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posted on: August 30, 2010



I've been in kind of a wardrobe slump lately. I blame this mostly on the fact that our Vancouver weather can't make up its mind, and that my clothes are currently unorganized. Every time I go to my closet to choose an outfit I just stand there thinking about how I'm sick of everything I own and want new items to choose from. I can't decide if this is because I actually don't have anything I'd like to wear, or me longing for Fall weather and refusing to dress for sunshine. I'm desperate for a closet makeover and to sell all of my unworn/barely worn clothing items that I don't need anymore. One of these days I'll take care of it, even though I've been saying this for months!



Headband from Barefoot Contessa // Blouse from Forever 21 // Skirt and Bracelet from H&M // Belt from Plum // Joe Fresh Shoes



I'm back from Seattle at my very first real stagette experience. Tons of photos and stories to share with you tonight, if I can muster up the energy. I tried to spend my money wisely in Seattle, but it's all easier said than done. Nordstrom Rack, The Outlets, Anthropologie? That's like dangling candy in front of a child!!! But I'm only days from leaving for San Fransisco, who I'm hoping will deliver amazing clothing boutiques and stores. Speaking of which, does anyone have any suggestions for my San Fran trip? I would love recommendations to restaurants, stores, neighbourhoods...anything :)

I just wanted to apologize to all of you lovely readers for not visiting your blogs lately. I have been sooo busy at work and in life for the last few weeks, I haven't had time for anything. Though I do love to leave you comments, it's really just that I feel left out. I don't know what fab new outfits you've put together, what gorgeous new photos you've taken, or what is new in your lives! I'm making it my personal mission to stop by your sites this week, no matter what!!!





Radiohead - Optimistic

Blue Surge // Twenty-Something Theatre

posted on: August 27, 2010

I have been following Twenty-Something Theatre a few of its 5 years running. There are close ties with Sabrina Evertt, the Founder and Creative Producer of the theatre company, as she is the sister of Andy (one of Adam’s bffs if you don’t read this blog enough!) Adam’s Dad has also been involved with contributions in the past, and we always try to make it out to support Sabrina’s work. Clearly Twenty-Something Theatre has found a niche market in its 20-35 year old actors and audience, with smart marketing like Twitter and a Blog to keep up with their social networking obsessed twenty-somethings (Who? ..Me?)

Anyone who is at all into theatre knows the value in a good quality play. When we arrived at Studio 16, which is tucked away between Granville Street and Fir at 7th, the venue was noticeably small. It’s attached to a quaint and extremely busy restaurant, with only a small table at the front with concession items, including beer and wine that they allow you to take into the theatre! The inside of Studio 16 felt like I’d just stepped into a small New York theatre with only about 6 rows of seating, forcing you to feel like you’re practically in the play as well. The intimate setting was perfect for this production, which I decided that I like more than most movies I’ve seen lately. Within the first 15 minutes, Blue Surge had me completely encompassed in the happenings of the actors, and wasn’t because of the full frontal male nudity :P

The actors were all so accurately cast, their lines and mannerisms executed perfectly and most importantly, believable. For $18, you wouldn’t expect the attention to detail that Blue Surge delivers, but as I’ve mentioned, my expectations were exceeded. Every last set component from the lighting and music, to their costume details and props made the play’s atmosphere worth far more than you pay for.

I don't usually shamelessly promote like this, but I enjoyed the evening so much I felt like I had to blog about it RIGHT away to infom my Vancouver readers! I do honestly recommend it for an inexpensive night of laughs, drama, and fun, but it's only playing for another week and a half so get your tickets right meow!



Dress from Forever 21 // Belt from Primark // Ring from Barefoot Contessa // Joe Fresh Shoes


Sabrina Evertt is the Producer and Director of Blue Surge, as well as Founder and Artistic Producer of Twenty-Seomthing Theatre. Sabrina isn't just a pretty face, this girl has drive, creativity, and an abundance of talent. Plus, I may or may not have been in love with her outfit choice for the play's premiere. The romantic ruffle dress, her black t-strap 20's inspired shoes, and her double key necklaces...I die! Great work Sabrina, the plays just keep getting better!


Blue Surge is playing at Studio 16, on West 7th (just off Granville Street) from August 26th to September 5th Tuesday-Sunday at 8 pm. More information here.

weekends are too short...

posted on: August 23, 2010

I'm suffering from a little case of the Monday Blues....anyone else feel the same? I suppose it's that lingering feeling that summer is slipping away. My second job starts on the first week of September, which adds a lot more to my already full plate. I'm very thankful to be taking this semester off school though. People who do full time work and courses in school are obviously insane...or driven to be!

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The end of summer ends up being as busy as the entire two months combined. I have Paula's stagette in Seattle this weekend and then I leave for San Francisco on Thursday. Where have the sunny days gone?

Hope everyone had a great weekend :)

Behind The Scenes: Plum F/W 10

posted on: August 19, 2010

I have been up since 5 am and shocked that I'm still awake right now typing this. Actually, Jersey Shore is probably the main reason that I'm up right now. Bah, I'm so ashamed of my "reality tv" addiction lately!!!

Anyways, we had our big Fall/Winter 2010 Photo Shoot this morning at 6 am in Gastown. I made the big mistake of not preparing my outfit the night before so I showed up in a skirt and t shirt with flats. It was sooo incredibly cold all day and it rained for the last 3 hours haha!! At least I was at a fashion shoot so there were sweaters and jackets I could borrow to keep warm.

We had almost the exact same team as last time, with photographer Candace Meyer and stylist Tracey Pincott who are both so awesome to work with. This was my favourite photo shoot that I've ever helped with, Gastown was just the perfect backdrop. And I have a total crush on Fall clothes :)

Here's a little behind the scenes look at the shoot. Enjoy my lovelies xoxo

let's get this photo shoot going

Red Ford Thunderbird

isn't she gorgeous

Candace Meyer working her magic

Gastown is so beautiful

Johanna Ward fliming a segment for The Express

walking to the next location

she seriously looks like a Barbie doll

one of our Holiday '10 looks

VERY military jacket love

Andrea editing photos in the trunk haha

impromptu bicycle poses

my Zara booties made it in woohoo

society girls

posted on: August 13, 2010

bright and blurry

my highlighter shirt

new hair-ish

Blouse from River Island // High Waist Trousers from Next // Nine West Shoes // Cameo Necklace from F21 // Gifted Cross Necklace // House of Harlow Key Ring won on le mode du jour // Thrifted Purse

blurred details

Vee is a blue eyed babe!

lipstick marks

society in yaletown

what to order..

martini fest

3 of the best

pizza that I couldn't pronounce

avec Carolina and Vanessa

i heart girls nights

I met Carolina, Vanessa, and Brandi at Society in Yaletown for a much needed girl's night. We were lucky enough to snag a seat outside, where we got to catch up on gossip, hear about Lina's trip to China, and get the details on B's latest dating adventures. I'd never been to Society before, but I highly recommend it! My pizza looked so good that the table of girls beside us asked me what I was eating! We even got a chance to go see Carolina's apartment and pay a visit to J and Pinky.

This morning I went to leave for work and my car didn't start. It wasn't surprising, considering I accidentally leave my car lights on all the time. BCAA saved the day, but then I was told I had to drive around for 2 hours so you can imagine how late for work I was! I think I'm going to blame Friday the 13th for any unusual events today.

It's supposed to be a beautiful weekend though, so I hope you all have a chance to get outside and enjoy it XOXO

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