i am no good for you // i'm seeing ghosts in everything i do

posted on: July 29, 2010

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I'm going to do things slightly differently and fast forward this outfit as Day 21, even though it was actually Day 23. Some of you may consider this a lie, but I really like to think of it as internet magic.

Since my photos have been non-existent for the past few days, I was super excited when Nicole of Le Mode Du Jour asked to meet up last night! It was the perfect opportunity for both of us to hang out in person and catch up on outfit photos. We grabbed a Starbucks and had a lovely photo walk around Commercial Drive. I took some amazing photos of her, but then again it's not so difficult when you had such a gorgeous model! You can see some of the pictures of her outfit here. She's just sooo sweet and adorable in real life and I'm super happy we were able to finally meet :)

I'm off to my friend's boyfriend's lacrosse game. Yes, you read that right...I'm voluntarily going to a sporting event. What do you wear to a hot and sweaty lacrosse box? Wait, more like what do you wear to a hot and sweaty lacrosse box when you only have 25 things to choose from?

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Bracelets from Forever 21 // Marc Jacobs Watch
Photos by Nicole

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Sia - Buttons

little vision come shake me up // shake me up

posted on: July 27, 2010

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I read today on Vancity Buzz that Vancouver was voted one of the top beach cities in the world by National Geographic. Based on the backdrop of these photos, it would be hard to disagree! Spanish Banks on Sunday was so unbelievably gorgeous, I don't even think I can accurately describe it to you. The tide was out so far we had to walk for a few minutes just to reach the water. Though it was super hot, a slight breeze made for a comfortable temperature. Even the water was warm and perfect for swimming! Seriously, I think I could sell some of the scenery photos I took as post cards...it was THAT amazing.


My idea for this outfit was obviously beach inspired, please don't think that I'd ever go pant-less to the grocery store :P I was so excited to incorporate something from my 30 for 30 into beachwear! The hat was a purchase a few months ago that I had, of course, not worn yet. But see, another perk of the challenge is that I'm forced to dig out those items that would normally be lost in a drawer somewhere.



Hat and Bracelet from Plum // Joe Fresh Nail Polish


I tried to take an artsy picture of Adam's tattoo that he got right when we started dating. He's been wanting to get another one ever since, and I've been meaning to get one for years. I just can't quite settle on what I want for sure and it's such a permanent thing, I don't want to make a decision that I'd later regret. Years ago, I'd wanted my last name in Chinese letters but I feel like EVERYONE has Chinese letters that it wouldn't seem authentic or original. I have enough trouble explaining to people that I'm Chinese already! I'm thinking now that I want little music notes behind my ear or something. So many options, but I have time to think about it...right? Do any of you have tattoos?



I know it's Tuesday now, but I really hope all of you had a great weekend as well :) Sorry I've been behind on my blog reading, but I'm just starting to catch up again. So far I've seen some awesome 30 for 30 outfits...you girls make me want to SHOP!!!




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Wolf Parade - Ghost Pressure

Caribbean Days

posted on: July 26, 2010

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I sincerely wish that Caribbean Days meant that I was actually IN the Caribbean!! It was my first time at the North Vancouver event, but what a perfect way to spend a Saturday! There was great live music and performances, although we saw almost everything BUT Caribbean performances. Most importantly there was a large variety of food vendors and the always loved beer garden. I'll admit it...I had a Palm Bay and got a little tipsy. It was hot, I was dehydrated, and the new strawberry flavoured Palm Bay was far too easy to gulp down! I'm so glad Adam, Jeff, Melissa, and myself were all able to spend the day roasting in the sunshine together!


Necklace and Belt from Plum // Vintage Purse // Cupcake Ring and Sunglasses from Barefoot Contessa









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Day 18 and stuff

Sooooo I'm only about, oh I don't know...say 4 days behind on outfit posts. Would you hate me if I said that I was gallivanting around town all weekend with my boyfriend and completely neglected my blog? The weather was too nice to be inside on my computer, but don't worry...the guilt was with me all weekend!

There isn't much to say about Day 18, because I think I kind of gave up on being creative on Friday. I did the unthinkable and just wore the same dress. I tried several combinations to try and make it look different, but I just couldn't!!! So here we are, 16 days later and I'm wearing the same thing! Phewf...that wasn't so bad, was it :)?

010new copy

These photos make me laugh because all I can hear is Tyra Bank's voice telling me to "find the light"...which I clearly didn't! Ohhh she would be soooo disappointed! Looks like I'll never be America's Next Top Model, which is a good thing because I'm Canadian...and clearly not a model.


Hello light!!!


Vintage Purse // Necklace from Forever 21 courtesy of Danielle and Claudia

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the night is young // i'm blacking out...but its been fun

posted on: July 23, 2010


It's a long story, but I ended up having today off work. I forgot how enjoyable it is to have a day off with zero plans or obligations. When I woke up, I was overcome by the rare urge to clean the house so I spent 4 hours cleaning every single thing in our house that could be cleaned. I know we moved in quite a while ago now, but it wasn't until today that I did the last few chores to make our space feel complete. I think I'll take pics of it for you all tomorrow, you MUST be curious ;)


To say that I've been spoiled lately would be an understatement. I've won things on Twitter from The Commodore, and Vancity Buzz. And now, I won a gorgeous House of Harlow key cocktail ring from Le Mode Du Jour. Nicole from Le Mode Du Jour is so incredibly sweet - thanks again! The ring is ahhhmazing and I can't wait to wear it in an outfit post, you will love it!


