equal or more value.

Of course these pants came up $5 short of the target price, so they sent me searching for something more. Basically, instead of getting money back like I'd originally planned, I left $30 poorer. Figures.
Green Slub Tee & Tan Belt with Gold Studs both from Plum//Pants from Zara//Necklace from Forever21//Shoes from Nine West
Just have to be careful about how you stand in these pants or else you get the illusion of parts that I obviously don't have (sorry if you're turned off Adam hahaha)

I got a really great (and slightly embarrassing...in a good way) surprise at work today. Someone buzzed the office because he had flowers for Alicia. I was confused and forgot there was any special occasion coming up and got totally red in the face about the whole thing. The guy handed me a beautiful bouquet with a card that read Three Years! Love, Adam.

Thanks Adam, can't wait to do an unnecessarily mushy post about our 3 years together ;)

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10 spring date ideas

posted on: April 22, 2010

photo from weheartit.com

I’m feeling super in love today because it’s sunny and it’s our 3 Year Anniversary this Saturday (ahh please don’t run away Adam :P) So when Tieka did a post about Spring Date Ideas I was impressed and greatly inspired. How on earth, had I never thought to do a post about date ideas??? Everyone needs date ideas. Those in relationships need date ideas to spice up their dates and break out from routines. Those who are single need a rolodex of date ideas in case the opportunity arises. Ugh, the worst when the guy gets you to pick the second date’s activities and you can’t seem to think of ANYTHING fun. Also, those of you who could care less about relationships could use these ideas with friends. It doesn’t have to be romantic...just no making out!

Here are 10 of my favourite Spring Date Ideas...

1. Drive-In Movie

To tie in my love for everything vintage these days, I was thinking it would be adorable if you both dressed up from a different era and went to a drive in movie. You could even go to a diner before hand for dinner and milkshakes! It’s ideal if you can somehow get your hands on a pickup truck because snuggling with blankets under the stars is so romantical!
For Vancouverites, our only drive in theatre is in Langley at 260th & Fraser Highway. Admission is $12.

2. Pull an All-Nighter

I did this once with my friend’s youth group (yes, I said it) and it was super fun. You can pre-plan a bunch of activities at places that are open all night like bowling, arcades, etc. It would also be fun to go get food in the middle of the night and it doesn’t necessarily have to be something like Denny’s. For those of you who are local you could try The Naam in Kits! I’ve rarely done it because I’m never up early enough, but you could also plan it out so that your date ends in the perfect spot to watch the sun rise.

3. Hike & Picnic

This is so classic, yet I don’t think I’ve ever done this on a date. If you live in the Lower Mainland you have a ton of scenic hikes to choose from for anyone from amateurs to experienced hikers. I found a list of trails here.
Packing a picnic lunch is so cute and this date is so awesome because it incorporates exercise and being active!

4. A Photo Walk Together

This date is very simple and has the potential to be completely free. To begin, both people pick a location that they feel would be great for photo taking. You can have any criteria, depending on whether you like nature shots, fashion photography, city shots, etc. You then travel to each location and take photos together. It may sound boring, but it’s actually really fun to be creative and try to spot creative photo opportunities.

5. The Zoo/Aquarium

I don’t know why humans are still so fascinated with seeing animals and fish moving around in cages, but we are. So a trip to your local zoo or aquarium is actually a really fun date. For those of you here, the Greater Vancouver Zoo is $20 and the Vancouver Aquarium is $22. If you’re broke like I am, I’d suggest packing your lunch!

6. Be a Tourist in Your Town

Perhaps you’ve lived in the same town your whole life, or maybe you are just getting to know the area you currently live in. Either way, it’s always a fun idea to go do something super touristy in your own town. For Vancouverites, something like Capilano Suspension Bridge or UBC Botanical Gardens works.

7. Have a Laugh

I am a firm believer that laughter keeps relationships alive, so take a moment to share something funny together. Comedy Clubs are a great way to do this. One of my favourite places for a good chuckle is the Improv Theatre on Granville Island, which you could incorporate with a nice dinner beforehand. You could also go see a funny play, or a funny movie depending on what is playing at the time.

8. Camp Out

Remember when you were a kid and camping was the most exciting event EVER? Why not have a camp out for two?! You could pack everything up and head out to a nearby campground or you could even set up the tent in your own backyard! It’s obviously ideal if you can have a fire because roasting s’mores and hot dogs (for those of you who eat meat) is a blast! If you’re not as poor as I am, you could do a date like this in luxury by going on a weekend trip to a cabin or B&B. The islands on the Sunshine Coast are a beautiful spot for those trips.

9. Cook an Entire Meal Together

Most of us love food and many of us don’t take the time to cook an entire meal for dinner. My idea is to choose some recipes and make a whole meal together. Appetizer, Main Course (meat, potatoes, veggies) and dessert. This will take a ton of time, but the results will be deliciously gratifying. If you’re a couple that lives together and always make meals together you could put a twist on this and try a new recipe, take a cooking class together, or perhaps make your own alcoholic drinks for the night!

10. Step Outside Of the Box

Many people stick to routines and rarely take a moment to step outside of the box. Doing an activity that you have never tried before that maybe even scares you, will create a special bond with those you share it with. I’m of course thinking of things like bungee jumping in Whistler or getting tattoos, but it doesn’t have to be so extreme. It could be as simple as trying a new type of food or going rollerblading (because some of us are scared of standing on wheels.)

