Metropolis Hot Seats

posted on: January 30, 2011

Before I enter into 28 days of fashion posts, I HAVE to tell you about my awesome experience in the Metropolis Hot Seats.

Metropolis Hot Seats is a campaign that Metropolis at Metrotown started last year for its customers. Metrotown shoppers have the chance to win a seat for you and a guest at the Metropolis Hot Seats Box at Roger's Arena. This includes Canucks games, NBA pre season games, and concerts like Lady Gaga, Michael Buble, Jack Johnson, etc.

I had the honour of joining Sarah and the Hot Seats winners last week to see the Canucks battle the Sharks. The game was awesome (despite their loss in a shoot out) and it was a blast hanging out with the Hot Seats winners. Among them was Madeleine, an 86 year old die-hard Canucks fan. She came wearing a signed Canucks jersey and Canucks earrings, and brought a bag full of Canucks merchandise! It was so great seeing such a big Canucks fan, she has followed them from the beginning! The Hot Seats Box comes full of snacks, drinks, hot food, and my favourite, a warm cookie during the third period. Honestly, one could get used to watching the game in such luxury.

eager Canucks fans

the snacks

the view from Metropolis Hot Seats

Metropolis Hot Seats Box

86 year old Madeleine

nucks in action

Sarah and I

Great time in the Hot Seats

You'd be crazy not to enter the Metropolis Hot Seats contest. They choose winners often, as there are always events at Roger's Arena. It's so simple to enter. Next time you're at Metrowotwn (don't lie, you must go there sometimes :P) just go to a Customer Service desk and ask them for a ballot. There's one Customer Service on the upper level by Claire's and West 49, as well as one on the ground level by Forever 21. And i
f the Canucks make it into the playoffs, I predict these Hot Seats will get even hotter!!!

A big thanks to the lovely Sarah and to the Metropolis Hot Seats program. You can always "LIKE" their Facebook page for more information or check their website for updates and new contests.


  1. Fun! Love the color green on you!
    Also what are the 28 fashion posts in a row?
    Have a great week!
    <3 Kastles

  2. awesome. that food alone looks worth it! nomnomnom! sucks they lost though!

  3. I definitely need to do this already!

    Seems like the only way to go to a game! :)

  4. I'm with the commenters above. I'd go for the food alone. Hahaha.

  5. @Kastles thanks darling! I'm going to post about my 28 day fashion challenge this evening :)
    @kingkabuz food was delicious! Cheese and crackers is one of the best inventions ever!
    @ashleysamaire I know, I don't think I'll be able to go to any other games this year. Definitely go enter :)
    @Shannon haha so yummy!!

  6. I'm not much into sports but I love going to games, even though I never know what's going on or who is winning :) I love your glasses, methinks it's time I upgrade mine!

  7. mmm, those treats look good!


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