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posted on: December 28, 2010

making faces

Hello my lovely readers! Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and that Santa spoiled you! I sure got far more than I needed, everyone was seriously too generous! I didn't take many holiday photos, so I have instead decided to share an outfit I wore last week.

I'm on a remix mission, so I paired an old dress with a new cardigan to liven it up. I need to stop adding to my wardrobe and do a better job of wearing what I already own. No more standing in front of my closet and saying I have nothing to wear...I have TOO much to wear! The main star of this outfit has to be my hat though. Crazy into hats right now. They're so practical here in Vancouver since we get so much rain, they keep my hair semi protected from the elements. Any other hat addicts out there?

leg chop

walk the walk

Hat from Front & Co. // Delphine Dress from Aritzia // Cardigan, Necklace, Bracelet & Purse c/o Plum // Hue Tights // Pour La Victoire Boots

all in the details

Arcade Fire - Suburban War

Michigan Trip Part One - The Big Chill

posted on: December 22, 2010

Not last weekend but the weekend before (Omg, has it really taken me that long to post this?) Adam and I ventured off to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Adam's youngest brother Ben plays hockey for The University of Michigan and since it's his last year, we made sure to pay him a visit. We chose this particular weekend because they held a huge outdoor hockey game on their football field called "The Big Chill" on 12.11.10.

We left pretty late on Thursday night for our drive to Seattle and hung out at the SeaTac airport until our 4 am check in time. Really tests your relationship when you have to pull an all nighter. Especially when one person is a nervous flier and very fragile before, during, and after flights (who? ME?) ...not to worry though. I have no break ups to report ;)

SeaTac airport at 3 am

filing my nails at 3 am

After the longest day of travelling ever we woke up on Saturday morning refreshed and well rested. We ventured into town with Adam's dad for a morning Starbucks and a mini Ann Arbor tour. On our way, we saw people already parked and tailgating before the game...at 9 AM!!!! They were drinking and eating barbequed food before I'd even had my breakfast! The entire town was buzzing about The Big Chill. Everyone was wearing Michigan gear and someone put Big Chill ice sculptures along their main street. Definite go big or go home policy there.

sign in a restaurant window

silly monkey

morning Starbucks

one of many Michigan stores

more big chill ice scupltures

DT Ann Arbor

more of graffiti alley

so gangsta

American mailbox kiss
Ben's house

the only picture of all 5 of us

silly as per usual

the best deli lunch EVER

deli amazingness

looked like the best party

The Big House

Winnett lovers

A few people on Twitter were wondering what I was wearing to the Michigan game because I had such a tough time packing for the cold. I ended up wearing a Michigan toque c/o of Ben, white long sleeve, Michigan tee purchased at the M Den, chunky Kensie sweater, black leggings, jeans, Michigan scarf, wool socks, Adam's mom's Sorel boots, leather gloves, and a long winter coat. My layers kept me warm enough, but by the 3rd period we all had to purchase hot chocolates for extra warmth. I honestly LOVE dressing up in a theme. This is why I'm such a sucker for Halloween, themed parties, sporting events, etc.

my Michigan outfit

Anya and Derek

Ben stepping onto the ice

Ben warming up the goalie

fighter jet of some kind

Adam and his hot cocoa

4 goals...we want mooooore goals!

weird moose cheer?

love this pic

all 4 of us at The Big Chill

The Wolverines won 5-0 and The Big Chill broke the Guiness World Record for most people at a hockey game. Ben even got an assist for the first goal!

We went for a celebratory Italian dinner that night and shared bruschetta and a ton of laughs. I get along really well with Ben's girlfriend, Anya, and am so happy we got to meet her!
Such blast hanging out with some of Adam's family and they spoiled us all weekend paying for things, driving us around, making reservations, etc. I still can't believe we were a part of a world record, it was truly an amazing hockey game!

3 of the 4 Winnett boys

celebratory meal

It was a short trip, only 2 full days in Michigan, but I had sooo much fun. The second part of my Michigan trip will be posted on another website that I am guest blogging for. It includes our tour of the University of Michigan campus in a snow storm aka beautiful photos. More info on the exciting guest blogging series to come in the new year!

oh hey...i used to have a fashion blog

posted on: December 20, 2010

I FINALLY got my life in order and put an outfit post together! It wasn't easy though. If you missed my tweet about it, I had to get my dad to take these outfit photos of me. And if you know my dad, then you know how silly that is.
Dahlia Dress

I have been dying to wear this dress ever since my mom brought it back from London, but it's completely see through!!! My white slip just wasn't helping the matter, and I had almost given up on ever being able to wear this gorgeous dress. Yesterday I had a stroke of brilliance though to try my nude spanx tank top underneath and BAM it totally worked. So glad I could finally wear it and it was perfect for my Sunday activities: The Nutcracker and a Christmas dinner with friends.

Dahila Dress

Dahlia Dress

Dress from Dahlia UK // Necklace and Ring from H&M // Earrings and Purse from Plum
Dahlia Dress

the house that ginger built

posted on: December 15, 2010

Brandi had some girls over last night to do a craft and some baking. It was actually really refreshing to steer away from the coffee chat/dinner date to work together on a project.

Here are the instructions to complete the Martha Stewart Magazine Christmas Tree...

All you need is a magazine, but try to pick a merdium sized one. Brandi had a laughing fit when I showed up with an In Style, unaware of what we were using the zines for. Anything in the Vogue/Lucky kind of thickness is perfect.

Bend the spine back before you begin. Then simply fold each page into a triangle as pictured below:


Now fold each page again exactly the same, but into a thinner triangle:


The magazine should now fan out like the one in the picture below. The only thing left to do it flatten the bottom so that it can stand like a Christmas tree.


To do so, fold each little triangle at the bottom into the envelope type opening in between each page. This is displayed on the burgundy coloured magazine page below (above the running shoe page that hadn't yet been folded).


You now have a Magazine Christmas Tree!


If you'd like, Brandi took it an extra step and spray painted her Magazine Christmas Tree silver with sparkles and added a red bow. This would make the perfect inexpensive centerpiece at your Christmas dinner.


After our hard work being mini Marthas, we ate some delicious appetizers that Brandi and Kadie made. We also got to work on some awesome cookie decorating and gingerbread house building. I love Christmas!













One of my lovely readers Liz made a Magazine Christmas Tree! Check out her craft skills here.

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