24 and so much more

posted on: November 29, 2010

Hello, Monday morning (unfortunately still there) hangover. Despite my best efforts to stay as sober as possible on Saturday night, I spent yesterday curled up in a ball of misery. I blame Chad and his curiosity with Vodka Bombs. But hey, you can't have everything in life now can you?

Saturday's birthday events consisted of dinner at Earls on Fir and Broadway and then hopping on over to The Academic Public House for more drinks. The two-part birthday series. It just warms my heart that everyone came out this weekend, despite the fact that it's exam time and holiday party season. I was even spoiled with some cards and gifts. Honestly, too much kindness!

Earls Drink Menu

Water and Bellini...the essentials

Mike and Melissa K

Tessa and I

Lawrence and Lisa


Ryan and Elise

Brandi and I

Hahahaha Italians

bloggers etc

Blouse from Barefoot Contessa // Skirt and Bow Belt from H&M // House of Harlow Key Ring // Gifted Cameo Necklace and Purse from Forver 21

my outfit for the night

Sears Portrait


BAHAHA love this one

Jess and I <3

Adam and his gang

some of my girlies

that's a lot of stache


Adam and I

Thank you times a million to everyone who came on Saturday (and those who couldn't make it - you were greatly missed). Also thanks to all of YOU who sent birthday wishes here on my blog and on Twitter. I am slightly biased, but I seriously have the best friends/boyfriend/followers in the entire world...love you all xoxo

Shoe Haul & High Heel Training

posted on: November 26, 2010

My "High Heel Training" continues, and I challenge all of you out there to join me! Watch my shoe haul video to see my latest high heel purchases and help me decide if I should keep or return my Jeffrey Campbell wedges.

In the video: Sweater and Pearl Earrings from H&M // Bow Headband from Forever 21 // Ring from Plum // American Apparel California Trooper Nail Polish

*IMPORTANT: The Dakota Group Sample Sale is from November 25th until the 27th, not the 28th as I state in the video. More info here.

To all High Heel Training participants, it is very important that you also bring a pair of flats with you, especially if you are wearing the high heels to the workplace! I recommend Dr.Scholl's new Fast Flats for $14.99. They're a classic black ballerina flat that fold easily into your purse, or they provide a small carrying case. "When you just can't take another step in your heels" ...aint that the truth!
Fast Flats for High Heel Training

Thanks for watching my video and please give me your opinion about the Jeffrey Campbells...I'm so torn!!!

we are young and we are weak // just as blank as we are bleak

posted on: November 25, 2010

I absolutely cherish nights spent sitting at home doing almost nothing. It's these kinds of moments, the simple pleasures, that I love most. Today was Vancouver's first real snow of the year. And though it snows every year, we almost seem surprised each time. I don't mind the snow. If anything, I think it paints the city in a beautiful white that glows even at night. Driving in it, however, is not something I enjoy or choose to do this year. Maybe if I had snow tires, but why would I spend $800 on tires? Do you know how many pairs of shoes I could get with $800? Including a great pair of snow boots to replace the car LOL.

Ashelle recently tagged me to do 7 confessions. While laying here with a hot chocolate it's the perfect time to tell you all my secrets...err 7 things you may not have known about me!


1) My biggest inspiration in life is my Nana. The entire reason I started this blog was because she passed away and I needed an emotional outlet to help me grieve. The black and white photo on my blog header is of my Nana and Grandpa.

2) I show up late for pretty much everything. I just never seem to have ample time and I'm sooo not a morning person! It's not a quality about myself that I like.


3) I talk in an English accent at least once a day. It’s probably starting to annoy (or even offend) some people, but I just love it. I think I was British in a past life.

4) One of the tasks on my to-do list before I die is to purchase a Chanel purse. One day friends, one day!


5) I kind of like my crooked teeth. I think they give me character and reflect the fact that I'm in no way perfect.

6) I am one of the most un-athletic people you will ever meet. Sports and I don't mix well. This is only one of many reasons why I would be the worst Amazing Race partner.

7) When I was little I used to talk to myself in the mirror. Usually pep talks, but sometimes just practicing everyday conversation. I still catch myself doing it every once in a while.


Horse Feathers - Working Poor

november twenty third

posted on: November 23, 2010


It's so funny to think I always wanted to be older. I remember being the adult when we played house, or how insulted I'd be if a hostess offered me the kids menu at a restaurant. And though I longed for age and wisdom, I couldn't have ever properly pictured my life in my twenties. Much like how it's tough to close my eyes right now and envision my life at 50. I would have never thought I'd be where I am right now.

I turn 24 today. A day to celebrate my health and happiness, and to embrace being another year older. It's also a nice excuse to have a drink after work and treat myself to a little shopping, wouldn't you agree?


when your home becomes // rocks & stones

posted on: November 22, 2010




Lately I've been signing into Blogger with every intention of posting. I stare at the blank post and my fingers freeze up. I feel pressure and overwhelmed. My eyes start to wander and I'm suddenly bored. I try other people's blogs for inspiration. I reference my list of blog post ideas. Nothing. I take outfit photos that I don't like. You could say that I have been in a blogging slump. But you know what? Sometimes that's okay. I'd much rather write nothing than something forced and unnatural.

Kendi wrote a great post today about being yourself. I feel greatly inspired by her words, as I think in the world of social networking it's so easy to compare yourself. This Facebook friend has the perfect life, this Twitterer (Tweeter?) has the funniest tweets, this blogger has the best outfits. The ironic part is their online perfection doesn't always translate in real life. And as Kendi points out, the more you compare yourself to others, the more you're steering away from your own path.

