the most beautiful colours chase the sun

posted on: May 29, 2010

I know I sounded pretty emo there for a moment, but seriously thank you all for such kind words and well wishes. I thankfully feel much better now and am currently relaxing in bed (my Saturday jealous?)


I am especially pleased to report to you that I have been promoted at work! I started out three years ago as a 'junior stylist', a title that I hated because everyone thought I was a hair dresser. Not that there is anything wrong with being a hair stylist, it was just annoying to explain to everyone what I did for work. I am now a part of the marketing team and I think I've decided on the title 'Online Marketing Specialist'. Fancy, right?


The promotion has forced me into full time hours and puts the brakes on my plans to speed through my last ten courses in school. As of right now I am working 36 hours a week at the office, teaching dance 9 hours a week and taking a 3 hour night class. Perhaps that explains my meltdown(s)? I need to delete something for seems like the best option. Maybe a distance course? That way I can do the work when it is most convenient for me. Sorry...thinking out loud.


I took my brother shopping today and we spent a bunch of his money. If there's anything I like more than spending my own money, it's helping someone else spend theirs. He ended up with plaid chino shorts and grey chino pants from Club Monaco, some basic tees from Old Navy, and a vintage inspired Adidas tee from Plenty. We are going out again soon to hit the boutiques in Gastown and Main Street. He has never been shopping in Vancouver before...can you believe it?


Last night was great fun at Venue on Granville Street. I hadn't been there since it was the old Plaza, where I'd had such a bad experience I swore I'd never be back. But clearly it's trying to change itself into a cool place for bands to play. Last night was Local Natives who I sooooo l-o-v-e! If you weren't there I am telling you right now that you missed out, but hope is not lost. They claim that they'll be back in the fall woot woot!


They were awesome live, they sound just as good if not better than their Gorilla Manor album!


Local Natives-Sun Hands

Sex & The City Giveaway Winner!

SATC giveaway winner

Congratulations to Shayna who won 2 tickets to On Location's Sex & The City Tour in New York City. The tickets never expire and are an $84 USD value!

Thank you again to On Location Tours for providing such an amazing giveaway to my blog readers. Like I said, I've been on their SATC Tour twice and had sooo much fun! I hope to go to NYC again soon and when I do, I'll for sure be checking out their Gossip Girl tour!!!!

Love and thanks to all of you who participated in the giveaway :)

just so you know...

posted on: May 26, 2010

i love you polaroid

Commercial Drive between Broadway and 7th you can see a small window into downtown. This is where Adam first said he loved me!
Next time you pass it make sure to take a look, it's a gorgeous view in the daytime and at night xx

Sex & The City Tour Giveaway

posted on: May 21, 2010

SATC Giveaway NEW

TGIF...I am so happy to announce my very first blog giveaway.
In honour of the SATC 2 movie coming out next week, I am giving away two tickets to the New York Sex & The City Hotspots Tour, which is an $84 USD value! The tickets never expire so you can use them any time you find yourself in NYC (which happens surprisingly often, trust me). I have actually been on this tour twice myself and it is soooo much fun, I highly recommend it!

Some of the Tour Highlights Include:

Shop at the store where Charlotte bought her "Rabbit"
Stop at "Scout," the bar owned by Aidan
Enjoy cupcakes like Carrie and Miranda
Go on location to the art gallery in SoHo where Charlotte worked
Shop at the hottest boutiques & stores in Greenwich Village
Visit Buddakan, site of Carrie and Big’s wedding rehearsal dinner
See new locations from Sex and the City: the Movie

To Enter, simply leave a comment with your email address and which Sex & The City character you think you are most like. For example, I am very much a Carrie. The contest ends Friday May.28th at 10 pm, when the winner will be picked at random and contacted by email.

Good Luck :)

oh to see it with my own eyes

posted on: May 17, 2010

Here it is, the beginning of Aliciafahionista Photography.

Yesterday I thought I'd test out a Flickr account to decide whether or not it was worth it. I love the larger size of photos and the faster upload. Blogger, how you've caused me so much grief trying to upload pictures over the years! I haven't even begun to try and figure out camera settings but I was fooling around with the cam this weekend.

This is Abel looking adoringly at food. Abel is always hungry...
Abel loves food

Abel sees some food!

Austin feels the same way about food, especially cheese. He loves cheese!

"what's this?"

Saturday was a delight because I had a long awaited hang out with my cousin Melissa. She offered to come out my way, but I know she drives out to Vancouver all the time to see Mike so I told her I'd come out to see her instead. It worked out perfectly because we spent the evening in White Rock and watched the sun go down!

