day 14 // valentines

posted on: February 15, 2011

purple tights_edited-1

I must confess to you that I am scared of coloured tights. Not the same way that I fear heights, flying in planes, snakes, and horror films. My latest fear stems from simply not knowing how to style coloured or patterned tights. Do you dare mix colours or do you stick to matching? Do you pair them with all black? What about footwear? Every time I go to wear them, these questions flood my mind and then I can't bring myself to wear them out. Today was a big step in the recovery process. It's time to conquer my fears and paint the town..purple.

So please help!!! How do you style coloured tights?


Purple Joe Fresh Tights // Aritzia Dress // Target Boots // AA 'Mouse' Nail Colour





As of this moment I'm halfway through the challenge and what better way to celebrate than an entire bottle of red wine? I may or may not be drunk blogging and risking a Tuesday hangover.

Hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day. A special thanks to Danielle for the delicious red velvet cupcakes and obviously Adam for being so sweet. Lots of love to you all xoxo


  1. i always have the same dilemmas when i want to wear coloured tights.i love the way you have styled them, you look gorgeous! happy valentines dayx

  2. the dress is amazing!!and you look gorgeous as always xo from prague;)

  3. I have the same fear as you hence I don't have any coloured tights! You wore them fabulously!

  4. Oh Joe Fresh! I've been looking for tights that exact color (I wear so many black dresses/skirts...I need to break it up somehow).

    You did a great job there! The tights match the band of your skirt perfectly.

  5. Gorgeous outfit + pictures -LOVE! I also have the same Joe Fresh tights, bought them in almost every colour and they are beyond comfy. :-) I love how you put this outfit together, it's just perfect!

    And that wine + amazing pasta = major freakin' yum. Looks like a fab V Day. xx veronika

  6. I so know what you mean about coloured tights! I'm frightened of them too! BUT in Jan I bought a whole bunch of cute lacey coloured (nude, and and such) tights, and I'm still figuring out how to wear them! but you did yours perfectly!! Gorgeous!

    Glad you had a tasty and love-filled Valentine's, dear.

  7. I have those exact same tights! I styled them recently with a floral dress that had bits of purple in it, and before with all black. I'm not very good at mixing colored tights either, I generally stick with all black but I know that is boring. I find wearing gray really helps to neutralize things and make the colored tights not quite so harsh, they don't pop as much as they do with back! Also, that pasta looks amazing! Mmm.

  8. Ooh I know what you mean. I have a couple pairs of coloured tights (bright blue and plum) and I rarely ever wear them. The plum looks nice with a black dress, but the blue seems TOO bright. In the end I just put a black pair of lace tights over the blue to 1) tone down the brightness and 2) add some texture.

    Love the way you've styled your colourful tights here. Hope you and Adam had a great Valentine's Day.

  9. Hmm how do I style colored tights? I think it depends on my mood. Some days I like to mix colors together that I like or sometimes I just use the colored tights to pop some color into a neutral outfit. Love the dress. I've really been wanting a soft pleated chiffon skirt lately.
    Glad you had a great day!
    <3 Kastles

  10. I generally wear coloured tights as a bit of a pop of colour with an otherwise fairly solid (not TOO much print) outfit. WIth shoes, I usually try to have them in a neutral or complementary colour.

  11. I know exactly how you feel Alicia! The only coloured tights I own are a shade of greyish-green.. and I've only worn them twice!

  12. I never wear coloured tights either. I have a pair of hot pink ones that are fabulous but can't bring myself to wear them in public!

    Is this Aritzia dress recent? I love it.


  13. lol Alicia, love this post! You styled the tights perfectly! What the heck are you worried about? Glad that you had a great v day! :)
    amazing work on the challenge so far too!!

  14. Those tights look great! I sometimes do a monochromatic look and then throw on a loud pair of tights that make a statement. I like to wear all black, but with a pair of bright pink stockings on my legs.

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  16. Personally, I would be disappointed if you didn't celebrate with an entire bottle of wine...
    Loving the challenge so far! :)

  17. Happy Valentine's Day to you too!

    oh! and if you get the chance to swing by my blog this week, i'm holding my first giveaway ever!

  18. We drank the same bottle of wine on Valentine's Day. So good! One of my fave wineries.

    xo Jen

  19. I love love LOVE colored tights. I wore my some purple ones just the other day.

    I also have a crazy bright teal color. I prefer to wear them with BOOTS and a MINISKIRT :)


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