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posted on: June 30, 2010

Hello, my name is Alicia and I am obsessed with Twitter.

It seems as though my social networking is building a spiderweb of lies. Okay, they're not lies...but it's a hell of a lot to keep up with! Twitter started as an innocent curiosity and a social push to join the "newest" site that everyone else was on. At first I didn't get it. Who cares to hear what I'm doing? Oooh I'm eating a sandwich. Now I'm opening the door. Just saw a dog. BOOOORING.

But it's not like that! Oh, why can't you see that it's so much more than that?! I have made Twitter friends (high fives to all of you), I get informed of breaking news stories literally as they're happening. I hear about all the best events going on around town and most importantly, upcoming concerts with my favourite artists. There is always word of the latest sales, promotions, job opportunities, and obviously there's a ton of funny quotes...140 characters or less! Now to add to the list of reasons why Twitter is currently rocking my world, I simply retweeted a contest that The Commodore's Twitter account had posted and BAM I have a direct message 30 minutes later that I've won. I WON. Good Lord, I don't think I've won anything in my life. No, that's a lie (the web continues to build...) I once won second place in an Art Knapps colouring contest. I got meself a nice Beauty and the Beast poster, thank you very much!

The tickets were to a Jazz Festival show at The Commodore including The Heavy, Kid Koala, and The Slew. I will admit to you that I didn't know much about The Heavy except for a few liked songs and of course the famous Kia commercial (scroll down for the YouTube vid) but they were great live!! I will 100% be purchasing their cds and dancing the night away to them!
I'll save the long thank you speech and simply say thanks to the Commodore and to all the wonderful performers last night! Later Taters.
WON tickets on Twitter!

The Heavy at Commodore


The Heavy at Commodore

my happy dance

Brandi and I

Commodore crowd

car free day on the drive - in photos

posted on: June 29, 2010

Car free day was over a week ago...so what? If you've never been then you're a silly bear. Watch for more Sunday Car Free Days on Commercial Drive, Main Street, and Kitsilano this summer!!!

This dog is so East Van, he will eff you up! Seriously though, one of my favourite Commercial Drive pups!
favourite commercial drive dog

A ton of people blowing bubbles that day...very strange yet wonderful!
adam and bubbles

Where all the World Cup action is!

Live music tuuuuuuuuuba

I bet if Adam and I wore our Waldo and Carmen Sandiego costumes on Car Free Day it would be a hit!

car free day

Had my first Paparazzi moment when I spotted Amanda from "Ready Or Not". Totally loved that show as a kid, remember Amanda and Busy back in the 90's?

And yes, I bought a Welcome To East Van Shirt (amongst other things). It lists 3 streets I've lived on, so I think I have enough street cred?


Phoenix - Fences

even though you left me here i have nothing left to fear

posted on: June 25, 2010


I woke up this morning to a blank cell phone. My Blackberry flip is just a white screen with an error message. Does my BB not realized that I have a phone addiction? I am having withdrawals here!!! I keep picking it up and checking it, but it's the same white screen and error message. Rogers sent me an email about how to fix it that is only about oh, 50 steps long. I just can't wait to dive into that disaster tonight LOL


On a much happier note, it looks like my vacation-less year is turning around. My dad called yesterday about a random cousin getting married in Frisco on the September long weekend. Flights are super cheap, $150 or something? Maybe cheaper if we fly out of Seattle...gotta check it out. Anyways, Adam will come too and my whole family, perhaps some cousins. I have to warn Adam about my family on a vacation...it's a very different experience. My dad is already stressing out about a rental car, suggesting he'll drive down before we all fly down there to save money on the rental car? Which sounds ridiculous to me, since gas and accommodations seem like they'd be far more expensive then renting a car for a few days? Haha oh dear. I'm so happy to have an end of the summer workout goal, as well as something to look forward to (don't worry Paula, I am excited about your wedding too!!!!)


It's so funny that this year Adam and I were making a conscious effort NOT to plan too many weekend trips. We wanted to just relax this summer and enjoy our new apartments and the East Van life. Of course, things are booking up quickly and unfortunately a lot of events are overlapping. Including one party in particular that I'm furious I have to miss :( Why must important events fall on the same day?