Had to do outfit pics by the tree. In case you care, this is what we wore:

hands in pockets

looking away

I am loving Melissa's trench from The Gap! I'm adding it to my must-haves.
love The Gap trench!

Going to White Rock without getting ice cream is a CRIME! This was Mel's photo idea and it turned out so well. A little bit of a vintage feel.

ice cream is essential

We were both carrying too much on our walk, it was such a process every time one of us took a picture. Total girls about it!

girls...we juggle so much!

sun setting

cousins in White Rock

Hopefully you all love the new picture quality! I think I'll just pay for the Flickr, what's another $30 on the credit card?

Local Natives-Wide Eyes

A piece of BC History

posted on: May 11, 2010

Growing up I always felt left out because my friends had grandparents who were super young and lively. When I was born in '86, only my Nana was left. It was a tough time for my parents, my dad lost both of his only a few years apart and my mom lost her father while she was pregnant with me. Though my grandma was alive, a big part of her died with my grandpa and the 20ish years that I knew her was basically her downfall. Nana was always old and frail. She slowly gave up all her interests, first it was baking, then sewing, then knitting, then gardening, and soon she did nothing but crosswords and watch Jeopardy. It's very sad when you think about it, but she once told me that I kept her alive for all those years, which obviously meant a lot.
It's unfortunate that I didn't live the way that my friends did with their young grandparents, but if anything I think it makes me far more curious about who my grandparents were.

This is when my grandparents had just arrived in Vancouver (I think 1947?) Apparently a lot of people have this same photo because someone was taking and selling street photographs.

The day Jim Knight and Joan Lancaster became Mr and Mrs Knight

I love this picnic photo!

Nana in the snow, I believe somewhere in Northern BC

Ahh yes, the terrifying bear rug. My grandpa donated it to a museum and my mom swears she saw it once in Chilliwack

Proud parents in Kamloops 1951 with their first son, Vince

Another photo that I adore

Valleyview, 1951

The legend is that they were so isolated in Kamloops, that Vince started to bark before he started to talk, since his only friend was a dog.
Thought this BC sign was super cool!

A work party in Evelyn, B.C.

Grandpa's Business in Kamloops

Mom and Ron in Kelown 1961. The Ogopogo looks a little bit dated :P
Their house in Surrey, BC. Look at their car...obsessed!

Otis Redding-These Arms Of Mine

my nine to five

posted on: May 6, 2010

I don't normally talk about it here on le blog, but today I feel like sharing with you some aspects of what I do for work (well one of my jobs anyways). I work for a local clothing company as their "junior stylist". Hardly junior, I have now been employed with the company for five years, and working in the design department for three years as of June. Since it's a small company, I get a ton of hands on experience in marketing such as press releases, their twitter account, and if I'm lucky...advertisements! I also put together the style books of the company's designs each season, create all trends and product knowledge projects, and make all their in-store signage.

My favourite part of the job lately has been the styling. Up until a few months ago I had to choose outfits, dress them on a mannequin, photograph them, and post them to the web. This was fun at first, but after a while you realize that dressing a mannequin is an absolute pain. After years of asking for it, I was finally allowed to search for my own real live model and if she passed the test shoot then they'd consider using her for all website photos.

It was easier than I imagined finding someone, since I simply used my social network to post an ad and got quite a great response. We ended up hiring Erin, who is not only gorgeous and super enthusiastic, but she also loves fashion and is very stylish herself!
Here is a small sample of some of the photos we've done so far...

She looks so stunning in this Max & Cleo dress!
I'm definitely getting these white earrings...
I have this dress in!
Does this dress look familiar? It's just like the white one Sarah Jessica Parker wears in the ads for the new Sex and the City movie!
I can't decide whether I need this blouse or not, and I really want this skirt but do I really NEED another skirt?
I have to get this's only $35!
I have this boyfriend blazer too in grey haha wow I have a shopping problem!
I think this is one of the prettiest pictures of Erin so far!
I love the lime green and papaya colour combo, the necklace was Erin's idea.
This look always makes me wish I was on a beach somewhere!
There are tons more photos here.

Completely unrelated to my work, I have to say congratulations to my best friend who was hired today for an amazing job and is finally starting her career/path to fame and fortune. After the "alleged" Olympic incident this year (a whole other story) and obviously for her hard work and talent, she totally deserves a break like this! Heart <3


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