All of these dates are just starting points to get you guys going on a fabulous day or night out together. I just hope I can get you out on a fun adventure xx

& if you smell those omens man///i think you better run

posted on: April 21, 2010

I just decided to sort through all the papers all over my room (literally all over...in bags, in boxes, on desks, in purses, etc.) to get a head start on this whole packing up my life and moving thing. As I was sorting/reading some Christmas cards, I happened to stumble upon a $50 bill which I laughed about out loud for a good two minutes in disbelief. As I'm still stewing in the glory of finding 50 bucks out of the blue, I opened the next card to find a $20 bill. The lesson here kids, is if you're as messy as I am with your filing, you may just find $70 in old Christmas cards....it's true!

I would like to take a moment to introduce you to my new cupcake ring. This little gem caught my eye while shopping with Melissa at Barefoot Contessa on Commercial Drive. The entire line is based on an Alice in Wonderland theme, which was so cute I could barely choose just one! I think the packaging is what lured me in...
We also need to talk about the hair genius that is Miss Marlee. This girl is all "oh hey, why don't you just come in for a haircut on Sunday?" and then transforms my mufasa mane into the most amazing hair cut/style I've ever received.
The best part? It cost me $10.
Yep, if you go to JC Studios in Gastown you can get a cut & style from a student for only $10! They are all so talented, it's such a steal!

I took my gorgeous new hair out for a spin...err a walk around Gastown and some of the seawall.
Randomly chose Kasabian's 2004 album as my "city walk soundtrack"...perfection!
Don't even pretend that you don't like the ghetto trash bin/abandoned bbq in the background...
Adam and I had some eats and jazz at The Main on Main Street...yum!
Randomly the 'E' on my keyboard is stuck today...this is not good. It's already driving me bonkers! How do I fix?
Kasabian-Cutt Off

PS As far as I know, I have 6 people signed up from my post challenging you to become a registered organ donor. I'm so proud of all of you, keep it up peeps and tweeps :)

a monday morning message

posted on: April 18, 2010

I received an invite to a BC Transplant fundraising event in my email last week. It was supposed to be an event that Eva Markvoort would speak at (like she did last year) but since her passing in March, the event was being held in her honor.

Before Eva passed away I had never given very much thought to organ donation. I wasn't against it, and if you asked me if I would want to give up my organs after I die I would gladly answer yes. So why on earth had I never signed up?

To be honest, I just don't think I'd ever thought of it, which is a huge wake up call about transplant awareness. I purchased my ticket to the fundraiser and immediately went to the Transplant BC website to sign up to become an organ donor.

At the event on Saturday I was able to meet Eva's sweet mother who gave a lovely speech about how transplant changed Eva's life. There was also an adorable woman who spoke from the other perspective about her son who died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage and she ended up getting a letter saying her son's organs had saved 5 lives. She read aloud the letters she received from the organ recipients and their families (which brought everyone to tears). The fact that her son saved these people brought happiness to the tragic events and helped bring her closure.

I can't remember the exact numbers, but something like 59% of Canadians have said that they are for organ donation, but only 17% are registered organ donors. It is so frustrating to know that the information and expertise is there, but the resources are not. I now know 2 people who have died waiting for an organ transplant, and that is just unacceptable to me!

I was so inspired that I have challenged myself to get 10 people to sign up as organ donors. I'm not asking you to give money or volunteer your time. All I ask is that you take 2 minutes to go online and sign up to become an organ donor (you only need basic info and a Care Card #).

So far I've only gotten one person to sign up, but I'm working on 4 others who will hopefully sign up in the next few days. How could you say no to potentially saving lives?
TransplantBC...go and sign up now! (and if you do please let me know and spread the word!!!)

something to make you smile...happy friday!

posted on: April 16, 2010

Abel says hello :)

louder than sirens...louder than bells//sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell

posted on: April 15, 2010

Last July I wrote a little post about a Miss. Florence Welch that I had discovered and couldn't stop listening to. Her cd 'Lungs' was by far the best cd I heard in 2009, and I recommended her to everyone I knew. I even promoted Florence to strangers (it's true, one drunk night I got some girl to download 2 songs on her iPhone because she'd never heard of her).
I was a little bit nervous before the show because when I love a cd THAT much, if her performance was mediocre maybe I would never see the cd in the same light.

Florence made us wait anxiously while they set up her stage, which included floral arrangements and a beautiful harp. She finally came out wearing a sexy all black outfit with beaded embellishments and a Cleopatra style headdress.

Honestly, Florence put on the best show of my entire life (and I've probably been to 50+ concerts). She has an even better voice than her cd lets on, if that's even humanly possible. At 23 years old, she looks like she has more performing experience than many of the other artists I've seen live. She played most of her Lungs album, and with just the right amount of change to make them exciting all over again. Florence spoke about how she got her hair done in Vancouver and ate some sushi (which I have on a video that I'm too tired to upload right now) and had a lot of crowd involvement. At one point she had all of the Commodore Ballroom jumping up and down dancing around just like her. Then 10 minutes later, when I thought it was impossible she could be any cooler, she went crowd surfing.

I fully admit that I was that annoying girl that sang every single lyric to every single song. My arms were covered in goosebumps the entire performance and I still feel like I can barely describe the experience to you. I had the time of my life!!!

Here is a little taste of the amazingness that is Florence + The Machine, with a video of the end of her song 'Drumming'. This was one of my favorite moments of the concert because I obviously LOVE this song, but she rocks out at the very end and kills it.

If you ever pass up the opportunity to see Florence perform live, I might have to punch you in the face. And if you don't know her music yet, then go to YouTube RIGHT now and preview some of her songs. SHE IS THAT GOOD xx

Florence + The Machine-Drumming Song

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