Creme de la Creme Vancouver

posted on: October 31, 2010

Creme de la Creme

I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I am going to be Maid of Honor for the first time next year. My best friend Jessica is getting married in Hawaii in November of 2011 and her mom is a destination wedding planner! We got tickets courtesy of Jeweliette to attend Creme de la Creme at the Four Seasons yesterday. I had a blast (and a touch of wedding fever) looking at all the amazing displays, especially the fashion show by Blush and Bisou bridal boutiques. I went with all the Hyatt girls, but we greatly missed fellow bridal party member (and bff) Vanessa who couldn't make it :(

Here are just a few pictures of our day of Creme de la Creme. Lots of pretty things, front row views of their fashion show, and girly fun!

group shot

the bride to be

upright decor


jewliette jewellery

save the date


fashion show 10

fashion show 9

fashion show 8

fashion show 7

fashion show 5

fashion show 3

fashion show 2

fashion show 1

If you're going to attend a wedding show, I highly recommend Creme de la Creme. It has the reputation of being the best wedding show for a reason!

Photos by Lani Hyatt

the great coat debate

posted on: October 29, 2010

I don't know about you, but I am finding the array of different coat styles this year overwhelming. I want to invest in a coat this season and there are just so many different styles to choose from! The predictions for Vancouver is that we're going to have the worst winter since 1955, so I need to choose carefully.

the great coat debate

1. Feminine Peacoat from ASOS $174 (USD)
A twist on the tired peacoat, I love the full skirt and oversized cuff on this coat!

2. Fur Coat from Urban Outfitters $168
I don't know if I would get enough wear out of a fur coat, but I like the soft and rich look of this UO coat.

3. Blanket Trench Coat from NastyGal $298
Blanket coats just look soooo comfortable and warm! I'm all about grey this season and love the fact that it has a hood!

4. Trench Coat from TopShop $400 (USD)
I've been wanting to invest in a trench coat for a few years now and never seem to find one that I like. The detailing and vintage touches on this trench surely explain its $400 price tag!

5. Cape from Zara $179
Though I found a vintage cape in SF for $30, I honestly wouldn't mind investing in a black one as well. They are the perfect thing to throw on with boots on those rainy Vancouver days.

And so, the hunt continues. Perhaps I can hold out until sale time ;)?

blogging woes

posted on: October 27, 2010

Something horrible is happening lately. So horrible, I can barely bring myself to discuss it with all of you. It's not just the weather, it's the murder of daylight. It's true all you fashion bloggers...the darkness is upon us!

This was my attempt at an outfit photo after work yesterday:

I leave the office at 5:30 pm and the darkness has already fallen. Just wait until Nov.7th when we change all the clocks back another hour. That's like kicking me while I'm down!! I'll have to get properly acquainted with my tripod and spend my lunch breaks searching for photo locations. Any tips on tripod use? Do you use a remote? I usually attempt the 10 second timer thing. Ahh the things I do for this blog...I tell ya!

sequins in the day keep the boredom away...

posted on: October 24, 2010

the details

I bought this top for New Years last year and thought it was a complete waste and that I'd never wear it again. I don't know if it's because I don't like the way I looked in all the photos from last NYE, but when I put it on the other day it wasn't so bad. I decided to play down the sequins with a jacket and denim to wear it to work. I thankfully work in a very casual office environment, where trends are more relevant than business attire.

take a bow

sequin outfit

Sequin Top from H&M // VERY Jacket and Purse c/o Plum // Second YOGA Jeans // Ring from Riot

close up

I'm itching to change around the furniture in my room and some new DIY projects. Does anyone else ever get the sudden urge for change? It usually happens to me a few times a year, but it feels so great to make even the smallest of changes in your surroundings.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend <3

if i was cuba // you would be peru

posted on: October 19, 2010

So I'm laying here on a Tuesday night thinking of the million other things that I should be doing rather than blogging. Yet, here I am typing away and writing a post full of guilt. The gym is calling my name, but so is the pizza place down the street. Stay tuned to find out who wins.