Here I am again to blog this week, as myself. So glad you're all still here to read :)



Coat from Front & Co. // Purse from H&M // Sunnies from Barefoot Contessa // Scarf from Fine Finds


Yukon Blonde - Loyal Man

come in she said // i'll give you shelter from the storm

posted on: November 16, 2010

The last few months have been packed with events, dates, jobs, classes, workouts, social networking, family, friends, oh my God the list goes on! I operate on high stress all day long, rushing from here to there, A to B, and sometimes C. Quite often, I feel like I just need a moment to stop and breathe.

Adam and I took last Friday off work to go spend a long weekend breathing in the fresh island air. We stayed at fairly new place called Black Rock Resort in Ucluelet, BC. It's about 3 hours from the Nanaimo ferry and very close to Tofino. The drive in itself is worth the trip. The views (shown at the beginning and end of the video below) along the highway are breathtaking, like looking at a painting come to life! Black Rock Resort was also beautiful and gave a sense of privacy like a cabin, but with all the bonuses of staying at a resort. We spent our 4 days relaxing, storm watching, walking on the beach, sitting in the hot tub, cooking delicious meals, and enjoying each others company. I couldn't have asked for a better weekend even if I tried.

wind blown

try hard

outfit pic

Riding Pants, Shirt, Jacket, and Scarf all c/o Plum // Boots from DSW // House of Harlow Ring // Bird Ring from Forever 21 // Vintage Earrings

the details

Rather than boring you with a million photos here on le blog, I have compressed them into a lovely Windows Movie Maker film. Sigh, one day I'll have a MacBook and can kiss these ghetto videos goodbye! Enjoy xoxo

Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm

Mo Money for Movember

posted on: November 15, 2010

movember love

It's at the halfway point for all the MoBros out there, so it's only going to get greasier from here. I have had the honour of kissing a moustache for 2 weeks now. It's ginger. It's a ginger stache...

the stache in action

I think Movember is awesome...pure marketing genius! It brings awareness to prostate cancer and a sense of brotherhood to all the Movember participants. Adam has been a part of Movember for 3 years now, and I just can't believe the popularity it has gained here in Canada even since last year!

There is still time to donate to Movember if you haven't already. Go to ca.movember.com and click DONATE. You can also see where your money goes and what Movember has done for prostate cancer.

young hearts run free

posted on: November 9, 2010


I used to have the worst time vintage shopping. I was impatient, never found my size, and ultimately discouraged. The more I went into vintage boutiques though, the more I learned about what I liked and what to avoid. Almost a way of narrowing the search down in a giant store full of one-of clothing items. My latest epiphany came at the good old Value Village. I was looking for a silk button up blouse and was leaving the store empty handed and frowning. Then just as I was about to leave my eyes wandered to the left at the men's section. I thought about how maybe just MAYBE there was a hope that I'd find what I was looking for. Alas, there at the front of the rack was a cream Club Monaco 100% silk blouse in a size Small for $7. I couldn't believe my luck.

But, I don't think it was luck. Because when I was in San Fran at Wasteland, I found two amazing items in the men's section. So, despite my better judgement I am letting you in on my latest shopping secret: try vintage shopping in the men's section next time. You never know what amazing over sized blouse, sweater, or jacket you may come across. And I will probably kick myself for ever sharing this with you, but perhaps you'll find some amazing menswear items next time you're browsing the racks of vintage goodies. Happy Shopping :)



Vintage Blouse // Gifted Skirt // H&M Socks // Nine West Shoes // Cameo Necklace and Purse from Forever 21 // House of Harlow Ring c/o of Le Mode Du Jour giveaway


Candi Staton-Young Hearts Run Free (From the Romeo + Juliet Soundtrack of course!)

to infinity and beyond

posted on: November 5, 2010

This infinity scarf from Fine Finds is my new favourite accessory. The pale colour brightens up my all black and grey outfits (there are a TON of those lately) and is so soft, I just want to cuddle it! Sadly, I purchased it in another colour when I was at Fine Finds last week with Lisa and Carolina for a private shop night. Is it SO wrong to purchase something you love in two colours?



Infinity Scarf from Fine Finds // Dress from Aritzia // Vintage Blazer // Boots from Target // Accessories from Plum


I hate to get all sentimental on ya, but just wanted to say thank you to those who have been commenting, tweeting, and generally super supportive today (and everyday). You have all made me smile on such a sad day. Aww shucks, I don't know what I'd do without you guys *hugs*

Barefoot Contessa // all things lovely

posted on: November 4, 2010

For years Barefoot Contessa has been on of my favourite Vancouver shopping destinations. Walking into Barefoot is like walking into the closet you've always dreamed of since you were a little girl. And trust me, it's nearly impossible to leave the store empty handed!

You can only imagine my excitement when they contacted me and asked if I'd like to style their window as part of a collaboration with local fashion bloggers. Following such amazing blogging talent such as The Anthology, Le Mode Du Jour, Miss Melissa, I'm The It Girl, Carolina Closet Full of Nothing, A Haute Mess, and Prairie Girl In The City was extremely intimidating! You can check out their blogs to see their window amazingness.

After a ton of brainstorming, I decided to do my window in a party theme. Think sparkles, glitz, and Holiday chic. November is my birthday month and the beginning of event season, so it's the perfect time to be searching for great party looks! Myself and
Elim of The Style Seen have our window displays up until Wednesday November 10th.

Here is a little teaser of what I did for the window at Barefoot Contessa at Main and 21st...





See...my dream closet!


Also check out Barefoot Contessa and participating local bloggers featured on FASHION Magazine's Blog! Thanks again to Lauren, Eva, and the team at Barefoot...you girls rock :D

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