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posted on: January 19, 2011


This outfit pretty much reflects my uniform lately: jeans, blouse, sweater, repeat. The only added bonus is the hat...okay, and the seagulls. Isn't that seagull print cute? I'm really loving all the fun prints I've seen this season. Just can't seem to get enough of them!

I'm pretty sure that I'm already sick of winter. I get one week of sunshine and I'm a total weather snob. Ready whenever you are Spring :)



Hat from UO // Seagull Blouse from Barefoot Contessa // Sweater & Jeans from Plum // Gifted Ring


If you've ever wondered what I do for a living, or want to get into the fashion industry, then you should read my latest vitaminwater post! It's all about how I became a stylist and a few tips on how to further your career in fashion.

vitaminwater post #5


  1. Ohh that looks like SUCH a cosy cardigan and I love the print of your shirt. It seems to be pretty popular these days.

  2. Hello Alicia, great to find your blog. I am from Vancouver as well, it's great to see other Vancouver gals blogging about fashion. I love your "uniform" and the seagull print is divine. I too am loving all the prints this season.

    Off to follow your fab blog. xx veronika

  3. I find my biggest problem with winter is finding clothing that is stylish and staying warm.
    And since not dying of hypothermia is important, I usually opt for jeans and a hoodie with many layers under it to stay warm.
    So ready for spring/summer/warmth.

  4. love the seagull print!
    I'm new to Vancouver and don't know very many people here, so networking can be a bit of a challenge, but after reading your post about your job and how it came about, it inspires me to try and put myself out there. why not start here, i'm a fashion graduate with tons of retail and mgmt experience, and it just so happens i'm looking for work. ;)

  5. You are so pretty! I am loving your hat, been looking for one everywhere lately!

  6. Love the article on how you became a fashion stylist.


  7. That's a great "start of career" story! Seems like a mix of chance and skill (because you obviously have an eye for putting together outfits!) I love that blouse :)

  8. The seagull blouse is SO cute! I love it! And I really love the whole coloring in the first photo! And I so hear you - I am more than ready for spring, but had a sad realization this morning that it's probably still 3 months before we see actual spring on the east coast. Sigh!

  9. This blouse makes me want to visit barefoot asap! I seriously have a blouse obsession and this one is lovely!


  10. My mouth just about dropped when i read that you got your shirt from barefoot contessa, haha I was thinking the chef! I really really like your shirt, and that sweater looks so comfyyy!

  11. I am also a weather snob! Love that blouse! I will have to go to Barefoot next time I come to Vancouver. It looks like it has wonderful pieces.
    <3 Kastles
    p.s- you rock that hat well!

  12. You look beautiful. Love & totally jealous of your long, thick hair.

  13. I love your seagull blouse! Also, great blog post on becoming a stylist - so interesting!


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