Sunday was a gorgeous day in Vancouver, so Adam and I decided to venture out to the English Bay for brunch and a stroll. A lot of the Sea Wall is under construction, which made the usually scenic walk slightly cramped with views of the parking lot. It was fun anyways, lots of people were out soaking up the sunshine and being active. I often wish that I lived in the West End to be that much closer to the water, it's just always so pretty there!

gorgeous fall day


another perfect sunday

creature in the forest


Sweater, Purse, and Hat c/o Plum // Silk Tunic from Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses and Socks from Forever 21 // Boots from DSW

forest walks

He might kill me for this, but East Van T-Shirt from Exhibit // Vintage Pants // Ben Sherman Shoes // Sunglasses from Mintage // Sweater (he doesn't know, he's had it for a long time :P haha)


Who am I kidding? Obviously I'm going to get a slice of pizza!
*UPDATE! I actually didn't get pizza, went to the gym, AND bought some groceries...go me :)

Rah Rah - Cuba/Peru

Joe Fresh Style VIP Party

posted on: October 18, 2010

I was absolutely honoured to be invited to the Joe Fresh VIP Party as Nicole's (of Le Mode Du Jour) date and photog. We attempted a quick photo walk before the event, but since we were both running late we missed the sunshine. That's just what happens when you're more than fashionably late.

Max & Cleo Dress hair by Marlee

Max & Cleo by BCBG Dress and Structured Bag c/o Plum // Nine West Shoes // Hair styled by Marlee at Axis
all smiles before Joe Fresh!

This particular gathering was to celebrate the Joe Fresh Style flagship store opening in Vancouver at 540 Granville Street. Apparently when J. Fresh throws a party, they really throw a party! I was rubbing elbows with Vancouver's fashion elite, as well as some big fashion players from the East. Bands that had performed in a free outdoor concert on Granville Street earlier in the afternoon were there, even Trevor Linden made a cameo appearance!

shopping...of course

crowd @ The VIP Joe Fresh Party

Eman, Nicole, and Lisa enjoying the party.

Eman, Nicole, and Lisa

My rule is to always leave a party while I'm still having a lot of fun. Amongst the end of the night dance party, I knew it was my cue to leave when model/musician/totally cool chick Irina Lazareanu grabbed my hips and pushed me into a conga line. I can officially cross 'doing a conga line with a super model' off my to-do list in life!!!

Irina is in the black leather jacket pictured below...

Irena Lazareanu dance party

Myself with Joseph Mimran, the Founder of Joe Fresh.
Myself and Joseph Mimran

I had an amazing time at the Joe Fresh VIP Party on Saturday, thank you so much to everyone who was a part of putting on such a great event! Especially Lisa, who made sure I was spoiled with a swag bag on my way out (including a feather down jacket and a mini makeup kit)!

The biggest thanks goes to Nicole who brought me to the party and was the perfect date! It was great to see so many familiar faces and meet even more great Vancouverites. Hope to see you all again soon xo

it's all in the details

posted on: October 15, 2010

Twitter worked its magic on me today and basically forced me to go check out the Obakki sale after work. There were racks and racks of clothing at really decent prices. After initially wanting to purchase half the room, I narrowed it down to this rich purple blouse. The v neckline and sheer romantic sleeves are what won me over. It is regular $275 for $50, and most importantly, made in Canada!

The Obakki Warehouse Sale is still on this weekend. More info here.


Last June my mom, brother and I crossed the pond for the first time over to England. A lot of my mom's family is over there and we spent 2.5 lovely weeks in London and travelling the English Countryside. The only reason my dad didn't join us on the trip, is because when we booked it he was still an avid smoker and couldn't handle the thought of a 9 hour flight without a cigarette. I have a feeling that's why my dad had never been to Europe at all (addiction at its finest). Well, since my parents retirement and my Dad making it a year without smoking, they booked themselves a little Euro adventure with another couple. They went to London, Rome, Nice, Monte, Carlo, etc. and brought back some amazing gifts for Tavis and I.

Call me a brat, but I may or may not have "guided" my parents toward my favourite UK boutique. And by guided, I mean maps, pictures, and detailed instructions LOL. My mom was super sweet and even tried the items on to make sure they'd fit me :) Thanks again ma <3


Dahlia item number one is this gorgeous pale blue scarf. It has the most feminine lace details...just adorable!


Dahlia item number two is a cream dress with sheer sleeves (do you sense a pattern with me and sheer sleeves?) The cuffs have fabric bows...enough said!!!


I can't remember where along their travels they got this bracelet, but I like the vintage feel to it.


Looking at their pictures and hearing their stories has me itching to go back to Europe soon. I want to brush up on my french and go to France next and maybe a bit of Italy if there's time. Seems like there's way too much to see and no money to take me there.