Necklace from Barefoot Contessa // Ring from Plum


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I was trying to stay true to my budget and choose between Wolf Parade at The Vogue this Sunday or We Are Scientists at The Biltmore on Tuesday. After a pro and con list and a Twitter poll, Adam and I have decided to go to We Are Scientists. We both saw them a few years ago when they were touring with The Stills and Kings of Leon, but when I saw them it was at The Paramount in Seattle in an assigned seat. We Are Scientists deserves a dance floor and a funky venue like The Biltmore. I'm so excited, it's going to be a huge dance party :)

We Are Scientists - This Scene Is Dead

big hair in coal harbour

posted on: July 22, 2010

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I haven't had very good luck with hair dressers in my life. When I was in high school I had terrible hair cuts because I felt obligated to get my hair done by a family friend of my boyfriend (at the time). I remember bringing in a picture of Lindsay Lohan with these big gorgeous curls to her for my grad hair style and to my disappointment, left with a half up ringlet curled bun-ish thing. At the same salon I happened to click very well with a younger stylist who convinced me to start putting foil highlights in my hair. She made me feel really good about myself and we got along really well. I was seeing her one afternoon to touch up my blonde roots (yes, I was blonde for a few years) she was complaining to me about her marriage woes...something about her partying 24/7 and her husband not being impressed by that. While I had the foils in my hair, her husband happened to show up with flowers for her and they had a big moment there in the salon. Surprise, surprise, she left my foils in for WAY too long and I came out looking like I had tie-dye hair. When I went back a week later ready to demand she fixed it for free, she had fled to Edmonton and left without notice. I've been through 3 other stylists since then, one left her salon and I wasn't keen on getting my hair dyed at her house, and another who went on maternity leave. I just could never seem to settle on a stylist!

Well my luck has turned around because one of my friends just graduated from hair school and is currently a stylist at Axis salons. Now I realize that I am slightly bias because she is a friend, but she does such an amazing job. I have the most difficult half asian thick hair and hairdressers HATE me for it, but Marlee handles it well and always does cuts that will help me better maintain my mufasa hair. Last night a bunch of the stylists did a "blow-out" class and learned how to blow dry curls, and this is what she magically made my hair do:


Bracelets from Le Chateau


If you're interested in seeing Marlee she's usually at the W. Pender Axis location, but definitely ask when you call because she has worked in the W. Georgia location as well. She only charges $35 for a cut/blow dry, which trust me, is SUCH a steal!


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the halftime report

posted on: July 21, 2010

Well here we are, halfway through the 30 for 30 challenge...hooray!

Hello and thank you to all of those who have been following my journey and giving me positive feedback along the way. It’s a relief to know that others out there in the world relate to what it’s like to struggle with a shopping addiction and “empty closet syndrome” (when you stare at your overflowing closet and say that you have nothing to wear so you purchase something new). Several people who I’ve told about this 30 for 30 challenge don’t understand. They look at me with confusion and explain that they simply don't get the point of all of this. “What do you get at the end of it?” they always ask. You know, setting personal goals doesn’t necessarily mean that someone has bet me to complete something, or that I get a prize for completing it. Sometimes we simply need to set goals for ourselves.

30 for 30 has already done wonders for my bank account and for my self esteem. There have been a few days where I’ve felt “fat” and uncomfortable in what I was wearing. Then when I photograph it and take a second look, I realize that there’s no difference at all in a photo and that probably no one else out there thought I was looking 2 lbs heavier than the day before. Repeating outfits has been a real breakthrough for me as well. I blame Facebook and my love for photographs, because I had a total complex with outfit repeating. It was not an option in my books to re-wear something that I was seen wearing in a recent photo, as if people were judging me based on outfit repetition. Who on earth did I think I was? I was in dire need of a wake-up call. Good morning...get over yourself!

I look forward to the next 15 days and hope that everyone else is also enjoying the challenge and reaping the benefits. And to those who are watching from afar, I encourage you to try a similar challenge one day. It really is amazing what you can accomplish!

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but don't you ever ask yourself why the repetition kills you?

FINALLY caught up on photos, I feel like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders!!! I didn't realize how difficult it would be to photograph my outfit every day, I definitely have a new found respect for all the fashion bloggers out there!

Here's Monday and Tuesday's outfits:

036new copy

Scarf from Plum // Earrings from Forever 21


Tuesday was my fave outfit so far because it reminds me of London. While I was there last June, I was browsing around Carnaby Street and came across a little boutique called Dahlia. It immediately caught my eye with it's perfect mix of vintage inspired pieces with modern silhouettes. They had floral dresses and polka dot prints, and the most adorable jackets I've ever seen! The prices were not ideal for someone who had to factor in a terrible exchange rate, but I knew that this store was where you want to splurge. I bought the white striped dress, as well as the telephone necklace and now I must say, that they are probably my two favourite pieces in my closet right now. I paired them with a mustard yellow vintage Ann Taylor blazer to bring out the yellow stripe in the dress.

Keep an eye out for the Dahlia label, as they do sell their line to other stores such as TopShop. If you're interested in Dahlia dresses in North America, I have seen a few on ModCloth for a reasonable price (USD).

024new copy


Chain Necklace from Plum // Telephone "Hello" Necklace from Dahlia (UK)


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The Black Ghosts - Repitition Kills You

this is boring // all we talk about is you

Here is my Saturday and Sunday when I was clearly loving the high waist :P Sorry about the lack of words, but it's now 2 am and I promised myself I'd get up early and go for a run. And push ups...I really need to start doing more of those. 2 more posts coming at you in the morning...you better watch out!!!

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Necklace and Belt from Plum // Ring from H&M


082 copy


Headband and Purse from Forever 21 // Bracelets from H&M


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Matthew Good Band - A Boy and His Machine Gun

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