Beauty Secrets Revealed // Noir Lash Lounge

posted on: September 29, 2010

Something terrible has been happening to me eyelashes have been falling out!!! Every single time I wash my face I look down to find 2-4 eyelashes on the facecloth. SO NOT COOL. All I could picture was me eventually losing all my lashes and feeling so naked without them. In order to give my lashes a bit of a break from mascara, I thought I'd try out this lash place that everyone has been raving about on Twitter.


Noir Lash Lounge glues individual eyelashes in between yours to make them look completely natural. You leave with thicker, longer lashes that you don't have to fuss over. You can choose your lashes to be as realistic or dramatic as you wish, and the girls there are more than willing to help you choose what suits your eyes.

As I was laying there and Crystal was taping my bottom lashes down my eyes started twitching uncontrollably. As someone who cannot touch my eye, put eye drops in, or have anyone else put mascara on me, I started thinking this eyelash business may not have been the best idea. Luckily for me, Crystal was very accommodating and just told me to relax and spoke to me about other things as a distraction. Soon enough the shaking stopped and she was able to put the lashes on no problem!

After having my eyes closed for what felt like maybe 20 minutes, we were finally ready to open my eyes and see the magic. WOW times a hundred! I feel like a celebrity with these lashes on. Waking up and looking like I have makeup on already is an absolute dream come true!


photos from here


For $72 total (w/taxes) you get a full set of lashes that last for 4-6 weeks. If you have an event coming up or just want to treat yourself I HIGHLY recommend Noir Lash Lounge's services. And hey, what a great gift idea for your friends, brides to be, Christmas, Birthday, etc.

Thanks again Noir Lash Lounge, I shall be back to see you soon :)

wedding lessons

posted on: September 28, 2010

I've certainly missed you friends. As I ease back into my regular schedule, I hope to ease back into a regular blogging schedule as well! One of the reasons I've been so preoccupied is because I was a bridesmaid for the first time in Paula and Arlen's wedding.

Being my first bridesmaid experience, I thought I'd share with you some lessons I learned throughout this entire experience...


1) Don't show up late to the bride's house on the morning of the can imagine why.


2) Even spanx will not forgive you in tight satin.


3) Pack a snack for the hours in between the ceremony and reception.


4) Do not guzzle a sour apple martini if you've only eaten a croissant at 8:30 am - you will be drunk. Or, if you are Asian you will be drunk.


5) You MUST bring a sewing kit for emergency repairs.


6) Don't give the flower girl and ring bearer copious amounts of Mountain Dew. They also become drunk. Sugar drunk.


7) Have kleenex handy during speeches, some people really know how to pull at your heartstrings.


8) It's all about the bride...and don't you ever forget that!


9) Your father might be a little bitter if you plan your wedding day on his 60th birthday and first day of retirement


10) Try to fight for a bridesmaids dress that you can wear a bra with...a tough lesson to learn on the dance floor.


11) Even three different kinds of insoles in a pair of shoes cannot make them comfortable.


12) It is SO much fun when it's your friends getting married!!!


13) Photobooths are an awesome investment.




photo booth

Thank you so much to the Osellame's and P & A for such an awesome weekend. Also thank you to Ramesh and Denise for doing such a fantastic job on my hair and make up!

Congratulations again Paula and you both xo

i wanna do bad things with you

posted on: September 22, 2010


I know what you're thinking, you're like "Alicia, do you own ANY other pairs of pants?" The answer is no. Well, yes, but I just love these pants more than my other pants. It's true, I play favourites with my clothing. These high waisted Zara pants were the best damn investment I've ever made! I keep stalking Zara in hopes that they repeated these pants in great Fall fabrics, but so far no luck.

This is yet another casual look, even though I have a million dressier outfits just begging to be photographed. Half the trouble of outfit posts is finding someone who wants to photograph your outfit. Really, it's a pretty good business idea to be a freelance fashion blog photographer because I'm sure there are plenty of people who would call! Anyways, this whole look came about because I was at my parents house taking jewellery from my mom that she never wears. I scored that lovely gold Hawaiian leaf necklace, some authentic 80's earrings, and some funky brooches. Thanks ma!


Earrings, Belt, and Melie Bianco Fringe Purse from Plum // Kersh Cardigan // H&M Tee // Zara Trousers // Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch // White Oxfords from TopShop // Necklace c/o my Mom



Marlee's friend from school was hosting a graduation for her apprenticeship at Rain Hair Salon. Katie Rose took an ordinary hair show concept and turned it into an entire True Blood inspired vampire mini musical. The venue was gorgeous and they'd clearly put a lot of effort into the spooky decorative touches. The drink choices were bleeding vodka drinks with eyeballs or red wine, served by a vampire of course! The mini musical included a dramatic scene of a vampire biting a human, followed by a goose bump filled opera performance by two amazingly talented singers. Thank you again for the invite and for putting on such an amazing show, you are amazingly sweet and talented Katie Rose :)








Now all I want to do is finish True Blood Season 2 and catch up on Season 3!!!!