While we're talking about weekend trips, my friend Kadie does her birthday in Whistler every year and this will be my third time attending. Each time it's a different theme and this year it's "Tight and Bright". Unfortunately kind of a vague theme, so Brandi and I went out shopping for it the other day. It was definitely a challenge, especially since our go-to store American Apparel was into pastels this spring instead of neons. We totally got sucked into buying 3 nail polish colours from AA though, they were to die for! You'll be seeing them in posts to come for sure. After an long search, we both ended up getting dresses at Forever 21, which are more bright and less tight because we'd still like to be comfortable!


What is everyone up to on Canada Day? I just realized I wasted my red and white dress yesterday...only one week away from when I should have worn it. I'm so silly! I'll have to bring out some of my Olympic gear instead. Red mittens in July anyone?


Dress, Tank, and Belt Plum // Ring Forever 21 // Purse Value Village // Boots Steve Madden

I hope you don't mind a few more fashion posts than usual. I'm trying to put this new camera to good use and I bought so many summer outfits, I might as well share them with you! It's actually perfect trying to get outfit shots after work on a sunny day because then it gives us an excuse to go for a nice walk. It really helps to go for a walk after work and forget all the troubles of your day. And it feels good to get moving before dinner! We obviously stopped to watch the dogs swimming for a few minutes. Well the dogs and one random foreigner who thought it was a good idea to swim in Trout Lake? Questionable decision...


Civil Twilight - Letters From The Sky

the coral of the story

posted on: June 23, 2010

I made the mistake of going into Barefoot Contessa on Sunday. It was a mistake because I rarely leave there without making a purchase. While browsing around, this Nick and Mo romper caught my eye, especially because it was on sale (God I love a good sale!) I jumped into a conversation that two of the employees were having about customers who think they look good in something and they totally don't, so you feel it necessary to talk them out of purchasing it. Anyways, they were super friendly and mid convo I realized one of them was wearing the romper I was interested in. That was the deciding factor, I had to at least try it on!
new romper
As you can see from the pictures, I obvs bought the romper AND the sunglasses. My other black sunglasses broke and it's absolutely necessary to own a pair of black framed sunnies!

Later that night, someone tweeted at me asking if I'd been in Barefoot that morning. One of the girls I'd spoken with in the store had recognized me!!!!!! Eeeee, it totally made my day! I have always wondered if anyone in Vancouver recognizes me from my blog or Twitter or any of the other 50 million social networks I'm a part of. People...if you ever see me out and about don't hesitate to ask if it's me (because it is LOL) No really, don't be shy I would love for you to say harro :)

new romper
Nick and Mo Romper and Sunnies from Barefoot Contessa // Necklace from Urban Outfitters // Turquoise Ring from Riot // Sandals from Old Navy

A round of applause for Adam who was sweet enough to take these photos of me. He is so cute when he's a photographer! The last photo was his idea to change angles. He had to climb on top of his smelly hockey bag to get the shot...well done!

new romper

The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio

& in love is how i hope i die

posted on: June 22, 2010

Kits Beach all smiles

Having this wicked cold/cough that is going around, combined with these less than ideal weather conditions, I need to take a moment to concentrate on what makes me happy. Mostly because I rely on the summer weather to lift my spirits every year...I need more Vitamin D!!! Also, this year Adam and I didn't go on a big sunny vacation and even though we've been on a few weekend trips, I can't shake the stress of work and school for only a few days. I literally need to be on a beach in a different country for a week to feel detached from my responsibilities!!!!

Yesterday I went to Chapters and purchased "The Hormone Diet" by Dr. Natasha Turner (as recommended by Laura and Stacey.) Of course, I am now kicking myself that I didn't purchase this book months ago when they'd mentioned it! I'm only on Chapter 1, but I can already tell that this book is exactly what I need at this moment. I need to find a balance.

So my goals this week are:

1) Try not to complain about the weather (please ignore the above paragraph about it :P)
2) To get at least 8 hours of sleep a night
3) Do something relaxing (have a bath, do a yoga class, read outside, etc.)
4) Walk to work
5) Make my lunches the night before

Sounds easy enough, but I tend to get so busy that I ignore the simple things. I'll let you know how the rest of the book goes, but so far I really like it. Not even necessarily to lose weight, but to just feel healthier.

