day 18.5 // i heart hearts

posted on: February 19, 2011

heart shorts day 18
purple grey and black

In the spirit of heart printed shorts, I would like to take a moment to share 5 things I loved about today.

1. The fact that it was still sunny out when I drove home from the office (and the sunshine in general was glorious!)

2. Listening to Radiohead's 'King Of Limbs' a day earlier than expected.

3. Pedestrians who press the crosswalk button just so that cars waiting for the light to change don't have to wait forever! It's so considerate and much appreciated by motorists.

4. That I went outside in my pajamas and giant winter coat to go stand in the middle of the road like a crazy lady to get a picture of he magnificent full moon.

5. That I'm doing engagement photos for a lovely couple tomorrow afternoon and then seeing Chelsea Handler with a girlfriend from Calgary!

heart shorts and sunshine

Shorts and Top from H&M // Leather Jacket from Le Chateau // DSW Boots // Plum Scarf and Bracelet

beautiful van back drop

P.S. Did my efforts pay off?

full moon


  1. These shorts are great on you!!I love your scarf as well!:)

  2. Cute blog! Lovely!

    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!

  3. my dear your style is awesome!hearts are a must of the season!:)
    come and visit my place and follow me i'll do the same:)

  4. Heart those shorts! they are so cute, loved the tiny hearts and color, and the way you styled them! ... Radiohead is one of my favorite bands! Ps- I'm following you on twitter now ;) ... Keep having a lovely day! xo

  5. These shorts are so cute! And those mountains in the background of your pictures are AMAZING!! I can't imagine seeing that in the distance on a daily basis... so awesome.

  6. Hey Alicia, cute shorts!
    So, I already have your widget on my blog, thanks! and thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Oh, and yes your efforts paid off! keep posting =)

  7. Cute shorts! Cute outfit altogether! Have fun seeing Chelsea Handler! I'd love to see her ; )

  8. Just found your blog... very cute! Love your outfits and photos. I totally missed that magnificent Vancouver skyline when I went there one cloudy, rainy week last August.
    Books and Looks

  9. That moon is insane! I am glad there were so many great things to make you happy! Chelsea Handler is so funny! I love her :)Have you read her books?
    Also I love those shorts and how you styled them! I really need to try the shorts in winter look. It always looks so cute on everyone!
    Have a great weekend!
    <3 Kastles

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. wow that's a beautiful picture of the moon

  12. LOVE so many things about this! Sunshine, new Radiohead, nice strangers, that crazy blonde, the super cute shorts, and the image of you in your pjs snapping pics.

    xoxo Rachael of

  13. Cool moon shots! Yes, definitely worth the effort.

    I remember your video post about those shorts and honestly wondered how one would wear them. You certainly pulled them off well! You look adorable!

  14. I dont know why but when I look at a full man, the figure of the man on the moon changes everytime.. This time it looks like an 89's punk rocker, or a young Bob Dylan..

    The Rio really blends well too.

  15. Yayyy for sunshine! And lovin the hearts

  16. PS - Thank you thank you thank you for the tips on how to keep those headbands on my head!! I will definitely be trying that out! :)

  17. Love those shorts! They're adorable.

  18. Loving the heart print shorts, majorly.

    Also? Holy amazing mountains in the background! Beauty!

  19. Hey, weren't these the same shorts that were in your haul video? They look great on you.

  20. I remember when you did a video about these, weren't you going to pair them with something else heart-printed?

    And that photos is fantastic, definitely worth it!!

  21. i love how you paired the heart shorts with the leather jacket. it gives it a rocker look. xo

  22. These shorts are too cute! I love your outfit. And the longer days are nice.

  23. Nice moon shot and heart print shorts! I would have thought an item like that would be too kiddyish, but you make them look good!

  24. love these heart shorts. of course they would be from h&m...a store we don't have here!

  25. OMG I looooved those shorts!!
    where did you get them?
    please tell us, you totally rock that outfit! :D

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