Paula's Stagette in Seattle

posted on: September 18, 2010

I sure hope you're not sick of my travels because I have more photos from a weekend away!!! Just before we went to SF, I went to Seattle with 6 other girls for Paula's stagette. It was my first real stagette (or bachelorette or hen party, whichever you prefer) experience.

My favourite part of the whole weekend was the shopping. Oh jeez, I'm such an addict!!!! But I left Seattle with some amazing tax free beauty products from Sephora ,as well as a cute top from Anthropologie. I actually wore the Anthro shirt tucked into a skirt in San Fran, it's pictured here. Think of my Seattle shopping as my warm up to San Fran shopping ;)

paulastagette 135new

paulastagette 137new

After our Sephora makeovers...honestly miracle products! I couldn't believe the difference.

paulastagette 140nw

paulastagette 143new

paulastagette 149new

paulastagette 156new

paulastagette 161new

Flowers at the Market in Seattle are so freakin cheap! This bouquet back in Vancouver would be at least $50!

paulastagette 169new

Sorry mom...

paulastagette 046new

The theme for the second night out was 50's pin up. I decided to be a good girl and not buy anything new for themed outfit, so mine was item from my own closet thrown together. Unfortunately, we all kind of looked like a confused theme. That's okay though, as long as the bride looks good, right ;)?

paulastagette 051new

paulastagette 060new

paulastagette 068new

paulastagette 079new

paulastagette 088new

From a piano bar to a fire hall...

paulastagette 092new

paulastagette 109new

paulastagette 110new

Now only one week until the big day. Eeeek so much to do!!!!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend so far. I'm off to get ready for dinner and drinks tonight, ciao xoxo

today's shopping list

posted on: September 16, 2010

trend report

1. Trousers from Zara
2. J.W. Hulme Co. Legacy Mini Bag from Shopbop
3. Camel Cocoon Coat from Aritzia
4. Leopard Print Cardigan from Plum
5. Frye Loafer from Urban Outfitters
6. Michelle Trench Coat from Dahlia UK
7. Give It A Twirl Dress from Modcloth
8. Jeffrey Campbell 99 Tie from Solestruck
9. Silk Blouse and Draped Shorts from Nasty Gal

San Francisco Part 3 ...the shopping!

posted on: September 13, 2010

I have taken, edited, and sorted 600 photos from San Fran. I feel like I never want to look at these photos again hahaha!!! These last photos are actually 2 days mixed're welcome for any confusion :P

The last full day of San Fran fun was the day of "S". Saucalito, shopping, and supper. Saucalito is also VERY touristy, but the ferry ride over was well worth the views and free tan. If we'd planned to have a meal there it would have been better, but ice cream was a close second.

Tav and Nolan at the Ferry Terminal

port of sf

Bay Bridge, SF, and sailboat

bird on the ferry

hello Saucalito

thank you

didnt mean to be sexual

more seagulls

Golden Gate Bridge

Nolan and the bridge

so cool

favourite of the trip


closer view of Alcatraz

These shopping photos were actually accumulated over two days (hense the random outfit change mid photos). When we went to Haight and Ashbury on Sunday, I was only given TWO hours to explore the boutiques and felt as though I was going to burst with anxiety! Our flight was later on Monday, so we all went back on Monday morning to peruse.

Haight & Ashbury was an amazing neighbourhood, I would compare it to Main Street here in Vancouver. It's full of 'hip' people (I seriously felt unfashionable amongst the SF stylish), tons of cafes/restaurants, and fabulous boutiques. There was all sorts of shopping including vintage, consignment, cheap boutiques, local/eco stores, record stores, and the list goes on. My favourite stores were X Generation for their cheap trendy items, Wasteland for their amazing designer label pieces, and Pink Lily for their reasonably priced dresses.

Though I didn't get to visit them, for those of you going to SF to shop I hear that the Mission District, Union Street, and Fillmore Street are all great shopping neighbourhoods. With so little time, I only made it to Haight Street...I suppose I'll just have to go back!

Haight & Ashbury


Haight Street

Loyal Army

street style

Haight & Ashbury

my love

music for miles

Wasteland aka HOMELAND

went Wasteland wild

see ya San Fran!

For the last supper, we all went to Park Chow in the Sunset District. The restaurant was packed the whole time we were there, so be sure to book a reservation in advance! We lucked out and got almost an entire room to ourselves. The food was delicious, I highly recommend the veggie pizza! And if you're into California wine, my go-to all weekend was the Bridesmaid Sauvignon Blanc. Just sayin :)

the last supper

mom and I

the kids table

the adult table

my amazing pizza that came with a pizza cutter!

San Francisco is one of the only other cities that I could see myself actually living in. It's beautiful, the food is delicious, the shopping is to die for, and it's only a 2 hour flight away from Vancouver! If you want a quick getaway, I would suggest SF in a heartbeat.

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