I believe I am a lot like you and the many people out there who simply want to
be healthy, without becoming a "health nut."
-Dr. Natasha Turner

Paolo Nutini-Coming Up Easy

we've been living life inside a bubble

posted on: June 20, 2010

It feels like life has moved so quickly in the last few years. Friends are buying houses, getting married, and now having babies. We're growing up so quickly!!!!

Adam's friend Tracy is pregnant with twins and her baby shower was on Saturday at Hume Park in New West. I arrived to this table of cupcakes that Laura's youngest sister made. Umm...amazing? She needs to do this for a living!
baby shower 030new

baby shower 032new

I still can't believe she's having twins...it seems surreal!
baby shower 035new

The weather on Saturday was so perfect for an outdoor event.
baby shower 050new

Tracy's boyfriend Cory has a daughter with a previous girlfriend. She is sooo cute!
baby shower 057new

Gifts for the babies!
baby shower 071new

The family
baby shower 080new

McKenna helping Liz out with that sunscreen!
baby shower 089new

What a great turnout
baby shower 095new
baby shower 097new

Trace and McKenna opening gifts
baby shower 116new

Loved this tree
baby shower 135new

Thanks Adam for the close up of the umm...cupcake
baby shower 142nw

Green icing stache
baby shower 144new

nom nom nom
baby shower 146new

Laura and McKenna being silly
baby shower 166new

Ring toss, some game from Ontario
baby shower 173nw
It was wonderful to see Tracy so pregnant and to see all of Adam's friends. I can't wait until she pops out those two little cuties so that we can all meet them :)

Coldplay-High Speed

my ideal night out with the girls

posted on: June 18, 2010

I LOVE a night out with my ladies. Getting dressed up, drinks, good food, and CHATTING! So much girl talk happening, it's like our 4 hour phone convos come to life! I have to say though, that I feel as though I've grown out of the Granville Street club scene. I much prefer live concerts to top 40 djs, and a low key bar than a pretentious club.

Last night we went to The Opus in Yaletown for the Nicole Bridger SS10 fashion show and then over to the Yaletown Cactus Club for eats. I met other Vancouver bloggers and tweeters, I got to catch up with my best friends, and I spent $20 total. Now THAT is my ideal girl's night out :)

It was so lovely meeting Lisa of SoloLisa. She is so genuinely nice and you can tell she is incredibly smart and of course, fashionable! It's always great seeing Carolina of Closet Full of Nothing (we have been friends since high school) and meeting her fab friends!
opus show 010new

We were discussing how much Brandi looks like an adorable little doll. We're going to send her picture to a Japanese magazine (no serious, Carolina knows some people)
opus show 011new

I love the lounge at The Opus hotel in Yaletown. I stayed there one weekend with Adam and it was so amazing, I would love to one day stay at their Montreal location. Okay the truth is I just want to go to Montreal. Brandi, could you put me in contact with Moneybags? Just kidding :P
opus show 013new

Miss. Melissa resting her sore feet waiting for the show to start!
opus show 034new

Nicole Bridger's SS10 line was very nice, my favourites were the cocoon sweater and the sheath dress. Check out her website for the complete collection, their pictures are a touch better than mine ;)

opus show 015new

opus show 016new

opus show 020new

opus show 026new

opus show 033new

I made all 4 of us do outfit pictures and then forgot to ask where everyone got their outfit pieces from! When Melissa does her blog post I'm sure you can find out where she got hers!

opus show 041new

Chantelle...you made it on the blog! She didn't want to do an outfit photo...don't be shy :)!

opus show 044new

Dress from True Value Vintage, Necklace Urban Outfitters, Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch, Purse from Plum, and Kenneth Cole shoes.

opus show 036new

I'm sure B's entire outfit is from England because she lived there last summer and bought all things adorable with bows there!
opus show 039new

I am now drunk and it's Friday and I'm going to watch Saved By The Bell and eat Amy's delicious microwaved chocolate cake. Yes, you read that...she cooks it in the microwave. It comes with chocolate macadamia nut ice cream as well. YUM!

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