Hope you all have a happy Friday xo

honey i ain't nothing new //

posted on: October 12, 2010

I have to say, that this past weekend I had a PERFECT Sunday. What on earth could constitute an entire day of perfection you ask? Well, to begin, I slept in until 11 am and it was all kinds of glorious. Adam and I then went for breakfast at The Whip where we shared a fruit smoothie and I indulged in french toast stuffed with strawberries and cream cheese. We headed up Main Street wandering into stores along the way. Adam purchase a winter jacket and an East Van t shirt from Exhibit, which I loved because the only thing that makes me happier than shopping is watching other people shop! I obviously stopped by Barefoot Contessa to see the windows that The Anthology styled, then the final and most damaging to my bank account was Front & Co. Adam and I both bought each other "birthday presents" aka we both knew we shouldn't be buying anything and justified purchasing them for each other as gifts. Our birthdays aren't until November. Basically, this black hat is not yet mine. It was an extremely early present that I essentially borrowed for this photo because I really liked it with my outfit.

newest outfit

being coy

After shopping we got coffees at Liberty Cafe, I watched Adam's team kick ass at his soccer game, and then myself and some of Adam's family members ate "Thanksgiving" dinner at White Spot. We went to my parent's house to see my brother and catch up on our PVR'd Mad Men episodes (only 2 left of the season eeep) and ended the night with Hot Tub Time Machine.

I don't know if it really was the perfect Sunday or it just seemed that way because we had another day off on Monday. Or maybe Sunday seems so lovely because my car was broken into on Monday night. But that's a whole other post in itself, wouldn't you say?


Hat from Front & Co. // Blouse and Ring from H&M // Jeans from True Value Vintage // Purse from Plum // Bow and Socks from Forever 21 // Steve Madden Boots

polka dot walk

Ryan Adams - Call Me On Your Way Back Home

my very first haul video

posted on: October 8, 2010

I was first introduced to Haul videos by the YouTube obessed Kisekae last year. She encouraged me to try one, but I was just so timid about doing it. I looove posing for a camera, but as soon as someone points a video camera in my face I freeze up and don't know what to do with myself!

I compare it to Chandler on Friends when he has to pose for pictures...

But, last night I went shopping with my co-worker and when I got home felt like giving this haul business a try. This was my first attempt, after pretending to talk to the camera for about 10 minutes to calm myself down (really, if someone had seen me they'd think I was crrrazy). My voice sounds a little bit strange, especially when I say "s", but that's what I get for using a digital cam to make a video.

Hope you enjoy the video, let me know what you think!

and i'll be good // like i should

posted on: October 5, 2010

When I heard that The Black Keys were coming to Vancouver I was ecstatic! I have been waiting years to see them live, having missed them a few summers ago in Seattle (still kicking myself about it). The concert ended up being on October 3rd, which just so happened to be my brother's 20th birthday! Seeing one of your favourite bands live on your birthday paid for by your lovely sister? Not a bad gift if I do say so myself!

The opening act was Nicole Atkins and I was very impressed by her vocals and catchy tunes. She was also wearing a really great dress that I tried to capture with a photograph but failed miserably. I'll definitely be checking her out tonight and probably purchasing her cd, she was that good!

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney put on a high energy rock and roll show that keeps you on your feet from start to finish! In a surprising and gutsy move, they started out with a bunch of older songs from their earlier cds and didn't play any of their new material until later on. As Melface and I decided, it's not that we don't like their new cd Brothers, it's just that they have so much older stuff that we'd rather see them perform live. Give us more Rubber Factory and Attack & Release! M
ost specifically I wanted to see them play Psychotic Girl live, but with 8 cds The Black Keys couldn't possibly play everything!

Though it was a great performance, their newest cd isn't my favourite of The Black Keys and therefore I was too stubborn to be in love with the whole show. Everytime they played a new song I was kind of like "oh...". But please don't let me discourage you from seeing The Black Keys live because they really do put on an amazing show!

The Black Keys @Orpheum

The Black Keys

The Black Keys in Vancouver

Again, my videos aren't the greatest but give you a general idea of what the show was like:

I'm such a sucker for sweet concert tees! I love this grey Black Keys shirt, can't wait to style it up :)

concert tee

Tour of the World HAHA

The Black Keys - Your Touch

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